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    The Scattered Love Affair – 9 Things I Love More Than Fountain Coke

    If someone could be in my head for a mere two seconds, just two, they would hear this…

    Brain starts off with – “I’m going to paint the bathroom…. No, I think I’ll finish decorating the boys sports themed bedroom… Wait, I want to re-do that gallery wall… No, I NEEEEEED to organize the laundry room…”

    Which usually all turns into “I’ll hang a canvas print, run to the gas station for a fountain coke and then online shop for some new shoes.”

    I am the Wikipedia definition of “Scatter Brained”. Or as some would say, I have a lot of irons in the fire.

    Or a lot of ideas in my brain.

    Scatter Brained – The inability to produce any coherant thought pattern. Often a side effect of, but definitely not limited to, alcohol or drug consumption.

    Except I don’t drink or do drugs. Awesome.

    Being that it’s Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share with y’all a few things that I am loving. And yes, they vary from Iced White Mochas to giant canvas prints to my love for New Kids On The Block.

    Nine Things I Love More Than Fountain Coke by

    Let’s call this post – The Scattered Love Affair, shall we?

    This really has nothing to do with my random thoughts on painting, sports themed bedrooms or gallery walls. But, I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you, now does it?


    Here you go, 9 Things I Love More Than Fountain Coke.  (more…)


    Bright & Cheery Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom Makeover with Board and BattenMaster Bedroom Makeover with Board and Batten

    It all started with iPhone pictures that I took of my Master Bedroom nearly 4 years ago when I was on my lunch break from my Corporate job. I uploaded those images, which were less than perfect (especially since I probably had some ancient version of the iPhone back then) and I hit publish. Little did I know that within a week those pictures would be my most pinned images on my site.

    I’m serious when I say the image quality was the worst. See for yourself. Then see the updated pics I did.

    Big difference from the iPhone images to the camera images.

    I was dumbfounded. Not because I didn’t love the bedroom. But the images were incredibly awful. LOL! Clearly I decorated the old bedroom before I knew a dang thing about photography.

    So even though I know y’all loved the old master bedroom…it was dark and dreary. I wanted something bright and cheerful.

    Master Bedroom Makeover Before and After



    Creating Art For Your Walls: Stencil Letters Onto An Old Canvas

    Alright, y’all. Who’s ready for another idea on what to do with old canvas prints you are no longer using?

    *Raises Hand*

    Stencil Letters Onto An Old Canvas Print - Repurpose Canvas PrintsStencil Letters Onto An Old Canvas Print - Repurpose Canvas Prints (more…)


    A Trio Performance

    During our July 4th party we randomly decided to improv a little mini performance with me, my best friend Kate and my guitar instructor/friend, Chris.


    Two things:



    Hello There Nursery Of Mine.

    Custom Nursery IdeasCustom Nursery IdeasCustom Nursery Ideas - Two Little Fish

    Last year when I attended the Influence Conference I had a different attitude and mindset than I normally have at conferences. I went there with the desire to meet and make new friends.

    I’m usually the type of girl who would rather stay with “my people” and NOT meet new women.

    Because honestly? It’s easier. And sometimes I like to be lazy when it comes to friendships. #notproud

    Custom Nursery IdeasCustom Nursery Ideas - Elephant ThemeCustom Nursery Ideas

    I often have a hard time opening the door for new people because it’s uncomfortable. And y’all, I hate being uncomfortable.

    But, sometimes God’s best work is when you go out of your comfort zone and do things that stretch you. (more…)

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