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You don’t have to do it all. My guide “The Imperfect Perfect You” will show you how to do what you do with more joy so that you Love the life you’re already living.

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    Goal Reached!!!


    background guitar 1.jpg

    We did it y’all!

    We successfully raised enough money to support FIVE orphans for ONE ENTIRE YEAR!

    That’s five children who will have care because of YOU. Because of THIS.

    IMG_5589 2.jpg

    You know what that means???? (more…)


    Accessorizing Came To Me… Around Age 30.

    I think I spent my entire 20′s wearing ZERO accessories.

    In fact, I can remember thinking how much I hated when my mom would wear pretty earrings and necklaces that looked so glamourous. I didn’t understand how much a piece of jewelry could make or break an outfit.

    I guess I was too into boys at the time.

    Which is ironic, since you ‘d think that I would have realized that jewelry enhances your fashion which makes you more attractive in the eyes of a man. Or at least in the eyes of a college aged man.

    Oh to be in college again.


    Flash forward to my 30′s and I seriously hardly ever leave my house without my accessories. Necklace, earrings and watch…are in my every day attire.

    And I love how by just adding one piece of jewelry that you can change the look of so many different outfits.

    Make them dressy. Or casual. Or flashy. Or simple.

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    Happy Valentine’s Day Hijack {Take 2}

    Yup, it’s the hubby.

    And just like Britney Spears, “Oops, I did it again”……

    I’ve hijacked my wife’s blog.

    If you’re new here, then you probably weren’t aware when Professor Van Puppet made his appearance last Valentine’s Day.

    This is of course much sweeter than when I hijacked her blog for April Fool’s and recorded a video of her snoring. (yeah, I did that)

    Or when I had a cartoonist on make a replica of the sinister looking “Mandy face” and plastered it all over social media.

    Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.30.56 PM

    Not bad for $5, huh? As you can tell by my wife’s comments she was totally all about it. Haha…


    We decided we weren’t going to do much this year for Valentine’s. We just got back from an amazing trip from Cozumel and have some traveling coming up that a low key Heart Day was cool enough for us.

    But that doesn’t mean I can’t do something kinda sweet, right?

    Heading to my ever favorite $5 resource,, I found exactly what the Dr. ordered.

    No talking puppet, but I did find a good ukulele singer that will sing a personalized song.


    This one is for you baba.


    Hope you enjoy that last line.  ;)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!



    A Plea For My Mother-in-Law…MOVE IN!

    I’m probably one of the only chicks on the planet that can say I wish my mother-in-law would pack up her house, her husband and her entire set of cooking skills and move in with us.

    And not just say it, but mean it.

    And gawwwd do I mean it.

    lilly 3


    I hear horror stories from women who say that their mother-in-laws are bossy and mean and know-it-alls.

    How every time they go to change a diaper or feed their kid…their getting yapped at like, “Wellllll, the correct way to do that is….”

    20140122-IMG_8766 lilly



    New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

    I know I’m a little late on this one. BUT…I have to recap our New Year’s Eve. It was worth remembering. Plus, I hope you can use some of these ideas for your 2015 NYE party {PIN IT for later}!

    New Year's Eve Party Ideas

    For the previous 8 years… I have either been on my couch in my pajamas or in my bed asleep before the ball drop. And I mean WAY before the ball drop.

    I rarely stay awake till midnight on a normal day and so, typically, I don’t make exceptions for New Years Eve.

    But this year…is the VERY first year that I haven’t had a kid that wakes up in the middle of the night. And can I just say? #gamechanger

    New Year's Eve Party Ideas - Backdrop New Year's Eve Party Ideas

    For real, y’all, I had no idea that sleep felt so good. I’ve been so deprived of it for the last 7 years that it almost became a new way of life.

    But then suddenly your kids get old enough to sleep THROUGH the night. And not just THROUGH the night, but they sleep past 6:00 am.

    It’s like heaven on earth.

    Which is why this year I decided that I was capable of staying up till at least 12:01 am. Ahem.