5 Ways To Praise Your Husband

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Ways To Praise Your Husband - Marriage More

Praise: To express warm approval or admiration of someone or something.   Hands up if you can actually remember the last time you praised your husband. Anybody's hands up? Ya, mine either. So gather around, lock yourself in the bathroom away from your children who are demanding attention, do

Nursery – I See Stars


Baby Boy Nursery with Grey Crib - HouseofRoseBlog.com

Just when I thought I was a pro at decorating a boy room... my best friend goes and shows me up. Ha! Actually, let's be real, I am no pro. I'm just reallllly passionate about sweet little boys and their bedrooms. #thatisall The Lord has given me a lot of opportunity to decorate boy rooms. He's

How Becoming a Coach Changed My Life.


How Beachbody Coaching Changed My Life

I've heard people say to me, "You're a crossfitter. You're in shape." In my head, all I could do was laugh. Was I crossfitter? I guess, if you consider attending one (two at best) crossfit classes a week. That was on a good week. I was often the joke of the gym. "Oh, look Mandy Rose

Working Out With Grandma Lilly


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When you know that your 60-ish something mother-in-law (I can't reveal her real age - ha!) does 3 zumba classes a day... you might just be intimidated to workout with her in your living room at 6 AM. Ok, you ARE definitely intimidated to workout with her in your living room. Granted, I

Brushetta Burgers With A Side of Dance


Brushetta Burgers

Before you go thinking I cooked this fancy looking burger, let me tell you... I did not. However, it was cooked in my kitchen so I get a little credit, right? Ha! Probably not. Every summer our church has it's annual summer conference. We have over a dozen church plants scattered across

Out Of The Race


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Ever since the The Celebrate Motherhood Retreat that Natalie and I hosted a few weeks ago in Charlotte, my brain has been running wild with all the things I want to share with you guys in regards to being a mom, loving Jesus, and knowing that it's ok to fail. I mean, I HAVE SO MUCH IN MY HEAD



New Look for House of Rose

You know me, I treat my blog design like my gallery walls... a little switch-a-roo here and there never hurt anyone, right? Ha! I promise I'll stop changing things one of these days. Or not. I am a woman and we all know that means... #wechangeourmindsoften. It all started because I felt like



Happy Mommy Box News

Let's just say change is hard, but sometimes change is what propels you into the person you are meant to be, right? It feels like so many changes are happening with me lately. The rebranding of our Dollars and Roses site to the new MARRIAGE MORE, my new blog design for House of Rose that's been in

I Feel Yo’ Pain


RAISING A SPIRITED CHILD by HouseofRoseBlog.com - Strong willed children

The task of taking three boys to the doctor's office all at one time should be defined as "art". It ain't easy yo'.  Take one? No problem. Take two? Do-able. Take three? I outta just schedule myself a therapy appointment while we are there.

A Little Father’s Day Video From The Boys


HAPPY Father's Day

My husband is in the business of highjacking my blog. Sometimes it's for things like "Operation Midnight Love Drop"... his cute way of making my bathroom explode with flowers for Valentine's Day. Other times it's to brighten my day with funny videos of people singing crazy songs about me or.

Marriage Tees & Tanks!


Wear Your Love - Marriage Tees and Tanks from Shop.houseofroseblog.com

  I had this vision that started with the idea "Wear Your Love". I wanted to create a marriage t-shirt line with fun quotes and sayings about love. But, more importantly, Jeff and I wanted to do something that would allow us to give back.