Headed Home From Texas & I Need Your Votes


Bright and early flight again this morning to head back home. Hopefully this time we won’t be sprinting to our gate and boarding on “last boarding call”.

That about sent me in to full blown panic attack. I thought I may need a beer. And if you know me very well then you know that I have never had a beer in my life. It was THAT dramatic.

I blame it {because we have to place blame somewhere, right?} on our brand new laser jet printer that quit working on me hours before our flight. If I would have been able to print our boarding passes we wouldn’t have had to stand in a LONG line and we would have made our flight with plenty of time to spare. Errrr!

I’m still holding on to my bitterness about the printer. I have the absolute worst luck with printers so I should have known this new one would be no different. Luckily, Staples is delivering a brand new one.

The poor sales rep had to hear my “I almost missed my flight…” saga and I think, just to shut me up, he promised me a new printer by noon tomorrow. Apparently my near-anxiety-attack-attitude shined through on the phone. Ahem.

Anyway, San Antonio was fun…short, but fun. Hubby and I enjoyed a nice little getaway. It wasn’t my favorite city that I have ever visited, but we still had a good time!

I am so thankful for my parents. My mom had to be at our house at 4:20 am the day we left to watch the boys. That’s a dedicated grandma!

I will recap more about our trip once I get some time to sort through my pictures. Between a Sip & See I just hosted, baby girl nursery decor that I helped with, a newborn photo shoot, and San Antonio…I may be editing for weeks!

Speaking of editing, I still haven’t learned Lightroom. Dirka!

A quick reminder that tomorrow is…

I hope you will film a video telling us what you are thankful for or what has been making you smile and link up!

One other thing…I NEED YOUR HELP! I am a finalist over at One Project Closer for the Before & After Party grand prize and I would love if you voted for me??

This was a link up that supported Habitat for Humanity.  There were 14 different DIY/Decor bloggers who chose winners from the link up and then the 14 finalists will be competing for the grand prize.

I feel honored that Beth from Home Stories A to Z chose my Fireplace Turned Fancy!

So far One Project Closer has donated $1400 on behalf of the finalists to Habitat for Humanity and helped raise awareness of Habitat’s mission! How awesome is that?

Please head on over HERE and vote for “Fireplace Turned Fancy”!  Voting is open until October 8th and you can vote once a day until then! Thanks in advance! Your support means the world to me!

See you tomorrow for Stop & Smell the Roses.


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