Flying With 3 Kids: Adventure To Las Vegas


20130131-trip 4

Here we are almost exactly an entire month after our trip to Las Vegas and I am just now getting around to posting pictures. I couldn’t let any more time go by without recapping our first flight as a family of five.

The older boys sat with my hubby. They typically listen better to him so I figured it was best to leave him in charge.

Of course, you can see here that he’s quite the babysitter. Ahem.

post 4

The flight wasn’t near as bad as I anticipated it to be. SJ slept most of the time {look at those eyelashes} and Bents and P played on their iPads.


We did have a major meltdown by middle child on our exit out of the plane. It was quite dramatic and we may or may not have held up about 48 people from getting off the plane.

Picture this:

3 year old trying to push his Spiderman suitcase down the aisle on the plane. It won’t fit. He INSISTS that he is going to push it anyway. He realizes he can’t do it. Throws himself to the ground in the middle of the exit aisle. Meanwhile, embarrassed parents are holding an 18 month old, a giant car seat, 3 back-packs, a purse, and two blankets…looking at eachother like…WHO IS GONNA PICK HIM UP? 

After about 2 minutes of trying to coax him up {with no luck} and about 48 really angry passengers…the flight attendant finally came to take some things off our hands so we could pick him up and carry him {kicking and screaming} off the plane.


Let’s just say…thankful that we were getting OFF the plane and we never have to see those 48 people again. Not even the monkey leash can contain the crazy one.

trip 2

Grandma Lilly and Grandpa Rick were very excited when we landed and could not wait to see the boys {and CG}!


20130109-trip 3

If you missed our recap about attending the New Media Expo {BlogWorld} then be sure to check out our latest Income Report on Dollars and Roses. We met and hung out with some pretty amazing people!

Still pinching myself after spending so much time with Brooke from All Things Thrifty!


Her brother is also a big time blogger and super smart SEO expert…and we LOVED hanging with him and his wife as well! Plus, his name is Court. Coolest name ever for a guy, by the way. Besides Parker, Bentley, and Sloane.


You can find him at The Blog Builders.

It was kind of nice to have a babysitter each evening so that we could go to dinner and hang out with other bloggers!


We were also grateful that J’s best friend, Steve, from L.A. flew in to see us! It’s a rare occasion that we get to see good ole’ Uncle Steve and so the boys eat up all the time they can with him.


He probably leaves thinking…I never ever want kids! Bahaha!


Actually, no.  He loves our boys and it’s adorable to see how much they adore him too.

Now only if California wasn’t so far away, dang it!

We didn’t spend all of our time at the conference. Since J’s mom lives so close to the Las Vegas strip {where the conference was being held}, we would go to a few sessions in the morning and then come back and play with the boys. The park was their favorite outing!


Running, chasing, throwing rocks…what more could a boy need?

vegas trip20130107-IMG_987320130107-IMG_9848

Lipsmacker. Eh, how could I forget. A boy needs lipsmacker.

20130107-IMG_9908vegas trip 2

They thought Las Vegas was quite the place to visit. In fact, they ask me almost every day if we can go back to Grandma Lilly and Grandpa Rick’s house.


I try to explain to them that we won’t be flying again anytime soon. As much fun as we had…momma can’t take an airport and kids for at least another 12 months.

Grandma Lilly will have to come here next!


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  1. Brandi Bankhead says

    I would have died if Liam did that on the plane. I can see it happening and I would die. Looks like a great trip otherwise. Uncle Steve and the boys look like they adore each other. That’s awesome!

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