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    A Virgin

    IMG_6452baseball 3.jpg

    Excuse me for a second, but I just so happen to be a all-star baseball mom “virgin”. Meaning that… my kid was just a normal 6 year old baseball player until 3 weeks ago.

    But then, you see, we got this invitation for him to play on what they call the “All-Star” team.  That’s when things got serious.

    And crazy competitive. Like whoooooa. (more…)


    I Conquered a Huge Fear

    Being adventurous is usually not in my vocabulary. I grew up as a cautious child who always liked to follow the rules. I was never too keen on taking risks or going outside of my comfort zone.

    Then I met my husband.

    <<Polar opposite>>

    Zip Line Tour Shawnee Bluffs

    Zip Line Tour Shawnee Bluffs

    He pretty much lives for adventure.

    I thought early on in our marriage, “This just may not work out how I’d hoped…” He is constantly pushing me to try new things.

    But something in me changed over the last 8 years. Little by little I started to enjoy being pushed out of my comfort zone.

    And now I’ve reached a point in my life where I feel like if I’m not being stretched…then I’m not truly growing. In any thing. In my family life. As a mother. As a wife. Or Christian. Or daughter.

    Zip Line Tour Shawnee Bluffs

    Zip Line Tour Shawnee Bluffs

    Zip Line Tour Shawnee Bluffs

    I have this deep desire to DO MORE.

    Even when it’s scary.

    Zip Line Tour Shawnee Bluffs



    Don’t Judge Your Child’s Athletic Ability On His Soccer Skills

    T-ball is officially over. I thought I would be happy about it since it’s now 90 degrees outside, but oddly enough…I’m rather sad. 

    And so is P Man.

    He absolutely LOVED t-ball!


    He was good at it!  I was so proud of him!

    If you remember when he watched played soccer…then you see why it makes me so happy that he actually participated.

    I really thought after the season of soccer that we just didn’t have a athlete on our hands.

    And I was okay with that.

    But, boy was I wrong.

    Soccer just must have not been his “thang” because I assure you…he went all out for t-ball! It was like a completely different child than the child I took to the soccer field.

    Pretty intense face, hey?

    This is such a cute moment…one of P’s besties was on the other team and the were chatting it up while P was at first base. :)

    He demanded that I display this trophy in the living room. How can you say no to that?!?!

    I guess I shouldn’t have pegged his entire high school athletic career {or lack thereof} on his inability to play soccer. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    And even if he doesn’t end up being the quarterback of the football team or the starting first baseman…I know that I will still be proud of his effort!


    Pregnant P Man, T-Ball, & How I Clean My Sunglasses

    Do you think that this picture screams…”YOU’VE BEEN PREGNANT MY WHOLE LIFE MOM!

    Because I’m not gonna lie. I kinda do.

    And really, he’s kinda right.

    I’ve been pregnant quite a bit of his 4.5 short years.

    He once told our babysitter that if he ate a hot dog it would make him pregnant so he refused. Poor guy. He really thinks that I’ve been chowing down on some major hot dogs, huh?!

    If hot dogs made you pregnant we’d all be screwed.


    He likes to put the bouncy ball up his shirt and run around screaming “I’m PREGNANT!” as he’s bouncing off the walls (don’t ask).

    Strange strange game.

    And don’t worry…this post is not a pregnancy announcement. I know I said I had really exciting news to share, but being pregnant was not it.

    He started T-Ball practice last week and I am proud to say…he’s got some skills!

    We were thinking that he wasn’t going to much of an athlete after the whole soccer experience. You know. Where he didn’t kick the ball the entire season and refused to be on the field unless J was at his side?

    But, nope, turns out that soccer just wasn’t his thing because he LOVES baseball. And he’s good at it!

    Sorry for the randomness of this post, but I just have a lot of random thoughts today. :)

    For instance, do you find it random that I looked down and noticed I was cleaning my sunglasses with a pair of Thomas underwear?

    I find that not only random, but odd.

