Frosty the Snowman Birthday Party – Bents turns TWO


For Bents 2nd birthday we decided to do a “Frosty the Snowman” themed party! Two things I wanted to accomplish as I was planning this party:

1. Keep it small

2. Stress free

Those of you who know me, you know I tend to let my invite list grow by the minute. Case in point: P Man’s 3rd birthday party…we had 73 guests…at our house.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved that SOOOOO many people came out to help us celebrate, but it can get pretty stressful when you are trying to entertain that many people and enjoy your child’s party. It took the enjoyment right out of it for me!

So, I vowed for this party to “keep it small”!

Unfortunately one thing I can’t keep small…EVER…the cake. I love for the cake to make a statement! Our local bakery didn’t disappoint (they never do)! I showed them a picture of the boys “party shirts” and they matched the snowman perfectly!

Frosty the Snowman Cake

We did a “Winter ONEderland” party for Bents 1st birthday so I was very hesitant about doing the Frosty the Snowman party this year. I thought it may be too similar. But you know what? I will be doing super hero parties for the next 10+ years so I decided to just go with it! Just like last year, I bought everything right after Christmas! Talk about CLEARANCE sale! WOO HOO!

The favors were LIFESAVER gummies and cute little snowman/penguin sippies!

Literally about 4 days prior to the party I ordered some adorable printables off etsy! Even the printables were on clearance!

The candy section! All candy that I already had from Christmas time! Gotta get rid of this stuff somehow or I am going to be 500lbs!

See these…

…yea that blue snowman is a squeaky dog toy. Ha! But for 50 cents they worked perfect to hold my description tags! Plus the dog is happy now too.

P Man did a great job of helping mommy set up the table! Gotta love a helpful 4 year old!

Although, he probably asked me sixteen times if he could eat one of these…

How cute is he in his party shirt? Thanks to my friend Angie…all the boys had party shirts!

The birthday boy was not being camera friendly!

And well…when it’s your birthday…you can act just about however you want.

Poor SJ didn’t get to rock his party shirt very long.

Do you see his cheeks? This was the beginning of an allergic reaction to his antibiotic! Yes, 10 minutes before party time…he started breaking out in hives! This only happens to me I swear! By mid party he was covered from head to toe in red blotchy spots!

I was very proud of myself though because the guest list…remained VERY small. Besides family, I only invited a few close friends with children that are around my kids age.

Girls photo!

Katie, Brit, Tonya, me, Kelly, and Nina!

The boys babysitter Hannah came and thank goodness…she helped out A TON, especially with SJ! I just love how much she loves the boys!

Nina and baby Jack!

I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of all they kiddos together!

Bents wasn’t too interested in the cake. He had more fun transferring it from one plate to another then actually eating it!

He did; however, LOVE his gifts!

For the kid that sleeps with a level…tools are just his thang’!

Overall, pants-less and all, he had a GREAT time turning TWO!

Now it’s 4 months and counting until our next birthday party (SJ’s BIG 1st)!


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