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What I’m Wearing to Blissdom – BOOM!

Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie

It’s officially a few days until Blissdom {a blog conference I’m attending in Texas} and I am so so sooooo excited! The one thing that stresses me out about heading out of town…is picking out a wardrobe.  I’m one of those chicks that would rather take my whole closet.

I’m weird in the sense that I have a hard time “planning” my outfits. Mostly because I’m a mood dresser.  I know that sounds slightly odd, but it’s how I have always been. I have to be in the mood to wear an outfit. And Lord knows no one can predict their mood a few days in advance.

Being the fact I am flying there…I doubt the airlines would approve if I showed up with my entire closet. Unless I wanted to pay a hefty penny. Darn those aircraft weight limits.

So on Monday morning I set aside 2 full hours to pick out my Blissdom wardrobe. I hadn’t planned to have my outfits picked until I was running out the door, but I quickly realized? I was stressing so much about it that my face was beginning to break out.

And we all know that the one thing worse than a bad wardrobe…is a blemish or ten.

I decided at that moment I was going to get my act together and decide what I was taking. All in the name of clear skin. Ahem.

By they way, Blissdom is a 3 day conference and I styled 11 outfits. You know, just to be safe.

Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit 1

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Old Navy
Necklace: Silpada
Boots: Steve Madden


Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit 2

Top: Old Navy
Jeans: Nordstrom – Hudson Jeans
Boots: Steve Madden


Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit 3

 Top: Old Navy
Leggings: H&M
Necklace and Ballet Flats: J Crew


Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit 4

Dress: Target
Top: Gap
Necklace: Eccentrics {local boutique}
Boots: Steve Madden


Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit 5

 Dress: Kikilarue
Cardigan: Gap
Leggings: H&M
Necklace: Silpada
Flats:  Macy’s


Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit 6

 Tank: TJ Maxx
Cardigan and Scarf: Old Navy
Jeans: Nordstrom – Hudson Jeans
Boots: Steve Madden


Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit 7

 Tank and Cardigan: Gap
Necklace: Silpada
Jeans: Nordstrom – Hudson Jeans
Boots: Steve Madden


Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit 8

Tank: Old Navy
Button Up Shirt: Old Navy
White Pants: American Eagle
Necklace and Ballet Flats: J Crew


 Tank: American Eagle
Cardigan: Old Navy
Leggings: Target
Necklace: Silpada
Ballet Flats: J Crew


Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit 10

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Gap
Necklace: Dillards
Boots: Steve Madden


Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit 11

 Top, Scarf, White Pants: American Eagle
Ballet Flats: J Crew


A few things to note:

1. Thank you Klaya {my dog} for photo bombing me.

2. I am trying to only take 3 pair of shoes as you can tell by the repeated use of the boots, and two pair of flats.

3. There is a “Girls Night In” and I plan to wear my Lululemon pants…I did not style those for y’all. My apologies.

I’m thinking I will need to nix a few of these wardrobe choices. Eleven MAY be too many for a 3 day conference, no?

So I’m curious…which ones are your favorite? And which ones should stay behind?


In case you missed it…check out my Nine Things You Must Take To A Blog Conference post from last week. It doesn’t include any wardrobe suggestions, but all good ideas that you don’t want to leave home without!

Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit Nine Things To Take

And remember when my gracious husband posted this lovely snapshot of me on Facebook? Claiming that all I do during the day is lip sync in front of the camera. Pssst. 

Blog Conference Wardrobe for Newbie Outfit Dance


It’s official, I am on the Internet….doing the robot.

Hold me.

You can check out the video below if you desire to see my mad robot skills. Or don’t if you fear you may forever look at me differently.

Let me explain first, some of my fellow Bliss Community Leaders wanted you all to know that EVERYONE is included at Blissdom. No one is left out. And no one is “cooler” than you. {Especially not me after this video went live.}

Just for the record…I will not be posting any more embarrassing videos of myself again until 2014 so enjoy while you can.

Thank you to Kristi for putting this video together {and making me dance like a fool}. I am glad I am not the only one who agreed to do this silly lip sync with Kristi…joining in you’ll find: Becca, Ashley, Kat & Bridget.

I may have never met you in person, Kristi, but I could have sworn you were holding a sharp object to my head while I was performing the robot. No? Ok, maybe I made that up.


