Bright Yellow Cardigans & Bossy Spring Breakers


Bright Yellow Cardigans for Women

Bright Yellow Cardigans for Women - Spring Fashion

Bright Yellow Cardigans for Women - Scarf

Bright Yellow Cardigans for Women Fashion Ideas

Alrighty, alrighty…I am back today wearing yet another BRIGHT colored cardigan. It’s safe to say that I am overly ready for spring with all these bright colored fashion posts, yea?

Sick.of.the.cold. Understatement!

I know some of you may consider cardigans “boring”, but I beg to differ. Cardigans are fabulous, in my humble conservative opinion, when you layer them with a tank and scarf {or fun necklace}.

It’s spring break here…yet we have no spring break plans.

How’s that for boring? As you can imagine I am getting NOTHING accomplished with a certain five year old who is bossing me around.

Bright Yellow Cardigans for Women - Spring Break

I wonder where he got his bossy pants from? Pssst. Surely not his mother.

Ok, confession. I may be the bossiest person on the planet.

Even when I try not to be…I’m bossy. It’s a character flaw for sure. I used to be bossy and always right. Now, for my husband’s sake, at least I can admit I am not always right.


I am completely stoked that my MIL arrives on Sunday and will be staying with us for over TWO weeks. Ahhhh, a break from motherhood is on the horizon. Let’s all do a happy dance together, shall we?

She is coming to town to stay with the boys while my hubby and I head off to Dallas for a few days. Like I mentioned {many many times}, I will be going to Blissdom.

The husband has a mastermind meet up in Dallas with some of the personal finance bloggers so it works out VERY nice that we can fly there together. It’s sure to be a inspiring weekend for both of us.

Ok, how did I get so off topic here? I thought this was supposed to be a fashion post. I clearly have a problem focusing.


Cardigan: Old Navy
Tank: Aeropostale
Scarf: I wish I could remember, but I can’t. :)
Ballet Flats: JCrew


  1. says

    Mandy- you look absolutely adorable as usual! I am with you on pairing the cardigan with a cute tank or scarf! I just splurged a little and bought some cute cardigans just for that reason lol!! :)
    Lindsey´s last blog post ..Finding me…

  2. says

    “Shine bright like a diamond..”
    – I love cardigans, I wear them like 80% of the time, and as you say, when you combine them with a nice scarf and perhaps with some nice earrings, it`s great! and also very versatile, you can dress it up or down, depending on the situation.
    The Norwegian Girl´s last blog post ..The Great Norwegian Adventure

  3. says

    Well, if I were having a fabulous Spring Break…and I wasn’t in my pajamas for the past three days…and I wasn’t sick…and I was going to wear a cardigan…I have a beautiful fuschia one with little rhinestone buttons that I absolutely love! But alas…I am in my pj’s and not in my beautiful cardigan. Maybe I will bring it to BlissDom! I hear it can get cold in those conference rooms. By the way, you look great in yellow…I can never pull that color off.
    Nancy´s last blog post ..Spring Break Fabulousness!

  4. says

    Cardigans are possibly the best pieces one can have in their wardrobe, IMO!! I would die without them (ok, not literally, but you know what i mean, i hope). I am always cold, so layering is important. Plus it helps to dress up a plain slouchy tee or a tank.

  5. says

    I’ve been accused of being a cardigan hoarder before…and told that I should purchase any more cardigans when I go shopping. I love them!

    Also, next fall I am jumping on the scarf-tastic bandwagon. I know you can pull them off for spring (as you are doing) but I feel like spring is an awkard time to START your collection, so fall it will be! Enjoy your “spring break”!
    Kala´s last blog post ..Trendy Tuesday: “Spring Forward”

  6. Lori says

    I just want to say that every time you say you are going to Blissdom soon & that it is Dallas – I wish that I was blogging too (so don’t have time to start yet another thing to do) so I could be there – I’m south of Dallas on the Gulf Coast of TX…would love to meet you.

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