{Fall Fashion} Skinny Jeans and Bling


I am back this week with more fall fashion ideas. These are also looks that I packed for my last blogging conference. If you missed What to Wear to a Blogging Conference version 1….you should check it out.

Since the last three looks all involved dresses I wanted to show you guys what I packed that involved a more casual look. Skinny Jeans. And. Bling. 

Ok, not really “bling“, but really cute necklaces. Same difference.

Outfit #1

fashion advice for woman fall

Hudson Skinny Jeans

Gap Outlet Striped Top

Simple Addiction Necklace

Tory Burch Flats

fashion advice for woman fall wardrobe

There is something about mustard yellow that I am loving this fall.

Outfit #2

fashion advice for woman fall looks

 Hudson Skinny Jeans

Old Navy Top

Blazer {Dillards}

The Limited Necklace

Tory Burch Flats

fashion advice for woman fall season

When I travel I like to make use of my shoes which is why this outfit is also paired with the TB Flats….and it is also why my last post included outfits that all went with the same pair of boots.

And yes, I wear my jeans more than once before I wash them. What about you, do you get a few wears out of your jeans before you have to wash them?

Outfit #3

fashion advice for woman fall J Crew

All times in the above picture came from J Crew.

I ADORE these skinny jeans. ADORE.

fashion advice for woman fall pink and blue

And these shoes.

I don’t normally suggest you spend $180 on one pair of shoes…but I would HIGHLY recommend these J Crew Flats.  They are so comfy!

If spending that much on one pair of shoes is not your thang {and it’s usually not mine TRUST ME}…I bet you could find a knock off pair at Target or TJ Maxx!

Outfit #4

fashion advice for woman fall on a budget

American Eagle Coral Skinny Jeans

Old Navy Cardigan

Aeropostale Tank Top

TJ Maxx Heels

The Limited Necklace

fashion advice for woman fall fashion

I love to match my skinny jeans to my necklace! It gives you that pop of color without being overbearing.

What are your favorite things to wear with skinny jeans?

When the weather turns from fall to winter…I like BOOTS with my skinny jeans! Oh, and scarves! I have a whole post on scarves coming up soon!



  1. says

    I love these looks! I have so many of the same (or similar pieces) in my closet that I haven’t thought to wear like this. I may have gone bubble necklace crazy this weekend and bought 3 colors!
    Anna´s last blog post ..It’s Wedding Week!

  2. says

    I love all of these outfits, especially the colors! I may have to hit up Old Navy sometime soon. It kind of fell off my shoppin radar, but your top and cardigan from there are super cute! (Like I actually need anymore cardigans…I’ve only got a bajillion at the moment!)
    Kala´s last blog post ..Decoupaging Cabinet Doors

  3. Rose says

    Hi! So I love all these ideas. However, I wish you would have done pics like you did in the previous post :-) It was nice seeing them layed out then seeing how they looked on. Super cute Mama!

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