Chevron Fashion: I Don’t Care If It’s A Trend


Chevron Fashion Trend

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I’m telling you now…chevron is still in. I may regret buying the office rug in chevron, but I will never regret this great top I found at Target. First of all, I love pink and blue together. Second? This is a blouse. A blouse. Ha! I use to make fun of my mom when she showed up in her slacks and blouse. Who knew that 10 years later it would be back in style.

I’m usually the kind of girl who goes to the extreme when she likes something. You know those types, right? Cray-cray in the head. I’ve now taken my love for chevron from the office rug, to my closet, and now…to the basement bathroom.

chevron shower curtain

I need a chevron intervention. Anyone have a hotline for that?


Top: Target

Necklace: Forever 21

Leggings: H&M

Boots: Born’

Shower Curtain: Urban Outfitters


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    Hey, as long as it’s a pattern YOU like–it doesn’t matter if it’s a trend or not! At least you’ll feel happy every time you wear that blouse–and everyone needs some happy clothes. Polka dots and sparkles are my personal choice for happy clothes. :)
    Rachel G´s last blog post ..Alphabet Facts

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    …continue to rock the trend! and if no one else does, continue on! i’m a huge fan of the print too and even if it does fade away at some point, i’m sure it will make a reappearance! stopping by from wiww…enjoy your day;)

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    Love chevron – love that blouse ALOT & even love the shower curtain :) I think tho we can do without the rap song expression that glorifies two crime lords …

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    I’ve wanted to get in to this trend but I’m too worried it will pass as soon as I buy something. I am always late catching on to trends and I’m too practical to buy something if I think it will go out of style soon!

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    I LOVE Chevron! I want that top! It’s funny that the chevron is my favorite pattern and I don’t have a thing in it.


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    I love chevron :) And that top combines two of my favorite colors, so I’m a bit partial to it! Those were actually my wedding colors!! You look fabulous!

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    Hobby Lobby has the cutest chevron pillow covers!! I immediately thought of you when I saw them! They are in the drapes/fabric section area.

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    I just read one of your post about 50 Shades of Grey. I was looking for other women that felt the same way as I about this book. I am grateful you wrote on this. Yesterday, I shared a long post on Facebook about this wide slippery slope to destruction many are joining… even as Christians.
    Anyway, regrading this post about your Chevron shirt and the trend… I am not into culture trends, but, this shirt looks cute on you. The one trend I will humbly speak of that I am not hip on is the “tights”. The workout clinging pants that show every curve that are being worn by EVERYONE, no matter the age or size of the girl/women. I see this being tied in with the 50 Shades of Grey blog and the “modesty” that is missing within the text. I do know that our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made, but I do not believe God desires us to show our curves to all the boys/ and men in this world. As Matt commened on the 50 Shades of Grey blog post you wrote… men are visually stimulated. Though, girls/ ladies may be “covered” as in seeing no flesh… really we are still seeing ALL the flesh with just a thin layer of clothing. There is nothing left to the imagination with skinny pants. I stand in line behind some of these older teens and young ladies in their young 20’s… and think OH MY Goodness! Every guy is checking her out and with good reason… it is all being presented. Please know that I share this with the utmost care and concern… you seem to be a wonderful Christian gal! We must be modest in all things and not be a stumbling block to boys and men. Cultural trends are not what Jesus has called us to be it a book or our clothing. We must be the modest light into this world that consistently points and entices us to be anything but holy. Blessings to you and your blog <3 To God be the glory!

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