    I’m not sure what is MORE odd…the fact that I am cleaning my sunglasses with underwear or the fact that I had underwear just sitting in my car and readily available to use as a cleaning cloth?

    At least they were clean undies.

    That’s all I’m sayin’.



    Basketball Goal – 1, Husband – 0

    Remember how I told you about our new basketball goal?

    Well, what I didn’t tell you?  It may have taken my husband an entire Saturday to put it together.

    I always love when he decides that he wants to start a project like this because it’s VERY rare folks. VERY VERY rare.

    I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again, he’s a business man.

    Not a handyman.

    He likes numbers and money. Not screwdrivers and hammers.

    Luckily, he doesn’t really have to be a handyman all that often with my dad less than a mile away.

    However, this particular weekend…the weekend he decided to go buy the boys a basketball goal…my lovely dad was out of town. And don’t think that a 4 year old and a 2 year old will allow you to bring home an unassembled basketball goal and let it fly. Won’t happen people.

    This left basketball goal assembly all in the hands of hubby.

    Dun dun dun…

    *Que very long day followed by bloody nose, annoyed wife and backwards assembled basketball goal.


    I must say I give him an “A” for effort. The fact that he attempted to do this project on his own really is EXTREMELY out of his normal Saturday behavior.

    But, I’d have to admit…he gets a “C+” in assembly. He was so proud that he finished (and so was I).


    Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

    Yea, he didn’t either. It wasn’t until our 12 year old neighbor girl said, “I think that base is suppose to go the other way.”

    A quick “Nahh” from the hubby as he frantically ran to look at the picture on the box.

    Sure enough. Basketball goal base…on backwards.

    Leave it to the 12 year old neighbor girl to set him straight. I think he felt about 2 inches tall at that point. He did admit, “I was wondering how you were suppose to do a lay-up?”

    Oh you handyman you.

    As for safety? He earned a big fat “D”. About 5 hours in to the project he busted his nose open.

    He also made his wife hold the pole propped up on a stroller while he fixed his backward base mistake. Notice how happy wife looks. That’s my sarcastic smile.

    I will say that once it was up and correctly assembled…they boys and the neighborhood kids all loved it!

    It was the ‘Rose 3′ against the ‘neighborhood 3′ for a full on basketball game.

    Don’t worry, Bents might have been too little to actually play but he found his own fun during the game.

    And yes, he will come after you with the broom stick and try to scare you in to giving him the ball. He will also sweep the driveway mid-game for you.

    I am slightly confused on if my husband actually bought this basketball goal for the boys…

    …or for himself.


    Soccer and Moving (not us)

    This past Saturday was P’s last soccer game of the season. I am so proud of him! He started the season off by crying and not wanting to step foot on the field. By the last game he was excited and running around chasing the ball. He came a LONG way! It was fun to watch him!

    They all got a trophy with their name on it! He thought it was the best thing ever!

    After soccer we helped some of our good friends move in to their new house! If you know me, then you know I love to organize and get things in “order” so moving doesn’t bother me much. I think I had way too much fun organizing Kelly’s kitchen. Sometimes I think being type A is a sickness. For real. And I am pretty sure the Webb’s thought I was a nutso. :) 

    Kelly kept wondering why I was so IN TO packing. I tried to remind her that The Container Store…is my happy place. Enough said.

    Their house turned out AWESOME! I can remember before they started building and Kelly was telling me that she was bad at decorating and just terrified to have to pick out everything for the new house. Take a look at their bedroom…and I think you will see that she is FAR from being a bad decorator!

    I’m in love with this wall! Plus, the floors….TO DIE FOR! They really did a fabulous job on “attention to detail”. I’m hoping she will take her blog off private and post LOTS of pics for you guys to see (I’ll work on convincing her)!  hint hint.

    My husband, God love him (you all know that you can preface anything with “God love him” and it instantly makes it a non-mean comment right?), typically likes to “outsource” things. Seriously. He would outsource taking out the trash if I would let him. So, when he had to do some manual labor…he was slightly wore out. Ha!

