Sip & See: Sweet Baby Girl


As most of you know, there are not a lot of things that I do that involve PINK. In fact, my mind seems to only function in blue and green.

Really. I do mean that. 

But now that one of my best friends has a sweet baby girl…

baby shower sip and see Baylor

{isn’t she fabulous?!?!}

I’ve had the chance to cross over in to pink-land!

Holy choices batman.

I don’t know how you girl momma’s do it? Not break your bank account that is. The choices you have when it comes to “girly” things are ENDLESS.

baby shower sip and see sweet baby girl

This past weekend I hosted a Sip & See Baby Shower for Miss Baylor Lynn. I was a little out of my element trying to decorate for a girl.

Ok ok, A LOT out of my element.

But, I had the best time bringing out my pink decor skills.

baby shower sip and see banner

I think I pulled it off {for being so stuck in boy land over here}.

The guest of honor was cuter than ever in her OVERLY adorable bow.

baby shower sip and see Baylor Lynn

Just for the record, if I ever had a girl, she would be decked out in bows like this everyday. Maybe even bigger.

baby shower sip and see Baylor Lynn Webb

Can I just say one thing real quick…who hates Kelly for looking so good only 3.5 weeks post baby? I know, me too. 

baby shower sip and see proud parents

Not the I-think-you-suck-and-I-want-to-punch-you-in-the-face kind of hate. More like I-am-so-jealous-of-your-cuteness kind of hate.

My wonderful friend Jen from The PolkaDot Posie created a printable package for me that included: cupcake toppers, 8×10 signs, and a banner.

baby shower sip and see sweets

baby shower sip and see cupcakes

She can customize pretty much any printable to go with your theme. Hit her up the next time you are looking for cute party decor!

I wrapped a few empty boxes in wrapping paper to match the theme and used that as my cupcake stand. I’ve been tempted {on numerous occasions} to buy a cupcake stand, but I kind of like the wrapping paper idea because it helps bring some more color to the party.

baby shower sip and see sweets table

This cake? I did not make it. A local bakery did and it was super yummy!

A few guests {aka grandparents} who were loving on Baylor.

baby shower sip and see guests

Kelly had a great idea for the favors. We gave out these adorable birth announcements on a picture stand…

baby shower sip and see birth announcements

…and homemade pretzels dipped in chocolate that said ‘baby”.

baby shower sip and see favors

Jen also made this ADORABLE subway art sign that read “Welcoming Baylor Lynn Webb to a world full of BOYS”. In case you didn’t know, Baylor has two older brothers. :)

baby shower sip and see favor table

I found the pink metal flower at Hobby Lobby for $6 and I couldn’t resist it so I bought and we used it to display pictures!

If you ever want to customize a picture display then buy clear stickers that you can stick on the corner of each picture. We used “B” for her initial and I like how it added the personalized touch.

The food at this party…to die for! Before you go thinking I am going to to tell you that I was in charge of the food…let me make it clear…I was NOT. You all know that cooking is not my specialty.

baby shower sip and see food

Kelly’s mom {below} was in charge of food and she could not have done a better job. Some of it she had catered, some she cooked and overall…she picked the perfect menu!

baby shower sip and see sweet kisses

Let me tell you…I could have eaten 800 more of these. I would share the recipe, but it is one of the items that we had catered. They were amaze-balls!

baby shower sip and see appetizers

I didn’t get a full shot of the food table, but again, I used good ole wrapping paper to help spruce it up.

baby shower sip and see table display

I bought the cheap throw away table cloth {from Party City} and then layered wrapping paper for a center runner. I used teal polka dot on the bottom and a funky pink {smaller strip} on top of that.

baby shower sip and see chevron

Or did your mind completely disregard the wrapping paper table runner because you were so in love with the chevron picture frame? Me too! Another Hobby Lobby find {for half off}. I justified buying it to use at the Sip & See because it’s the perfect colors for SJ’s room.

All the pictures you have seen of Baylor in this post and the ones we displayed were taken by me. I am no professional, but I am finally trying to figure out my camera. Ha! With a subject like this…

baby shower sip and see sweet face

…it’s hard to go wrong!

Family photo shoot…

baby shower sip and see family photo

I am pretty sure this should go on their Christmas card with a saying like, “Our life just got crazy…first Christmas as a family of five!” 


  1. says

    GREAT JOB girlfriend!!! The party turned out adorable. And I am with Tonya…your photography skills are blowing me away lately. Another side career? I think so!! Thanks for the shout out! Glad everything turned out so well for you guys! Baylor is precious and yes…Kelly looks WAAAAAYYY to good for just having a baby :-)

  2. says

    Mandy! Your photography skills are exceptional!

    Baylor is absolutely precious… I’d LOVE to hear how they came up with that name?! It is SO creative! I love, love, love it and think it fits her perfectly!

    And, you did a fabulous job decorating girl! Absolutely adore it!
    Kenz´s last blog post ..Homecoming & World Arthritis Day

  3. says

    Absolutely adorable…got lots of ideas for my daughter who is having twin…girl and a boy…soon then will give her a sip and see party….question:
    What did your invitation look like? website or made by you…..Thanks…


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