A Personalized Monogram Wall Decal


Personalized Monogram Wall Decal

It all began over a dog. A puppy to be exact. Have you ever had your child beg and beg and beg you for a pet?

That’s what happened with one of my best friends, Kelly. Her boys have been pleading with her and her husband about getting a new dog. Unfortunately, because Kelly and her husband, Tom, are smart cookies they are following the Debt Movement to a tee,  and there is no room in the budget for a “dog fund”.

Of course, we aren’t just talking about ANY dog. They have dreamed of owning a Mini Goldendoodle puppy for quite some time. And because a dog is a 10+ year commitment, they want to make the right choice about what dog will work for their family.

I mean, can you blame them? Look at those faces.

Mini Goldendoodle Pups

And those puppies deserve a good home!

Kelly had this creative idea on how she could make a little extra cash to be able to get the dog of their dreams.

Of her boys dreams. And girl. Ahem.

Monogram Wall Decal

It involves these UH-AMAZINGLY cute personalized monogram wall decals!

Personalized Monogram Wall Decal any roomPersonalized Monogram Wall Decal White

Go ahead, drool a little bit…

While you’re at it, drool over the absolutely gorgeous brick wall in her bedroom.

Personalized Monogram Wall Decal and Brick Wall in Bedroom

Gah, me jealous.

Lucky for me…I have a wall decal on order as we speak.

Kelly is making me a single initial monogram as opposed to the 3 letter one because ours is going in our new basement!

Gorgeous Personalized Monogram Wall Decal

As for the brick wall…do you think my husband would go for a master bedroom makeover twice in one year? Bahaha!

Don’t answer that. 

Brick Wall in BedroomPersonalized Monogram Wall Decal

Ok, take your focus back to the monogram on the wall because you are about to find out how you can order one too! For a fabulous price, by the way.

All in the name of the “dog fund”.

Cheap Personalized Monogram Wall Decal

I think Kelly secretly hates my for encouraging her husband to join the Debt Movement.

Cheap and Easy Personalized Monogram Wall DecalPersonalized Monogram Wall Decal Single or Three Letter

Are y’all ready to hear from Kelly {and Baylor} about what she’s offering?

Better yet…who’s on Team Dog Fund?

Personalized Monogram Wall Decal Offer

A Little Bit About Kelly

My husband and I have owned our sign business since 2005.  We have made everything from banners, billboards, yard signs, car, truck, and boat graphics, and so much more.

About five years ago we began using matte vinyl that can be used for wall art. We have had many different custom quotes and monograms in our home throughout the years. The vinyl used for these monograms are removable, but not repositionable.

The Why

Here’s why we’re up to our elbows in Extra Large Monograms. Puppies!

That’s it. A puppy. We found a puppy that is exactly what we want for our family. The problem-o, like Mandy mentioned, we joined The Debt Movement and the new budget doesn’t allow for a puppy until 2014!!! Say what?

The cute little tiny puppy will be full grown and living in someone else’s happy home in 2014. So I had to devise a plan to use our resources to create a puppy fund!

These F1B Mini Goldendoodles are just what my boys need, so I will do my best to get it for them! The puppy is ready to go home on 2/16/2013, and if you know my boys sssshhhhh!!! Don’t tell them.

You see, if mama’s plan doesn’t develop, there will be no puppy at our home for now, and the only thing worse than no puppy, is sad boys because there is no new four-legged friend moving in to our house.


Let’s all say it together, shall we….TEAM DOG FUND!



  1. Pamela says

    I just discovered this blog this week. I know this is an older post … are the momograms still available?

  2. Sherrell says

    Good Evening,
    I am interested in purchasing one of these. Does it come in the turquoise or aqua color? I want to use it in the nursery. Instead of using the elephant vinyl prints you used I want to try this.

  3. Beth says

    I would like to order a cursive decal for my nursery. My baby is due August 17th, and I would love to get it ASAP. Please let me know if this is possible! Thanks!

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