    Kelly found him napping in the old living room floor. Sneaky sneaky.

    However, he is doing a Crossfit handstand challenge and he made sure to get his handstand hold done in the U-Haul. Nice.

    Sometimes that man cracks me up. I should give him more credit than I am because he did help Tom move a 650 pound gun safe. YIKES!

    I’ll leave you with this cute little picture of SJ. It’s a little blurry, but his smile was just too cute not to post.

    Happy Monday!




    I officially became a “soccer mom”


    I didn’t even know that “soccer mom” was an official term until I googled it. Sure enough, Wikipedia actually has a definition for a soccer mom.

    “The phrase soccer mom broadly refers to a middle-class suburban woman who spends a significant amount of her time transporting her school-age children to their sporting events or other activities.”

    Hmmm. Sounds about right. I think they left out “typically drives a minivan”. Just my opinion.

    I also learned this:

    “Soccer moms received so much attention during the election (in 1996) that the American Dialect Society voted “soccer mom” Word of the Year for 1996.”

     Although being a “soccer mom” sounds cool, it has taken on some pretty deep criticism in the past few years as well.

    “Soccer moms are sometimes accused of forcing their children to go to too many after-school activities; overparenting them in concerted cultivation rather than letting them enjoy their childhood.”

    Wow. Kinda harsh right?

    I’m embracing my new role as “soccer mom”, but I know that I DON’T want to be THAT soccer mom.

    I am not going to be forcing my kids in to doing anything that is not something they enjoy. I think, as a parent, it’s important to push your kids and to lead them in the right direction. I plan to do so. I plan to make academics #1 for my children. Extra curricular activities will come 2nd.

    So far P is not too interested in soccer. We signed him up because he said he wanted to play. But, P is a shy kid. You put him in a group larger than 2o people and he tends to be an introvert. When we got to the soccer field on Saturday he was overwhelmed. He was shy. He was scared. He may have even been crying at one point.

    As a mom, there was a part of me that wanted to just turn the mini around and take him home. I don’t want him to be upset. Soccer is suppose to be fun. But, I knew that wasn’t the right answer.

    Now that he has committed to playing on a soccer team for the fall, I think it is important that he meets that obligation.  I want him to stick it out until this season is over.

    J & I just try to keep encouraging him. He only kicked the ball one time, but we praised and praised him for it telling him what a great job he did. I could see that our encouragement was making a difference. Although he still wasn’t willingly playing by the end of game 1, I think he made some progress.

    And if he decides after this season that he still hates soccer….we won’t make him do it again.

    I know P. I know his personality. I feel like soccer may be just like swimming. He wouldn’t even leave the pool steps at the beginning of the summer. But, by the end, he was swimming without a life jacket!

    I’m hoping that the more he does it, the more he will like it.

    I want to make sure that we don’t show any anger towards him not wanting to play. I definitely don’t want to be on the sidelines yelling at my child because he won’t get on the field. That’s why we just keep using encouraging words. But, I’m curious….

    …fellow soccer moms (or heck any moms), what’s your advice?



    Superbowl Appetizer Recipes – EASY

    What’s on your Superbowl menu?

    When it comes to parties…I usually like to cater. I know…lazy, but I am not the queen of making great appetizers. Since my hubby decided that he would make his famous chili, which you can find the recipe & step by step instructions HERE, I knew I could handle an appetizer or two. But my requirements….it MUST be easy (and good of course). I can do easy. Plus, the guests are each bringing a snack/appetizer. I am getting off pretty easy here. :)

    First up on the menu…

    Bacon Wrapped Smokies

    Superbowl Appetizer Recipes - EASY


    1 lb sliced bacon, cut into thirds
    1 package (14 ounce) beef cocktail weiners
    3/4 cup brown sugar (or to taste)


    1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F
    2. Wrap each mini wiener with a piece of bacon and secure with a toothpick
    3. Place on large baking sheet
    4. Sprinkle with brown sugar
    5. Bake 40 minutes, until the sugar is bubbly.To serve, place weiners in a slow cooker & keep on the low setting

    It doesn’t get a whole lot easier than that. Well, except that the 2nd snack on my menu…requires NO WORK. Just buy and set out. Pretty perfect in my opinion! Haha!

