You Know What Trumps Dirt…


boys love dirt and snow

That’s right. Snow trumps dirt. Who knew?!

I never thought anything could trump a boys love for dirt. Turns out I don’t know much.

When we got almost 15 inches of snow last week…you would have thought that the 8 gazillion Christmas toys that landed under the tree were all as good as garbage.

Not a single kid cared about playing with any of those toys. Including the spectacular Fire House that came from Pottery Barn Kids.

Nope, all they cared about was building snowmen, throwing snowballs, shoveling the driveway, and freezing their butts off.

I am usually not one to like the cold, so snow doesn’t do much for me. I prefer not to be snowed in.

Honestly, that hinders my ability to go get a giant fountain coke from the gas station. And we ALL know that I don’t function without my carbonated beverage in a styrofoam cup.

Next year I know what I’ll be asking Santa for. Snow. It would have made my shopping list a whole let less expensive.

You think he’d bring me a fountain soda machine for my garage too?

I’ll leave you with this lovely video of my husband. If you thought my kids were cray-cray? Now you can see where they get it. Snow angels in a t-shirt and no socks….dumb.


  1. says

    Snow totally trumps dirt! My boys loved playing in it over the break!

    I love the picture of Parker holding up the snowball behind Bentley’s head. He looks like he is getting ready to pound him! LOL! Bobby had told me about the video of Jeff…..he had seen it on Facebook, but I never did see it! I’m glad that you shared it here…definitely made me laugh! You got your hands full girl….even Jeff is cray cray!! :)
    Tonya @ Love of Family & Home´s last blog post ..Scarf Tying Video Tutorial (The Pretzel Tie)

  2. says

    Your husband is such a big kid :) My boys are so jealous of all the snow up north. Nathan keeps asking why it doesn’t snow here.
    Jen´s last blog post ..Goals

  3. says

    You guys must have gotten A LOT of snow, because everything is WHITE as snow in the backgrounds of all the pictures! LOL! Looks like a fun time, I let my kids go sledding in our patchy snow that didn’t even cover all of the grass. :) They still LOVED it.
    Carrie A.´s last blog post ..Appetizer: Rotel Cups

  4. Mandy Hank says

    So cute! We don’t ever get snow here in Phoenix but my kiddos can get dirty like no one’s business!!
    I am like you, I don’t think I could get locked in the house and not be able to get my iced-tea from the drive-thru. And yes of course they taste so much better in a styrofoam cup :)

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