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    A Trio Performance

    During our July 4th party we randomly decided to improv a little mini performance with me, my best friend Kate and my guitar instructor/friend, Chris.


    Two things:



    Hello There Nursery Of Mine.

    Custom Nursery Ideas Custom Nursery Ideas Custom Nursery Ideas - Two Little Fish

    Last year when I attended the Influence Conference I had a different attitude and mindset than I normally have at conferences. I went there with the desire to meet and make new friends.

    I’m usually the type of girl who would rather stay with “my people” and NOT meet new women.

    Because honestly? It’s easier. And sometimes I like to be lazy when it comes to friendships. #notproud

    Custom Nursery Ideas Custom Nursery Ideas - Elephant Theme Custom Nursery Ideas

    I often have a hard time opening the door for new people because it’s uncomfortable. And y’all, I hate being uncomfortable.

    But, sometimes God’s best work is when you go out of your comfort zone and do things that stretch you. (more…)


    The Only Room I Let My Kids Destroy

    Playroom Decor Ideas Playroom Decor Ideas

    There is one space in my entire house that I let get super-duper messy…can you guess which room?

    My thought process is that the kids need at least one spot where they can be kids. Where they can let loose. Play. And be crazy. Errrr, be crazy without getting in trouble. Because let’s be honest…they be crazy all the time.

    Playroom Decor Ideas - Built Ins Playroom Decor Ideas - Curtains

    On some days it looks like the roof was lifted off the house and it rained Tonka Trucks in there. Actually most days it looks like that. And I’m ok with that. Of course, for the photo shoot I did a HUGE clean up and I almost broke my toe on a spiderman figurine in the process. Gah.

    This is their space and they have my permission to play Magna Tiles, dinosaurs and Power Rangers all at the same time…without someone yelling in their ear to clean up. <—–ME (more…)


    Sometimes a Girl Needs A Place to Hide

    How long has it been since I posted about stenciling my closet??? Too long to remember, right?

    January 2012 to be exact. I just went back and looked.

    I know.

    That was nearly 2 children ago.

    Sometimes my implementation of projects can be good, but my blog post follow up is apparently lacking. Which is funny since 99% of my projects start out as projects because I think “That would be a good blog post!

    I’m backwards. In so many ways.

    Closet Organization Ideas

    Closet Organization Ideas (more…)


    Fear of Failing… It’s Not Stopping Me.

    I originally committed to doing this Guitar Project back in September 2013. I met the owners of Mocha Club at a conference last year and I immediately was like I’m in.”

    Then truth set in.

    And fear.

    And lack of confidence.

    And I procrastinated for nearly 10 months. TEN long months people.

    I had every excuse in the book on why I couldn’t do this project. I was ready to give up and I was thinking of over 9 million reasons why it wouldn’t work for me. And how I would tell them I was backing out.


    I thought I’ll just use Happy Mommy Box as my excuse. I’ll tell them that I’m sorry I had no idea that I was going to be starting a business venture with a friend and that, unfortunately, there would just be no time to fit this in.

    Sounded legit, right?!

    But I woke up one day and I asked myself this question…

    “What’s really holding you back from doing this project?”

    Was it that I didn’t think I was capable of learning the guitar? Was it that I wasn’t sure if I could find the time to practice and be good enough? Was it that I was afraid to do something, like commit to raising money when I wasn’t certain anyone would donate? Was it that I didn’t want to let down an organization doing great things for something that was so dear to my heart – orphans?

    And when I truly thought about it. It was a little bit of all of those things.

    The biggest?


    Of not reaching the $1,000.

    Of not being able to learn a song.

    And for some reason, that morning while I was taking a shower, I decided that I wasn’t going to let fear stand in the way of me doing this. It’s held me back too many times in the past and I wasn’t about to let it steal another great opportunity from me.

    Not this time.

    I called up my friend Chris Slone, who is by far the most talented musician in our area {we hired him to play at Jeff’s book launch party awhile back}.

    IMG_0822 (more…)