23 Weeks With Pink Eye – Baby #3


I have no idea how I could have gotten pink eye.

This is what my eye looked like last night.

And this was actually almost 12 hours after I started the medication. It looked a lot worse on Tuesday night. So much worse…that I wouldn’t want to disgust you with a picture. I’m trying to be transparent here…but I gotta draw the line somewhere right?!

Luckily this morning it looks a little more normal. Still not completely better, but MUCH better than yesterday. I have been working from home since I was highly contagious. I get to return today at 11:00 am. I like to work at home, but I prefer to be in my office. Weird, I know.

Here is my 23 week belly.

It’s getting “out there” as my friends at work would say. They are also the same friends that told me I looked like a “man with two faces” yesterday when I went in to work briefly with my pink eye. Gotta love your honest friends!

Somehow I have already gained 11 lbs. I am pretty NOT excited about that. So. Today, I have my bag packed for the gym. I am hoping the effort makes me feel a little better about myself.


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