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    Life Lessons I Have Learned From My Kids

    I just tripped over a Matchbox car that was laying in the middle of my kitchen floor.

    I went to brush my teeth this morning only to find that someone {not naming any names middle child – ahem} had emptied the toothpaste into the bathtub.

    I found 3 dead worms in my son’s sock drawer {apparently having a dog wasn’t enough for him}. Not to mention that it’s winter so those worms have been there for awhile.

    My lunch today included a hot dog, a lunch-able and three white fudge oreos. And I may have had Starbucks twice.

    The last movie I saw in the theater was something by Pixar and I’m pretty sure it was rated G.

    Having kids has changed me in so many ways, especially having all boys. As you can tell my life isn’t always glamorous, but it’s most certainly better with my boys in it. And although there are many times when I feel frustrated by their silly ways {especially the dead worms – not cool not cool}, I try and always remember the joy that they bring to me.

    Life Lessons I Have Learned From My Kids (more…)


    Christmas Recap 2014


    I might be Johnny on the Spot when it comes to taking down Christmas decorations (day after girl – right here), but when it comes to documenting our Christmas recap?

    Not so much. 

    However, these are moments that I absolutely NEVER want to forget so I vowed that I will post about them anyway.

    Late and all. (more…)


    Happy 2015!

    We celebrated New Year’s with some of our good friends last night and, unlike the usual, we stayed out way past our bedtime. I can actually say that this is the second year in a row now that I made it to the midnight kiss without falling asleep first.


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    {DIY} How To Make A Paper Candy Cane

    Occasionally my kids get super excited about certain projects…and this candy cane tutorial is definitely one of them.

    My oldest learned how to make these at school from his awesome teacher and he’s been making them every day since. He taught both of his brother how to do it and now they are all hooked.

    How To Make A Paper Candy Cane - DIY for kids

    To say that my house is full of paper candy canes would be a huge understatement. In fact, they’ve used so much of my printer paper that I no longer have any left.

    Parker asked if we could make a video and show all mommy’s blog friends how to do it.



    The Giving Praise Challenge

    If there is one thing I have learned during my ten years of marriage it’s that praise… can take you a long way.

    Giving praise that is.

    Of course, “getting” praise is even better.

    Be The Reason Your Spouse Smiles Today - Marriage Design

    Let’s be honest, we all like to feel appreciated. We like to feel needed. And loved.

    And like we mean something to someone.

    So when my husband suggested that we do a ‘Giving Praise‘ challenge for our next Dollars and Roses Love Challenge I was super excited.

    One, because my love language just so happens to be? (more…)