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    The Proposal

    The Proposal - Details

    I’ve been a part of my own proposal before {obviously} and I’ve sobbed my eyes out watching YouTube videos of sweet proposals from strangers around the world. But to be present while two of your favorite people in the entire universe profess their love to one another in the middle of a daffodil field????

    The single sweetest moment I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.

    Not taking away from the sweet moments I have experienced with Jeff Rose, because there have been plenty, but this was a beautiful moment I’ll never forget.

    It began on a Wednesday afternoon when I accompanied my best friend’s boyfriend to check out different location choices.

    The Proposal - Details The Proposal - Details - Location (more…)


    Inspire Me Please #57

    Welcome to the Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop.

    My husband surprised me with some cute new spring dresses from one of my favorite shops, Kiki La’ Rue. I was in shock… everything he picked out? I liked. And it fit. #brownie points.

    I was taking some selfie’s to get your opinion on which you liked better out of these two….

    kiki la rue

    Grey and yellow dress//Yellow dress

    But apparently it’s clear that the one on the right is the one that will make the boys want to see what’s under it.  Ahem.

    Gotta love being photo bombed by a 2 year old. Usually it just consists of a cute little toddler in the background… but this time y’all almost got an inappropriate shot of my booty. #sorry

    On to the party!

    inspire me please.jpg



    Sometimes a Girl Needs A Place to Hide

    How long has it been since I posted about stenciling my closet??? Too long to remember, right?

    January 2012 to be exact. I just went back and looked.

    I know.

    That was nearly 2 children ago.

    Sometimes my implementation of projects can be good, but my blog post follow up is apparently lacking. Which is funny since 99% of my projects start out as projects because I think “That would be a good blog post!

    I’m backwards. In so many ways.

    Closet Organization Ideas

    Closet Organization Ideas (more…)


    Guitar Project – My Song

    I know it’s been a few weeks since The Guitar Project ended and I truly appreciate everyone for being so patient for the final video. This past month has been one that has changed me. It’s made me not only realize that we are never too old to dream big, but that God even uses people like ME AND YOU to make a difference.

    To everyone who has stood beside me and supported me during The Guitar Project, I want to hug you all in person. I want to wrap my arms around you, squeeze you tight and say THANK YOU. Thank you on so many levels.

    The gratitude that I feel is beyond words… and I wish I could invite you all over to the house for a mini concert to celebrate. I would have been so fun to have you all with me as I filmed my song. Even though y’all weren’t here in person… trust me when I say that I felt your presence.

    It was more than just realizing that I actually learned to play a song on the guitar. It was realizing what that song really meant… which was that we raised enough money to support FIVE orphans for an entire year. It took us LESS than 30 days to raise enough funds to support these children for 365 days. How cool is that? #myheartisfull

    I never knew how nervous I would get trying to play this song for you guys. I was a rock star during practice times, but the second you roll film? I was a hot mess. Haha. It took us a few takes to get this right, but I am so proud when I watch it and realize what was accomplished. Plus… I think you’ll enjoy the outtakes with all my mess ups {which I’ll post separately}.

    I would tell you what song I chose, but you’ll have to watch to see. (more…)


    Inspire Me Please #56

    Welcome to the Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop.

    I’m sure you noticed I’ve got a new look going on around here. ;)

    It’s still a work in progress so hang with me. I’ll be tweaking things for the next few weeks. I hope you will find that it’s easier to find things and to follow along. I would love your feedback. Your opinion and constructive criticism is very much appreciated!!

    On to the party!