    Hawaiian Bread and Dill Dip

    Superbowl Appetizer Recipes - EASY

    Superbowl Appetizer Recipes - EASY

    Buffalo Wing Dip and Tortilla Chips

    Superbowl Appetizer Recipes - EASY


    (2) 10 ounce cans chunk chicken (drained)
    (2) 8 ounce packages cream cheese (softened)
    1 cup ranch dressing
    3/4 cup hot wing sauce (I use Kroger brand)
    1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese


    1. Heat chicken, hot sauce, and ranch dressing in a skillet on medium heat
    2. Stir in cream cheese. Mix until smooth
    3. Add 3/4 cup of shredded cheese and stir
    4. Transfer to a 13×9 baking dish or something similar
    5. Sprinkle remaining cheese over the top
    6. Bake on 375 degrees F until cheese is thoroughly melted (30-45 minutes)

    Serve with tortilla chips or crackers

    And that is how EASY I am getting off this year! Gotta love it!

    Here’s an idea of what some of our guests are bringing:

    Taco Layer Dip


    Cheese ball and Crackers

    Rotel Dip

    Green Chicken Chilli

    Jalapeno Poppers and Salsa

    Hope whatever is on your menu…it’s EASY!


    Elite 8 Game and dinner at THE MELTING POT

    Yesterday we had tickets to the Elite 8 game in  St. Louis! J got them from one of his mutual fund wholesalers at work. The game was at 1pm so we had planned to drive up a little early and find a place to grab lunch. But, like any city that is hosting such a big event, there was no place to eat that wasn’t packed full of people.

    So…we decided we would go to the bowling alley (which was right by the stadium) and have a little bowling competition.

    Random I know.

    Of course, I hold the Wii bowling record in our household so there was A LOT of pressure to show up my husband.

    Should I mention that we haven’t been REAL bowling in…well…I can’t even remember the last time we went.

    I talked quite a bit of smack.

    For no good reason I assume. I scored an 85.


    I choked.

    O-well. I still hold the Wii bowling record!

    We only squeezed in one game before it was time to head to the stadium and watch Tennessee vs. Michigan State.  Both hubby and I were pretty neutral as to who we were rooting for. I had decided that I was going to cheer for Tennessee because I had orange shoes. Fitting, right? And hubby had an orange and white polo…so he joined me on the Tennessee side.

    I guess not everyone chooses who to cheer for based on their wardrobe selection. But when you don’t have a favorite pick…you gotta choose somehow.

    Unfortunately we picked the wrong team since Tennessee lost. But what a great game it was! And hubby and I enjoyed our selves to the fullest since we were kid-free (BIG THANKS TO GIGI AND PAPA!)

    Since we skipped out on lunch we made sure that we got some dinner before we left the city. I have been DYING to go to The Melting Pot forever! It definitely lived up to all of my expectations and then some.

    I had to BEG hubby to go there…he didn’t know anything about it other than it was “fondue”.

    Apparently men don’t think fondue is manly. But, after a delicious THREE course meal…this being the main entree (and yes that is lobster)…I have made a believer out of my husband!

    He should know I am always right.

    Even after skipping lunch, I am pretty confident that I gained a good 10 pounds at dinner. Well worth it!


    Do you do rodeo?


    If you do than you may already know this guy, heh?dane_hanna_90x90

    This is DANE HANNA…otherwise known as my cousin Erika’s husband.

    He is a professional steer wrestler.  I know, right? Who wrestles steer’s for fun? Ahem…not me. Steer wrestling, also known as bulldogging, is a rodeo event in which a horse-mounted rider chases a steer, drops from the horse to the steer, then wrestles the steer to the ground by twisting its horns. Uh…yea. Totally crazy.

