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    There’s Snow In My Pants


    My days tend to be ordinarily pretty routine. I don’t like a lot of change when it comes to my exciting monotonous schedule. Throw in a kids doctors appointment or a bookkeeping meeting with my CPA…and my whole week is backwards.

    It’s wake up at 5:45 am, quickly throw my knotted nest of hair in the tightest ponytail possible, grab a sports bra, pop in the 21 day fix DVD, sweat and curse the insanely-fit-rock-hard-abs instructor making me doing 60 straight seconds of burpees followed by 60 seconds of weighted lunges…repeat, finish my 30 minutes of morning hell bliss, wake up the kids who aren’t already awake, jump in the shower – typically with a toddler in tow, dress myself…and each kid…even the seven year old HATES picking out his own clothes, make a healthy shake and breakfast for the kids – which tends to be a pop tart or microwavable pancakes – I keep it classy, rush out the door to take them all to school, come home, plop myself in front of the computer AND….. (more…)


    5 Things I Did That Transformed My Child’s Behavior

    How to Transform Your Child's Behavior

    Every morning for four straight weeks I woke up on edge. {Perhaps you read about it here.}

    It was the kind of edge that meant you got up quietly, tip toed out of your bedroom, peeked into your youngest child’s bedroom, and prayed that when you said “wake up sunshine” you would get a smile and not a death look.

    How to Transform Your Child's Behavior

    For four straight weeks I didn’t get that smile I prayed for. Instead I got the death look AND a terrible attitude accompanied by screaming, kicking and, yes, name calling.

    It was hell. Not just because he woke up in a bad mood, but because that bad mood continued into the day. It didn’t matter what I tried (and believe me? I tried it all – or so I thought)…he was mad. At the world. All the time.

    I mean, I know where he gets his evil faces, but still…

    How to Transform Your Child's Behavior

    We would drag him <—literally — to pre-k. He didn’t want to cooperate with a single word I spoke. Or a word his dad spoke. Which is rather different for me because I’m used to my kids not listening to me, but their dad? They all listen to their dad.

    That deep stern tone does a number on kids.

    But not this kid.

    He was not phased.

    How to Transform Your Child's Behavior

    Then one day the daycare called me… they wanted me to talk to SJ over the phone because he was not listening to his teachers, kicking people, and calling people very ugly names. (more…)


    The Light Will Shine


    You’d never know from the looks of theses sweet faces that we’ve been having such a hard few weeks. And when I say hard, I mean some of the most difficult moments I’ve ever experienced as a parent.


    kids 4IMG_9936

    I can honestly say that maybe I got a little cocky about this whole motherhood thing. I thought that I had it all figured out… and then some.

    I was pretty judgmental at times when I saw other kids doing the “wrong” thing and I thought to myself… (more…)


    Flower Picking Summer Days – Can You Last For Eternity?

    I’m gonna wake up every day for the next 9 months an entire hour and half earlier than I am used to, rush around to get the kids UP, out of bed, dressed and fed.

    Fed will look like uncooked Pop-Tarts or a bag of fishy’s as we walk run out of the house to hit school drop off line before the first bell rings.


    It seems like all summer I look forward to the school year starting. I look forward to the routine (I live for schedules). I look forward to the boys going to bed early (#truth).

    I look forward to normalcy.

    july 1.jpgIMG_5843 (more…)


    It Only Takes That One Time

    I wrote this post over 2 years ago, right after one of the scariest incidents in my life, but was too shaken up to post it.

    I’m posting it now in hopes that it will remind you how important it is to ALWAYS be looking when your kids are in or near the pool. Or any body of water for that matter.

    And maybe you don’t need reminded. If not, good. But just in case you are that mother that thinks you are in control of all situations in life (like I thought)…here’s a few reasons why you are not.

    IMG_5474IMG_5469IMG_5483 (more…)

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