{Big Boy Room} The Re-do: From Toddler to Kindergartner


Big boy room transportation theme

Otherwise titled “My P Man is Growing Up”. 

boy transportation room

I mean, really, when did my baby get so dang big? He’s old enough to pick out his OWN room decor?? This seems so incredibly wrong to me.

Thankfully, he trusts his momma’s decorating skills and only had one {actually two} requests when it was time to update his room to “big boy” style…


Small demands from a five year old, wouldn’t-cha say?

The chalkboard wall was quite easy. And cheap too.

boy room chalkboard paint

The 42″ flat screen?

Who does this kid think he is!

boy room ideas

I didn’t have a 42″ flat screen tv in my bedroom until 3 years ago.

I’m hoping his next request isn’t a pony because I clearly can’t follow through on that one.


For now I am hoping the Mr. Stiltz {the giraffe} is good enough.

boy transportation room ideas green

I adore this picture {taken by KPP} hanging on the left as you enter his room. It captures his personality to a tee!

little boy room transportation

His bedding is Dwell Studio Transportation.

transportation boy room bed

I really like that it’s modern and boyish at the same time without being superhero-y.

I’m not hating on superheros. Or maybe I am.

My dad helped me create this wall art {inspired by Pinterest of course}.

boy room ideas transportation bed

Click HERE if you want to see the tutorial on how I did it.

One of my favorite parts of his room is his school desk. This past year they tore down my old high school to build a new one. They decided to auction off EVERYTHING inside and this little desk is a gem I got at the auction {for like $15}.

boy room transportation ideas desk

Now hopefully I will be able to get him to do his homework at it.

This piece of wall art is another DIY canvas project by me. Similar to my first canvas tutorial, but this time I used a fun transportation stencil! You can find the FULL tutorial here.

boy room transportation wall art

I forgot to mention that the cute cubby thing {holding all my son’s “friends”}…also made by my dad.

boy room transportation theme

We painted it white, but trimmed it out in a light colored wood. Love the contrast!

I found this wall stencil on Etsy by searching growth chart wall decal. You can find the exact one here.

boy transportation room ideas vinyl wall decal

This chair has been a save-all! I ordered it from PBK and my son uses it EVERY single day.

Mainly to watch his lovely 42″ flat screen. :)

boy room green pottery barn kids chair

I really need to update this picture of P when he was one grabbing his fat belly, but I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. I’m waiting for him to insist that I take it down…but until then…it shall remain up!

transportation boy room ideas

There you have it! P’s bedroom re-do…big boy style!

boy room transportation theme ideas

What do you think? Any suggestions on what I can add?

Find me on Pinterest HERE!


Source List:

Paint colors –

Green wall – Fresh Parsley CI 37 By Valspar Signature {Lowes}

Light colored walls – Lambs Ear CI 145 by Valspar Signature {Lowes}

Dark Wall – Rustoleom Chalkboard Paint {Home Depot or Lowes}

Curtains – Target

Green desk chair – Land of Nod

Desk – Purchased at an auction of items from my old high school

Duvet cover – Dwell Studio Transportation

Lamp – Target {spray painted orange}

Personalized chair – Pottery Barn Kids

Throw pillow – Home Goods

Letters for the wall – Hobby Lobby

Picture frames – Hobby Lobby



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