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    The Lies I Told Myself About Getting Fit

    For those of you who don’t know, earlier this year I set out on a journey to get healthy and fit.

    I have always believed in going to a gym over working out from home.

    Lie #1.

    I told myself that I couldn’t stay motivated on my own at home.

    Except then, you know what happened? I couldn’t find the time to go to the gym. Because going to the gym took me at least an hour and half by the time I drove there, worked out, and drove home. I didn’t have an extra hour and a half a day.

    Lie #2.

    I told myself that I didn’t need to workout because there was just not time.

    You know what happens when you begin to let your body and health go? You become depressed about how you look and feel, which affects how you parent, how you love your husband, how you approach your friends, how you treat your family…it affects every aspect of your life.

    That’s when I decided I was going to try out an at-home workout program. I guess you can say, the rest is history.

    You might look at my before pictures and think, geez, I’d be okay with those before pictures (I’ve heard that several times after posting these pictures).

    Fitness Challenge Results - Before and After Photos (more…)


    Be The Mom You Want Your Kids To Remember

    One of the things I absolutely love about working from home and running my own business is that my kids see a strong work ethic in me.

    On the flip side, one thing that I despise about working from home and running my own business is that my kids see me working. A LOT.

    My work day doesn’t always end at 5:00 PM. Sometimes I am squeezing in things when I can because, let’s be honest, when you’re work is AT home…it never goes away.

    Like, never.

    Be The Mom You Want Your Kids To Remember by (more…)


    4 Tips When Decorating A Boys’ Bedroom

    I feel like I’ve exhausted every single boy room idea I could possible come up with so when it was time to switch the baby-ish boy room to a toddler room? I was pretty much at a loss.

    If you have multiple boys? I know you feel me on this.

    Boy Bedroom Ideas and Tips by

    Boy Bedroom Ideas and Tips by

    Here are a few things that helped me design their new bedroom: (more…)


    {DIY} How To Make A Paper Candy Cane

    Occasionally my kids get super excited about certain projects…and this candy cane tutorial is definitely one of them.

    My oldest learned how to make these at school from his awesome teacher and he’s been making them every day since. He taught both of his brother how to do it and now they are all hooked.

    How To Make A Paper Candy Cane - DIY for kids

    To say that my house is full of paper candy canes would be a huge understatement. In fact, they’ve used so much of my printer paper that I no longer have any left.

    Parker asked if we could make a video and show all mommy’s blog friends how to do it.



    The Giving Praise Challenge

    If there is one thing I have learned during my ten years of marriage it’s that praise… can take you a long way.

    Giving praise that is.

    Of course, “getting” praise is even better.

    Be The Reason Your Spouse Smiles Today - Marriage Design

    Let’s be honest, we all like to feel appreciated. We like to feel needed. And loved.

    And like we mean something to someone.

    So when my husband suggested that we do a ‘Giving Praise‘ challenge for our next Dollars and Roses Love Challenge I was super excited.

    One, because my love language just so happens to be? (more…)

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