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Welcome! I’m Mandy Rose.

I want to show you that perfect doesn’t exist. And not only that but… perfect is overrated.

I believe in creating a place where others can feel valued and inspired. A place where YOU feel MORE — not less. 


I share things here that are REAL LIFE. Sometimes it might even be TMI. That’s me.

I roll on the belief that 100% transparency is fancier than just the highlight reel.

It’s not always rainbows and unicorns. But I want you to feel like you belong. Like we could sit down and have a coffee fountain coke together while we watch our kids run through the living room in superhero capes.

My goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by showing you that you can love the life you’re already living.


I love gallery walls, being a boy momworking out, going on dates with my hubbyplaying the guitar and having Friday night dance parties in my living room {or teaching my mom how to wobble}.

After I graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration I worked for a large health care company for over 5 years. It was the typical 9-5 job and not one that was leading me to happiness. In November 2011 I took a leap of faith and quit my job so that I could stay at home and become a full time online marketer. #holdme

My hubby and I co-founded Marriage More as a way to try to encourage other couples to make their marriage a priority.

When we first got married, we were young and had no idea what unconditional love meant. We spent a good portion of our marriage living in the hamster wheel, as we like to call it. Getting up everyday and going through the motions, but not living and loving intentionally.  Then came career changes, kids and greater responsibilities.

Our life and our marriage suddenly started to take a backseat to the less important things in life.


Luckily, we realized that our commitment to choosing each other on a daily basis was failing and we knew, that if we didn’t begin designing our marriage how we envisioned it? That life would design a marriage for us that wouldn’t last.

Marriage More is not only something that can help your marriage, it is helping ours too by holding us accountable to choosing love. We want the stories we tell to help you design YOUR perfect marriage.

You can check out our podcast too, we may or may not make fun of each other often (all in good spirits of course)! Ahem.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

My latest endeavor is one that has given me the freedom I was searching for all those years ago when I gave up my cushy corporate job – I coach women how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, I coach kids how to not interrupt my workouts too. I’m a jack of all trades I tell ya. Bahahaha.

I was once that mom, the one who put every single other person’s needs before her own. I woke up one day and decided, that’s it, I’m done being unhappy with ME. It’s amazing how much can change in such a short amount of time when you finally take the action to see RESULTS.

Now I teach other women how to rediscover that confidence again too. It’s my side project (that earns me a full-time income) and I call it, Fit Mom First.

HiddenPearlLLC-13 1

I’m the former co-founder of Happy Mommy Box, a community that was created with my best friend Natalie. Our mission was designed around encouraging and inspiring moms and we did that with surprise monthly care packages, shop items and The Celebrate Motherhood Retreats.  Recently we made the bold decision to close the doors of Happy Mommy Box so we could focus on our mission as mothers.

Natalie and I adored the community and we both saw amazing potential in HAPPY MOMMY BOX, but it would take more employees, time and effort and we aren’t willing to sacrifice that time away from our family in this season of our lives.

At first, we weren’t sure if that was reason enough to stop but, at the end of the day, that reason – our families, our husbands, our children – is THE BEST reason.

Sacrificing time with our little ones during this stage of life feels like I am robbing myself of enjoying them as little people. I don’t ever want to regret these moments. I want to look back and say, “Yes, I put my kids above my community.” 

Ok, enough about me.

Let’s talk about the main man around here, The Hubs.

First things first… He looks like “The Rock” and yes I have been told that before. Approximately 1893435354321 times. Or more. Haha.

He’s pretty smoking hot. Hotter than The Rock in my opinion. And the best daddy on the planet.

Here he is rocking one of the best shirts on the planet. Ladies, buy one of these for your husbands.


We were next door neighbors in college and I guess you could say…the rest is history! We were married in Las Vegas in November of 2004, right before he left for his 15 month tour of duty to Baghdad, Iraq.

He actually started blogging BEFORE me and he writes over at Good Financial Cents.

**All the personal finance ladies be like whoaaaaaa. #theyinlove

Most people think that he is a full time blogger {and he is}, but he also has his own investment firm where he is a Certified Financial Planner. The man has a lot going on! Two full time jobs, three crazy kids and a semi-needy wife. :)

He’s the “Wow’er” and I’m the “How’er” in the relationship. He comes up with the big ideas and I figure out how to implement them.

He is also a lover of adventure…which really puts me out of my comfort zone. In a good way!


I’m in awe everyday of what an amazing father he is to these our three crazy boys — Parker (8), Bentley (5) and Sloane (4).

They are so blessed to have him as a role model.

