A Virgin


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Excuse me for a second, but I just so happen to be a all-star baseball mom "virgin". Meaning that... my kid was just a normal 6 year old baseball player until 3 weeks ago. But then, you see, we got this invitation for him to play on what they call the "All-Star" team.  That's when things got

I Conquered a Huge Fear


Zip Line Tour

Being adventurous is usually not in my vocabulary. I grew up as a cautious child who always liked to follow the rules. I was never too keen on taking risks or going outside of my comfort zone. Then I met my husband. <<Polar opposite>> He pretty much lives for adventure. I thought

Finding Joy In The Things They Love



  As I was looking through some old pictures I found this picture of P and I playing football together. If I remember correctly we were watching daddy play football at our church's fall football league 2 years ago. P always likes to "pretend" that he is just like daddy and since daddy was

Pregnant P Man, T-Ball, & How I Clean My Sunglasses



Do you think that this picture screams..."YOU'VE BEEN PREGNANT MY WHOLE LIFE MOM!" Because I'm not gonna lie. I kinda do. And really, he's kinda right. I've been pregnant quite a bit of his 4.5 short years. He once told our babysitter that if he ate a hot dog it would make him pregnant so he

Basketball Goal – 1, Husband – 0



Remember how I told you about our new basketball goal? Well, what I didn't tell you?  It may have taken my husband an entire Saturday to put it together. I always love when he decides that he wants to start a project like this because it's VERY rare folks. VERY VERY rare. I've told you once and

Soccer and Moving (not us)



This past Saturday was P's last soccer game of the season. I am so proud of him! He started the season off by crying and not wanting to step foot on the field. By the last game he was excited and running around chasing the ball. He came a LONG way! It was fun to watch him! They all got a trophy

I officially became a “soccer mom”


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  I didn't even know that "soccer mom" was an official term until I googled it. Sure enough, Wikipedia actually has a definition for a soccer mom. "The phrase soccer mom broadly refers to a middle-class suburban woman who spends a significant amount of her time transporting her school-age

Superbowl Appetizer Recipes – EASY

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What's on your Superbowl menu? When it comes to parties...I usually like to cater. I know...lazy, but I am not the queen of making great appetizers. Since my hubby decided that he would make his famous chili, which you can find the recipe & step by step instructions HERE, I knew I could handle

The new football stadium



  One of my favorite things about fall is SALUKI FOOTBALL! Since both my husband and I are alums, we LOVE to support our alma mater!  A few weekends ago was the home opener. Not just any home opener. It was the reveal of the new stadium!  It is literally AMAZING!! I wish they had that kind

Elite 8 Game and dinner at THE MELTING POT



Yesterday we had tickets to the Elite 8 game in  St. Louis! J got them from one of his mutual fund wholesalers at work. The game was at 1pm so we had planned to drive up a little early and find a place to grab lunch. But, like any city that is hosting such a big event, there was no place to eat that

Do you do rodeo?



  If you do than you may already know this guy, heh? This is DANE HANNA...otherwise known as my cousin Erika's husband. He is a professional steer wrestler.  I know, right? Who wrestles steer's for fun? Ahem...not me. Steer wrestling, also known as bulldogging, is a rodeo event in which a