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    {DIY} How To Make A Paper Candy Cane

    Occasionally my kids get super excited about certain projects…and this candy cane tutorial is definitely one of them.

    My oldest learned how to make these at school from his awesome teacher and he’s been making them every day since. He taught both of his brother how to do it and now they are all hooked.

    How To Make A Paper Candy Cane - DIY for kids

    To say that my house is full of paper candy canes would be a huge understatement. In fact, they’ve used so much of my printer paper that I no longer have any left.

    Parker asked if we could make a video and show all mommy’s blog friends how to do it.



    The Giving Praise Challenge

    If there is one thing I have learned during my ten years of marriage it’s that praise… can take you a long way.

    Giving praise that is.

    Of course, “getting” praise is even better.

    Be The Reason Your Spouse Smiles Today - Marriage Design

    Let’s be honest, we all like to feel appreciated. We like to feel needed. And loved.

    And like we mean something to someone.

    So when my husband suggested that we do a ‘Giving Praise‘ challenge for our next Dollars and Roses Love Challenge I was super excited.

    One, because my love language just so happens to be? (more…)


    Oh What Fun It Is…TO WIN $1,000 CASH!

    First things first… there might be some major cash up for grabs today. And you could possibly win it.

    Every December we do a Christmas Cash giveaway and it’s truly been so fun to be able to bless someone with extra cash during a time of year when it’s needed.

    In years past, we have heard such encouraging things from the winner on how it’s really made their holiday more joyful!

    So, this year? We’re at it again.

    Woot woot!

    Oh What Fun It win $1,000 cash! (more…)


    My Love/Hate Relationship With The Elf On The Shelf

    I’m mad at myself for even talking about this publicly because goodness gracious y’all…do you know how much controversy this little red suited stuffed toy gets?

    A lot. 

    A lot a lot.

    elf on the shelf

    This year I’m feeling very torn about this tradition.

    In years past I have enjoyed taking part in The Elf on The Shelf.  But I have also been burdened by this crazy little elf on more occasions than I can count.

    By the way…


    Cracking up that my husband rearranged my “B E L I E V E” decor so that it said “B E E V I L” and I didn’t even notice until I was editing the images. LOL! What a funny guy he is. <<clears throat>>



    Who Makes The Orphan A Son And Daughter


    As the holidays quickly approach I can’t help but be reminded that we are still just a family of five.

    I thought for sure by now?  We would be complete. Our family of six…living happily ever after.

    I thought for sure the kids would wake up Christmas morning and we would not only be celebrating the birth of Jesus, but also celebrating the fact that we no longer have to wonder who will complete our family.

    We wouldn’t have to long see their face. Or wonder if they will like Power Rangers or Barbie Dolls. We wouldn’t wonder if they were old enough to walk or talk or tell us all about their favorite super hero. We wouldn’t wonder if their room would be pink or blue. Or if they like to sneak cookies like their brothers.

    We wouldn’t wonder if they were being properly cared for or if they felt alone or forgotten. Our hearts wouldn’t break wondering if they longed for a forever family.

    We wouldn’t wonder because they would wake up Christmas morning right next to us.

    Adoption - Who Makes The Orphan A Son And Daughter (more…)