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    I Feel Yo’ Pain

    The task of taking three boys to the doctor’s office all at one time should be defined as “art”.

    It ain’t easy yo’. 

    Take one? No problem.

    Take two? Do-able.

    Take three? I outta just schedule myself a therapy appointment while we are there. (more…)


    Life Is Better When You Choose Joy

    Gallery Wall Idea for Dining Room by
    It’s no secret that I like to decorate walls.

    It’s a weird obsession I have. But mostly? I call it therapy. (more…)


    A Little Father’s Day Video From The Boys

    My husband is in the business of highjacking my blog.

    Sometimes it’s for things like “Operation Midnight Love Drop“… his cute way of making my bathroom explode with flowers for Valentine’s Day.

    Other times it’s to brighten my day with funny videos of people singing crazy songs about me or. Occasionally those videos can be sweet too.

    And then?  There’s the time he recorded me snoring when I was pregnant and posted the video on my blog for the whole world to see, errrr hear?!?! So nice of him.

    I will accidentally forget to link to that one. Ahem.

    But, in the history of our blogging life… I have never once highjacked his blog. EVER. 

    Until today, my friends. Until today.

    He’s in luck though, because I won’t be embarrassing him, but instead…talking about how much I value him as a husband and a father and how lucky I feel to be doing life with him. I may or may not even offer some financial advice. Ha!!


    Of course, the fun part has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the boys…they made him a Father’s Day video. With my help. And it’s awesome.

    Check it the entire post HERE!

    Happy Father’s Day baba!


    Marriage Tees & Tanks!


    I had this vision that started with the idea “Wear Your Love”.

    I wanted to create a marriage t-shirt line with fun quotes and sayings about love. But, more importantly, Jeff and I wanted to do something that would allow us to give back.

    Wear Your Love - Marriage Tees and Tanks from (more…)


    Jamaica’s All Inclusive Beaches Resort – Our Experience


    When A Stranger Makes You Smile

    I’m sure you’ve heard others say… “Be nice to others. You never know what they’re going through.”

    My mom has preached that to me since I was a little girl. Hearing her say it is one thing, but actually living it out is another.

    I like to think of myself as a nice person, but if I am being completely transparent, I don’t always go out of my way to be OVER-THE-TOP nice to people I don’t know.

    It’s not that I have bad intentions or that I am trying to be rude. (more…)


    The Jamaica Photo Shoot

    I had high hopes of getting at least one family photo while we were on the beach.

    In Jamaica they offer you a professional photo shoot as a free service and then if you like any of the pictures you can purchase them.

    I told Jeff, “Why not?!?! It’s free. And if they turn out terrible…we aren’t out anything.” #exceptoursanity

    Because yea, they turned out terrible.  (more…)


    Sand Castles & Sand Wars

    Sand + boys = sand castles and sand wars.

    But MOSTLY sand wars. I’m pretty sure I had sand unintentionally flung in my direction at least five dozen times.  (more…)


    Beachin’ It

    Just a few more of our beach photos! I’m working up a review post for those of you who requested it.

    Hope to have that live next week!

    Until then, can someone take me back to the ocean??? Please.  (more…)


    Sesame Street Live

    I promise you that I plan to do one BIG review post on our Jamaica trip, but for now… I have to keep sharing the photos.

    I love to take pictures. I totally get that from my mom. Hilariously enough, I used to say, “Mom, seriously…enough with the pictures.”

    Ohhhhh how I am now… HER.

    Sesame Street live was at our resort. I didn’t think the boys would care much because they don’t really watch Sesame Street much, but boy was I wrong.  (more…)


    Best Friends In Jamaica…

    One thing I didn’t expect on this vacation is that my kids would make such great friends with other kids.

    The first day we were here we met another family from Rhode Island who had a little boy and little girl, Noah and Lillianna. Our kids were connected at the hip from the second they met.

    Plus, you may not know this, but one of the names we love for a little girl (if we get a girl via our adoption) is Lillianna. (more…)


    My Daredevil

    Carnival night in Jamaica consisted of an awesome parade, complete with a band and all the Sesame Street characters!

    After the parade they had a bounce house rock climbing wall and bull riding station set up. Both Parker and SJ were completely terrified of both. They wanted no part.

    But Bents? The middle one. (more…)

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