Clear The Counters With A Simply Organized Kitchen Command Center


Kitchen Command Center

This week for the Dog Days of Winter we are sharing our “Clean It” projects. Cleaning and organizing go hand-in-hand so I decided to share my Kitchen Command Center. After all, it did help me clean up my kitchen counters so I say it still counts!

Here’s a little before and after…

Family Kitchen Command Center Before and After

We all have them. That spot in our kitchen where all of our mail and junk is thrown on a daily basis. For me it’s the counter above our mini fridge right when you walk in our backdoor entryway.

I plop EVERYTHING down on that counter. And I do mean everything. Keys, mail, school work, dog treats, Kleenux, camera batteries…you get the idea. :)

I was so tired of this space looking a mess. My “before” photo doesn’t do the justice of it’s usual messy state. I had cleaned it up a little and then forgot to take a before pic. So imagine this counter…with about 498 more papers on it. Mmmm, kay? :)

Kitchen Command Center Before

I wanted a space where mail could be sorted and organized and a bulletin board where we could hang important messages and reminders. Of course, you know one of my favorite DIY projects is to make custom bulletin boards and so this project was right up my alley.

Kitchen Command Center Ideas

Family Kitchen Command Center Ideas

Command Center Ideas

Family Command Center Ideas

I tried to stay away from chevron {ahem} when I chose the fabric for my bulletin board so that y’all wouldn’t be overloaded with yet another chevron project. But no promises for the future, you hear me? I might still have one more chevron project up my sleeve.

I can not confirm or deny that.

Kitchen Command Center Family

Aren’t these wire baskets fantastic? TJ Maxx!

The “Home Sweet Home” sign came from Hobby Lobby.

Command Center Idea for Family

Being organized has actually helped me hate my mail less. Does that make sense? Probably not, but I really hate mail. Hate is a strong word, I know. But I HATE mail.

Unless, of course, you sent me a birthday card, or a gift certificate to Olive Garden, or $500 free cash…then I love the mail. But, if not…I hate the mail.

Kitchen Command Center - Ideas for Family

Command Center for Home

With the new kitchen command center I immediately sort my mail in to 3 different piles in the wire baskets:

1. Trash

2. File

3. To-Do

Family Command Center for the Kitchen

Kitchen Command Center - Easy Ideas

I can’t tell you how much cleaner my counters have become. Way tidier than piles upon piles of unsorted mail!

Makes my heart happy!

Kitchen Command Center - Ideas that are easyKitchen Command Center - family ideas to get organized

So I’m curious…do you have “that spot” in your kitchen where you throw unsorted mail? Or do you have a system that helps you hate your mail less? Please share in the comment section below!



  1. says

    I can relate! Unfortunately, our kitchen dumping ground seems to be “any flat surface.” I need to follow your lead and come up with a good organizing system because I feel so much better when we have nice clean, clutter-free counters. I’m also going to have to start stalking TJMaxx and Homegoods because those baskets are fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)
    Emily @ My Love for Words´s last blog post ..New Checklist

  2. says

    I can identify with this. Our dumping ground is the kitchen island. Even after giving Mr. Spouse baskets to put his items AND a special hook for keys–the paper/mail still gets piled there. I stalk TJMaxx and Ross (we don’t have Homegoods) every week. I’ll keep my eye out for something similar!


  3. Dawn Dean says

    I love this! I keep stalking TJ Maxx for those baskets. Can you tell me what you used to make the bulletin board? I love the frame that it is in. Again, this is FABULOUS..

  4. says

    I love the wire baskets! Last month I tackled this same problem. Maybe I’ll share my mailing sorting system tomorrow in the link party. I was totally thinking that cleaning supplies had to be involved for this link party…but you are right, organizing mail should totally count as cleaning! :-) Great job with the transformation!

    Sarah @ An Inviting Home´s last blog post ..No Pantry? No Problem!

  5. Nicole says

    I have a special binder for all our mail. In the binder there are different sections. One section is for bills that need to be paid, bills that have been paid. Medical bills has its own section. There is a folder for mail that is important to keep but not a bill. I also keep record in there of each bill I pay ever month and how much it was. A type of record system I have to be able to budget for the month. I keep the check books in there plus envelopes and stamps an pen. That way I can grab it all and go to town on those oh so fun bills :)

  6. Angela says

    Looks awesome and super clean! I love it! I may have to figure something out like this because mine has cabinets above it. :( Definitely a love. Your decor and organizing style is just what I like.

  7. says

    LOVE IT! I have something very similar in our office (I mean guest bedroom……I mean we could could really use a bigger house). Anyway, I have the same hanging metal organizer, just a bit bigger and I really like it. But, I’d love to have something in my kitchen since I’m just in there more and it’s more central to our casa!

    Glad you’re feeling more organized!!! Just when I think I am, chaos (such as the flu) strikes. 😉

  8. says

    I use to and (if I am honest) will throw things on the kitchen table, counters, coffee table in the livingroom. Anywhere when I get home. My husband is an OCD neat freak, he would say this himself. Anyways, one night my hubby and I were having a discussion and he told me that it was driving him nuts when I just left my stuff laying around and not putting it where it belonged. At first I was mad, but after thinking about it, I realized that he was truly right and that I needed to change this behavior. I am not completely reformed, but I am getting better. One of my projects to do while he is deployed is to re-organize the family desk. I need to find a better solution for the area. Thank God for Pintrest. LOL

    In being completely honest, the end of my bed looks like a tornado named Niki blew up on it. So I have to clean that up before going to bed because its my school stuff I need it for tomorrow but also so the bedroom feels “cleaner”.

    I love your project. I hope you have a great week!
    Niki @ My Life, My Way´s last blog post ..{What I am Doing?} Date Weekend

  9. says

    Um, yes, I do have that spot(s). I’m in the process of creating a command center, but there seems to be a pretty big gap between what I envision in my head and what my budget tells me is doable.

    But this has inspired me! Maybe I’ll tackle that this week….

    Thanks for posting!

  10. says

    Its so pretty now! I love organized spaces! I have been trying to get our house in a more organized state and recently took back over our kitchen command center – its so nice to have everything neat and clean! AND – we can find things now :)! Thanks for hosting!
    Megan´s last blog post ..Cleaning and Organizing the Pantry

  11. says

    I REALLY love the look of your command center :) I have such a small kitchen, but I need something like this.. We hardly have any counter space as it is, so it’s a little irritating when all the mail, junk mail, papers take over the counter space that we do have! .. lol Thanks for sharing. I always look at TJMAXX for organizers like this, but I have yet to find one I like.. I love yours. How long ago did you purchase this beauty?!
    Thanks for sharing,

  12. Sandra says

    If the husband gets the mail, he dumps it on the kitchen table. If I get it, I open and either shred, recycle, to file pile or pay pile. My nemisis is the pile of crap that must be filed in the in box by my desk. ????

  13. says

    ERR! I have been on the hunt for these kind of baskets. I know I have seen them at TJ Maxx, but now that I want them–can’t find them. Saw this feature over at Remodelaholic and clicked over to find out where you found yours. womp, womp, womp! Jealous of your find and crossing my fingers our TJ Maxx gets some wire baskets in. Beautiful command center :)
    Megan´s last blog post ..Simplifying Our Bathroom, Simplifying Our Routine


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