  1. Nicki says:

    Ok, so I am going to give you my top 5. I loooove me some fashion, and I am totally jealous that you are going to Blissdom, so I want to help a sister out. I am going to pretend you have them numbered, starting at the top. #10 is by far my favorite, then, # 6, next # 4. The ones I would toss (just trying to help you edit here, they are all cute)- #1, #9 and #5. I hope you have so much fun!
    Nicki´s last blog post ..Trashtastic Tuesday- A Tissue Box

  2. Nicki says:

    OOPS! I forgot to give you the rest of my top 5! Oh no! I know you are dying for my opinion, LOL. The last two in my top 5 are #11 and #6.
    Nicki´s last blog post ..Trashtastic Tuesday- A Tissue Box

  3. Shannon Dew says:

    I think you look amazing in everything, as usual, but my favorite is the white pants w/the pink scarf and top! So cute! Hope you have a blast at Blissdom!
    Shannon Dew´s last blog post ..FOR SALE!

  4. Carrie A. says:

    Love the coral flats!
    I love #4, #8, #10 and #11.
    I think #9 is def. fun… I would never know what to wear with those leggings, but you’ve done well. I kinda like #1, too! Everything looks great!
    Carrie A.´s last blog post ..2013 Easter Baskets and a Flash Back!

  5. 2, 4, 6, 7 & 10 are my favorites!! I’m gonna have to go to Target and see if I can find that coral dress!
    Lululemon pants…..I want some!!!
    Can’t wait to here all about your trip and I plan on stalking your IG the whole time you’re there!!!
    Krystal @ It’s Krystal…with a K´s last blog post ..Weekend Wrap-Up

  6. Lexi Marklowitz says:

    I REALLY like the 2nd & the 6th. I worked at American Eagle for most of my college career, which caused me to develop this insane love for fashion. I thoroughly enjoy the posts that you include your wardrobe in :)

    I really like the floral leggings! I read that your husband wasn’t a fan, but you made a really sweet outfit with them. The only one I’m not super excited about is the last one, but I think it would look a LOT better if you picked a scarf that had some darker tones, maybe a darker shade of pink, similar to the flats? Or even something like a navy blue. It’s just slightly blinding, I like when one part of the outfit pops out!

    I am so looking forward to your posts after Blissdom!

  7. Ok, this was a fun post for sure! I love that video! For your outfits…they’re all cute BUT, my top choices are #10, #9, #5, #4, and #1. Excited to see you soon!
    Jennifer @Blissfully Ever After´s last blog post ..“Hop To It Challenge” Blog Party

  8. You should take them all. Cause that’s what I would do. Not helpful, am I.

    What I’d really like to know is how you pack your jewelry. I love all those pieces but can’t figure how I would organize them….

    Have fun at Blissdom.
    Dianne @ Skinny Seahorse´s last blog post ..Do I Really Want to Have it All?

  9. eeks, I’m going to Blissdom too and I still haven’t picked out my outfits and I’m just like you–a mood dresser! I’ve got them planned in my head, but haven’t thrown them in the bag yet. I hope we can meet up!!

  10. p.s. my fave outfit above is the chevron dress/skirt outfit
    Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke´s last blog post ..What I Wore to Walt Disney World

  11. Mel says:

    You have some really cute outfits. I will number my choices with 1 being the top. My faces are 4, 6, 7 and 10. I also really like 11….it looks comfy for traveling. I also think number 7 (black cardi, white tank, jeans & boot-just in case I counted wrong) would be great with the necklace from #10 or the scarf from #11. Some really cute options, for sure.

  12. I think you look great in colours, so I`d say, keep the most colourful outfits! they`re the most cheerful ones!
    The Norwegian Girl´s last blog post ..I Battle Fibromyalgia, What`s Your Superpower?

  13. Erin says:

    I love all the jeans and dress outfits…but then again, I am personally a firm believer that leggings are not pants! Probably because I shouldn’t wear them unless they are under a dress or something :)

  14. Erin says:

    I am also in awe that you are planning this far ahead. I am a last minute, minimalist packer. I recently went to a conference 3000 miles away from my house with 4 outfits for the 4 days I was there, with 2 pairs of shoes. I packed it all in a tiny suitcase (including toiletries) 2 hours before I left for the airport. I think if I let myself try to plan in advance, I would end up with everything I own!

