Happy Mother’s Day Rap



Note: This blog has been hijacked by the husband…again.

It’s Mother’s Day and the mom that runs this blog deserves a special shout out.

She cooks, cleans, and runs our household. Literally.

She also plays a mean guitar.

I thought I would return the favor and serenade her with a Mother’s day rap.

That’s right y’all! I’m about to become a lyrical assassin on this special Mother’s Day.

Okay….maybe not quite. I found an awesome rapper on my favorite site Fiverr.com and gave him the inspiration for the lyrics on the rap and he did the rest.

What was the inspiration you ask? Here’s the gist:

  • She’s a super mom
  • She’s a total type A personality
  • She has a tight body:  truth!
  • She LOVES fountain coke
  • She drives a mini
  • She’s obsessed on decorating our home.
  • And MUCH more…


You ready for this?

Press play below and enjoy!

And Baba, Happy Mother’s Day to the most awesome mom ever!!!



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