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    When You’re Mad At God.

    Sunday after Sunday after Sunday I would wake up with an excuse.

    I’m too tired. I don’t feel good. I have too much to do. I need to go to the store. The kids are exhausted. I have to finish working on some blog stuff. It’s gonna rain. 

    Those were just a few of the excuses in my head that I would tell myself to justify not attending church.

    **It’s gonna rain. Ha! Yea, good one.

    Every other Sunday the excuses wouldn’t work very well, but trust me when I say I tried. I tried to get out of it every single Sunday.

    My husband started wondering what was going on with  me. He’s never been the type of guy to push me into doing anything. In fact, he’s very opposite of that. And so Sunday after Sunday he was patient with me and my excuses. But he knew something was up. He knows me well enough to know that I don’t typically tell God to take a hike.

    One Wednesday night, during one of our small group sessions {that I actually didn’t skip}, he asked me to get prayer with him.

    My initial response?

    Me:  ”For what?? I don’t need prayer.”

    Him: “Babe, I think it would help. Just go up there with me.”

    And so of course, with the worst attitude possible, I walked up to the front of the auditorium holding his hand…and thinking in my head how much I did not want to be there. A friend came over to pray for us. He started it out like every other time I had gone to the front to get prayer…

    “Hey guys, what can I pray for you about?”

    *Que* tears streaming down my face before I even uttered the first few words of what we were up there for. Heck, I hadn’t even known WHY I was up there to begin with so the fact that all the sudden I began crying when I tried to explain myself took me by surprise.

    But you know what words came out of my mouth?

    I am mad at God.

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    Taking More Time For My Family Means…

    …saying “no” to things that fulfill my time.

    We just recently got back from San Diego where my husband and I spoke about work-life balance at the Digital Co-Lab conference. While I was preparing the speech I couldn’t help but think that I wasn’t qualified to be an expert at work-life balance.

    In fact, balancing work and life was something I failed at over and over and over again. Working too much. Living too little.


    And my hubby was even worse. He used to be so consumed with working that, sometimes, we didn’t see him or have is undivided attention for days at a time.



    Chasing Rainbows


    “LOOK MOMMY!!! A wainbow wif wots of cowuurs.”

    The sound of a 3 year olds sweet voice will never get old.

    IMG_5677IMG_5675 (more…)


    Trying New Summer Looks

    Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that I was complaining that it wasn’t hot enough?

    And now… it’s went from too cold to too hot. Sometimes I wonder if I can ever be pleased. Ha! Don’t consult my husband on that question.

    summer fashion.jpg

    I recently did a photo shoot in the streets of my hometown with my friend Lauren and her adorable boutique called Eccentrics that I posted about HERE. This is the second set of pictures (with the other 2 outfit choices I went with).




    Inspire Me Please #67

    Welcome to the Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop.

    This week is our church’s summer conference and we are hosting some amazing young women! The boys are in awe of the fact that this house just went from an all boys house to a girls rule house. Ha.

    Take that.


    I might be kinda digging it too. Just a little.

    When I told Parker that we would be hosting EIGHT girls for the next few days…you know what he said?

    “Why not TEN?”

    And so it begins.

    How is he already girl crazy at age 6? I think I probably need prayer about this.



    DIY Fireworks Drink Stirrers by Homey Oh My.