  15. Amber says:

    Okay, now I officially feel like I haven’t packed enough! Haha. Love all of your outits. can’t wait to see you :)
    Amber´s last blog post ..iPad Mini Giveaway!

  16. Abbey says:

    Love 4, 5, 7, 10 and I’d skip the leggings with the dress. Have so much fun!!

  17. Micaela says:

    In LOVE with #1, #3, and #6. I tried to just chose three.. You know to help you out haha. I’m the same way though, three days and I bring a huuuge duffel bag that I can pack two months worth of clothes in.

    Also, I need your wardrobe!

  18. Goodness, I’d take all 11… But if I HAD to choose, I’d take the stripped yellow Old Navy tank outfit, the Target dress outfit (with the Old Navy cardi, but with the J Crew flats), and the other Target dress outfit (with the Gap top). Yupp, those are my picks! Well, they were until I checked out the weather for Grapevine (where Gaylord is… I don’t know why Dallas always gets the credit..) and it’s going to be warm but overcast/rain…

  19. Alyssa says:

    Before I begin, I think you should bring 6 outfits (yes I like to over pack too!). Plus that way you can choose which one you like in the morning and you can change if you spill stuff on it. I like 2,4, 5,6,7,11 and love love love 5! Have fun!

  20. JMS says:

    I would lose 1, 3, 5, & 9 for sure.

  21. You are so cute! I like them all, but #11 is my fav. And your boots are perfect for Texas. Have fun at Blissdom!

    ~Abby =)
    Abby @ Just a Girl and Her Blog´s last blog post ..Kids’ Craft Corner Reveal

  22. Melissa says:

    I love ALL of them, but outfit #s 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, and 11 are my top favs. Oh, and my dog likes to photo bomb too! Have a great time, I so hope I’ll make a Blissdom in the near future!
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Insta-Mishmash

  23. Amanda says:

    I can relate!! I am such a mood dresser as well. I always have to take more outfits than I need because I might not feel like wearing some of what I packed.

    My favorites are: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, & 9 (counting down from top outfit).
    Amanda´s last blog post ..What I Wore: Neutrals Party (Pinterest Challenge)

  24. Niña says:

    Yay… Love them all Mandy but my favorite is the floral leggings from Target.
    Niña´s last blog post ..Yeah It’s Summer

  25. Amy says:

    #8 is my fave! I love the yellow and white stripes with the polka dot shirt! My other faves are 2, 3, 6, and 1.

  26. Amy says:

    #8 is my fave! I love the yellow and white stripes with the polka dot shirt! My other faves are 2, 3, 6, and 11.

  27. cathy says:

    I went to Vegas with my husband for 4 days and brought 12 outfits. Shorts tanks/day and dresses and jeans and cute shirts for /night. sandles and flats/day and heels and more heels for night. I have never heard anyone else but me say that I am a mood dresser. I never know what I will feel like wearing so I ALWAYS over pack. I say keep it all. You never know if you might need another outfit, or 2 or 3 or 4, if you spill something. Have fun.

  28. cathy says:

    P.S…I love black, and I love pink. So my fave is the pink tunic w/ the white pants and pink scarf.

  29. valerie says:

    Dorry Mandy but I have to agree with your hubby on the flower pants!! Those might need to stay home from Blissdom!! They aren’t flattering on your adorable body!!!! The rest of the outfits are amazing!!!

  30. Super cute!! Im going next year!!! :)

  31. Jena says:

    Super cute outfits! I’m going to Texas in a few weeks to visit family. You gave me some great ideas of what to pack. I’m cracking up because I have the same leggings from Target and my husband also thinks they are silly. Thanks for the posting!!

  32. Carrie Smith says:

    Looks like I need to start shopping at Target — the dresses you bought there are adorbs! I also love the black and teal chevron striped skirt dress. I’m curious to know which outfits made the cut! :) Hope you had fun here in Texas.
    Carrie Smith´s last blog post ..How to Effectively Tweet Your Way to a New Gig

  33. Amanda Hyman says:

    My favorites are the blue top with J. Crew flats and necklace, the polka dot button down and yellow striped shirt, the floral pants and black cardigan, and the pink top and scarf with white pants (I really like the two pink shades together)

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