    We are very proud because this past weekend, Dane won at the Houston Rodeo! I think I would die of anxiety if I were my cousin having to watch my husband jump off a horse, chase a steer, and wrestle it to the ground by it’s horns??? I mean, for real, that just screams DANGEROUS! It’s a good thing Dane knows what the heck he is doing and I guess there is a reason they call him a “professional”.  Plus, I am sure it is kind of sexy in a way right?

    Dane & Erika when they came to visit


    You would think their wedding would have been a real honkey tonk, back door, country kind of wedding….but don’t be fooled….thieir wedding was at the nicest country club in Chicago. Amist all the elegance….that’s right….a mechanical bull! My oh-so-fabulous metrosexual, totally not country, husband…decided to give it a try. Let’s just say…he’s no Dane. But “A” for effort honey and I still think your sexy even if you can’t ride a bull.


    Dane is going to be on a new reality tv show called RODEO DRIVE (and you all know how I feel about reality tv-obsessed)! You can check out the show by clicking here. The show is following Dane and 3 other guys while they travel the country going from rodeo to rodeo. I can’t wait until it aires! I mean, I’ve been obsessed with reality tv shows ever since The Real World began…but now that I actually know a reality tv star…it takes it to a whole new level! masthead




    Football Saturday

    It’s the Carterville LIONS vs Duquoin INDIANS today at 1:00 pm in round 2 of the playoffs! P is already decked out in his orange & blue and is ready to go!

    He really enjoys football…well…any ball that he can throw for that matter. But look at him, doesn’t he look a future NFL quaterback? :) According to Mike Scanzano (one of our famous Miner league baseball players in the area) he is destine to be a pro with a name like “Parker Wilson Rose”. I must agree!


    2 thumbs down!

    As I promised, I am reporting back on our first SIU Saluki BB game experience. From the title, I am sure you have already gathered…it did not go so hot. Don’t get me wrong, the team was great! It was my son, however, who was…not so great. If I could write him a letter to let him know how he made me feel last night, this is what it would say….

    Dear P,

    Usually you are one cute little guy. Let me start off by saying that mommy loves you no matter what, but seriously, last night…you were the devil child. Mommy and daddy spent good money on our season tickets this year to watch Saluki basketball. We even have the cushy seats that don’t make your butt sore by the second half. Unfortunately, you only allowed me to sit in my seat for 3 minutes and 26 seconds before you started throwing your first public temper tantrum. You were busting out moves I have never seen before. Throwing your head back and stiffening your legs. Trying to hit me. Screaming at the top of your lungs. I think you had the whole sections attention, and it wasn’t good attention.

    You officially, for the first time, made me feel like “that” mom. You know, when your daddy and I use to go to restaurants and we would see kids screaming and throwing fits we would always shake our heads and think “gosh, please get your child under control” and 100% of the time our thoughts sided with the fact that those parents were doing something wrong. I can officially say that I feel terrible now for all the times I blamed those parents. I realize that it may just be impossible to control no matter how hard you try.

    Is there something I can be doing better to teach you how to behave in public? Am I spoiling you too much to the point that you think you are in control? Please do help me understand why you are the nicest, cutest, most loving little boy one second and two point five seconds later…SATAN comes out. I went to bed last night ashamed. I felt like I had failed as a parent. I hate feeling like “that” mom. “That” mom that can not keep her son under control.

    Is it possible if next time we attend a game (and there will be a next time because we have tickets to EVERY game this season) that you try to contain yourself from making me look like such a bad mommy? I thought you liked basketball. All I ask is that your next tantrum be a little less dramatic. If there was a baby casting director watching, I am sure you would have been asked to aire on their show asap. I promise to buy you popcorn and a cookie. Will that help?


    “That” mommy

    We officially have a babysitter for Thursday nights game. I am sure the season ticket holders in our section will be quite thankful.

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