Our boys bring so much joy to our lives. They’ve been teaching this sassy momma to like dirt and worms. Ok, maybe not worms. But I do go hiking now. #shocking


We are currently in the process of adopting from the Philippines and can not wait to add another crazy little (no we don’t know if it’s a girl or boy yet) to our family.

If you stop by on a Saturday, you’ll likely see this…


#guitarpractice #crossfit #bikeriding

We are THAT family on the block.

One thing I love about us? Like I said, we keep it real folks. What you see is what you get.


And yes, sometimes that involves a 6 year old lifting up my dress to get a peek at my undies. The ones “without the butt in them”. His words not mine. #itscalledathongson


You will find posts on motherhood, marriagefitness, decor, and much more!  And in case that all wasn’t enough…here are 10 Things You Don’t Know About Mandy Rose.

The most popular page on this blog is definitely my HOME TOUR. Check it out if you are in need of some decorating inspiration! Or if you’re more the DIY kind of gal {errrrr guy if you have male parts} then check out my PROJECT GALLERY.

I am passionate about helping others love the life they are already living. Thank you so much for stopping by!

If you need to get in contact with me please email me at mandy@houseofroseblog.com.


  1. Brenta Bevis says

    Hi, Mandy! I love your blog! You all make such a sweet family and I’m sure the new baby boy will be just as handsome as the “P man”. By the way, I love the name Bentley Kingston!

    Brenta :)

  2. Michelle Dean says

    Hi Mandy! I happened to find your husbands blog through a random search I was doing on my 401K – after going through his really great list about 100 ways to save money (I think that is what it is called), I found a part in his “About Me” that stated your blog was better…lol! I have enjoyed reading about your cute boys and your doggy. I’m going to subscribe to both blogs and try to befriend you on Facebook too. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog – Kindest regards, Michelle Dean
    (wait till you see my three boyz…lol..pics are on Facebook page)

  3. Joyce Crilley says

    Is your email subscription free? Can you send me the link to send to your race car b’day party? I can’t find it. Also, I’d like to see your husbands link too. Is his link free?

  4. says


    You totally inspire me! I was googling Imagination Movers Jumpsuits and found the picture of Parker! It was like deja-vu with what he said!!! Anyway, did you make that or was that store bought? It looks like it’s made – in a good way.

    I also noticed that you guys are in or near Schaumburg. My company just launched there a couple of years ago and I’m a recruiter. Let me know if you know some sharp people that are looking for either a career change or a way to make a whole lot more money. I’m only looking for the most coachable and talented people.

    But the real important thing – the jumpsuit! My son went from Yo Gabba Gabby to Imagination Movers to Thomas the Train and now he’s back and forth from Thomas the Train to Imagination Movers.

    You’ve actually inspired me to blog!

  5. Riki says

    Hi Mandy!
    So I’ve never followed a blog before (I know, a little behind the times). But I found your pic of your collage above your bed on Pinterest and I had to look into it. I loved everything about it! I’m obsessed with birds, aqua and the word love. You had all of that! Thanks for sharing! Now I have a fun project for tomorrow. :)

  6. Kate Wilson says

    I’m from a super small town in Illinois called Mechanicsburg (just outside Springfield). Midwesterners are the best (even though I’ve been in Colorado for 12 years now)! :)

  7. Natalie says

    Hi Mandy,
    I just recently found your blog through pinterest.. I’m loving it!! Thank you for putting your life out to the world to see. I do have a question, what camera do you use? You’ve probably answered this questions a million times. I honestly looked all through your website to see if I could find it. :)

  8. says

    Just stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest and I love your home! Beautiful! I had to comment here to tell you that I also have a Parker (Parker Reese) and we call him “P” and “P-man” too! I thought that was too funny not to share. Anyway, just watned to stop by and say hello!

  9. Sara says

    Hello! So excited that I found your blog! My dad and step-mom live in Carbondale and are retired from SIU. We’ll be coming out to visit (with our 2 year old son) from California for Homecoming this year! GO DAWGS!

  10. Angela says

    Can I ask what is probably a really silly question but I always wondered – what software program do you use to make all your pretty titles and words over photos? Is there a tutorial on how to do it somewhere? For example – like your Meet Mandy picture with the cool words superimposed? Obviously coming from someone who doesn’t blog!

  11. Jan says

    Hi Mandy – just discovered your blog via Pinterest tonight. Love your style and am inspired by the fact that you and your husband have found your niche through blogging.

    Beautiful boys and I must add: I too have a son by the name of Parker who is also affectionately known as “P” or “P-man” (although at the age of 20, no one calls him P-man anymore.) But whenever I call him, I usually greet him by saying, “Hey P…” :)

    Looking forward to following you here, on Pinterest and Facebook!

