Baby registry MUSTS!


As a first time mom, I know the stress that comes along with starting your baby registry. Your thinking….”how do I know what I will need for my newborn? How do I know which carseat is the safest or which bottles will my baby like or which breast pump is the best?” Trust me…when my husband and I went to Target to register…I almost started crying because I was so overwhelmed. I think I ended up screaming at him in one of the aisles that he needed to start helping me and stop looking at his blackberry. Why I thought a first time dad would have any clue on how to help me is beyond me, but I was just looking for SOMEONE to help me. I registered for so much un-needed crap that it was stupid. A bottle warmer? Unless your baby is SUPER patient (does that exist), who the heck has time to let the bottle sit in the bottle warmer for 5 minutes while your baby is screaming bloody murder? My baby either got the bottle cold, or microwaved. I didn’t have time for that dumb bottle warmer! That’s just one example of the countless useless things I registered for. However, there were a couple items I wanted to share with you because these are two things…I COULD NEVER LIVE WITHOUT AS A MOM!

1. Summer Infant Day and Night Handheld Video Monitor – rating 5 STARS! This thing has saved me so many unwanted worries. It allows you to watch your baby while he/she sleeps. It’s especially helpful when your baby starts to cry…because it allows you to see that your baby is actually fine without having to go into their room everytime they make a peep. If you don’t have a video monitor…you are totally missing out! I got mine on ebay , but you can get them anywhere, including babiesrus. It’s a little more pricey than the regular monitors, but SO worth it!
2. Boon Flair High Chair – this is the BEST high chair on the market. My dad thinks it looks like a space ship, but hey, he’s old school. To me it screams modern. But, the best part about it is it has no fabric! Who ever started designing high chairs with fabric? I wish I could find out so I could tell them how retarded it is. Who wants to have to do more laundry than necessary? Any takers? Yea, I didn’t think so. This high chair can be wiped down with a wash cloth and the tray detaches so you can stick in the dishwasher. Ingenious in my opinion. A great buy if your looking for a maintenance free high chair.


  1. Ginette says

    The monitor is a must! I like the chair too.
    By the way…visit my blog. Something has been passed along to you. ;o)

  2. Tom + Kelly says

    One of my total necessary items was the book Baby Bargains. It is a must read on all things baby. It is like a consumer reports written by parents and even broken down into price ranges. All ranked and graded. I loved it! (It would have told you no no to the bottle warmer…and microwave) plain ol’ warm water is the only thing to warm breast milk. And this is from a mom of THE MOST IMPATIENT boy in the world!

  3. sally says

    And the great thing about the Boon Flair is that if you really need to, you can always just take it out back and hose it down. :)

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