  12. Kimberly says

    Hi Mandy! Your blog is great, your ideas are even better….i am a stay-at-home mom of 4 and my husband and I are building a new home. I am definitely taking some of your ideas and bringing them into our new house. Can’t wait to see more!!!

  13. says

    Hi Mandy
    So many reasons you have touched my heart…….for one thing you are adopting from The Philippines, and a baby…….I run a ministry in an Urban slum in Manila and we sponsor women and their babes. Oh thank you for adopting one of these precious ones, I see horrific things…..all I can say is “YES!” with a big smile on my face! Here is my blog about what I do, you can see the conditions these mothers and sweet babies face daily http://birthingbetterbabies.wordpress.com/

    Another is your blog name, my ancestors came from isolated Northern
    Scotland, their cottage was called Rose Cottage…..just struck me!

    Another I blog! I have 4! Eeek!

    Anyway, bless you and cannot wait to hear the rest of your story about baby 4! I will be following!

    By the way six is my number too!! I have 4 boys and 2 girls!

    Cathy´s last blog post ..2012 Thankful List

    • says

      Hi Cathy! I am so glad you left a comment. I can’t wait to go read about your ministry! What an amazing thing you are doing for the women and children of the Philippines!

  14. Lisa says

    It must have been divine intervention that I stumbled across your blog! I actually found it when doing research comparing the Honda Odyssey to the Nissan Quest. Of all things! Once I started reading, my eyes kept getting bigger and bigger the more I read about our similarities. I, too, have three children, live in IL, never thought I would drive a minivan, had miscarriages, am a baptized Christian who loves the Lord, AND am adopting our fourth child from the Philippines!!
    My husband can’t believe I found you on here and said I must contact you! Love the blog!!

  15. Ramsay says

    Hey Mandy,
    I saw some of your stuff through Pinterest and when I started looking through your blog, I thought you looked really familiar. Then, I saw the tutorial of your dad building those shelves, and it hit me immediately. Your parents used to play sand volleyball with my parents. Weird, huh?!?! Anyway, I love all of your ideas and I will be referring to your sites as my husband and I build our house this year. Glad to see that a small town girl from So IL is so successful and well known in the world of Pinterest and blogging. Your house looks amazing and I can’t wait to follow your blog now that I’ve found it.

  16. jasenta says

    Im inLove with your bed frame can you plz let me know your item # or name of your bed frame plz plz Please. Help.. i cant stop talking about your bed frame. Lol thanks again.

  17. Racheal Robertson says

    Hello Mandy,

    I absolutely love your blog. I too quit working full time to be a stay at home mom and am a work in progress, DIYer decorator so your blog is an inspiration! Keep up the fabulous work and God bless!

  18. says

    Hi! I have started my own blog but always seem to procrastinate. Then when I want to get back on I am clueless on what to write. I’m glad to have found your blog for inspiration and encouragement. I am also a mom of three however they are a bit bigger than your children. I have a 14, 13 & 11 year old. Two girls and one boy (he’s the middle child). Raising teens isn’t easy but I am trying my hardest to be a good role model. :)

  19. says

    Today, I went to the beachfront with my kids. I found a sea shell
    and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
    She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was
    a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never
    wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!
    natachasteven.com´s last blog post ..natachasteven.com

  20. says

    Hey there! I came across you site a couple of days ago, been glued in front of the computer reading your old posts and new ones since. Well, what can I say…. You made me laugh (most of the time, literally laughing esp. when you talk about your boys, house mess etc. (hubby with a big question mark on his face, what are you laughing about???). So today, I grabbed my kid’s ipad (while he’s busy watching TV and hubby’s out biking) and find myself a “safe corner” where I can read , laugh and cry all at the same time. Anyway, just wanted to say… You’re an inspiration! Thanks – from your new fan from the Philippines!
    Laine Co´s last blog post ..Ways to Help Yolanda / Haiyan Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

  21. says

    Hey, Mandy! I e-mailed you a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know that I finally got my blog up and running! I am so excited about this. Thank you for your “Start a blog” section as it is what helped me through the process. Also, thank you so much for replying to my email recently. Thanks, again!

  22. says

    Again, in love with your blog and your story :) Praise God for growing deeper in Him…and Praise God for adoption! I too am adopted, my husband has an adopted sister and Lord willing we will too someday :) Thank you again for your inspiration!

  23. says

    Hello Mandy! It is nice to meet you. My name is Stefani. I am a 26 year old mother to two beautiful girls with unknown baby three on the way. I have been with my husband for almost 16 years, we fell in love as kids and the rest is history. I am an aspiring blogger and I absolutely love your blog! I look forward to exploring more, seeing new posts, and getting to know you better through your blogs and podcast!

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