Home Tour Spoof {Living Room}


I’m constantly showing y’all my fabulous room reveals, right?

Aren’t you so sick of seeing all these perfectly staged rooms that look like the cleaning lady just swooped through and shined the floors?


Because I decided it was time to show you what our living room looks like on a typical Saturday morning. And it ain’t glorious wood shined floors, a neatly vacuumed rug and freshly dusted furniture.

HOME tour spoof

Home Tour Spoof

Home Tour Spoof

In fact, most of the time when the boys are home, I can’t even tell I have floors. 94.6% of the time they are covered in pillows, toys, dogs. And fire stations?

How’s that for honesty.

Home Tour Spoof

Home Tour Spoof

I think I am probably the only one that lives here that even cares about keeping this place clean. If it weren’t for me walking behind every little body, picking up after them, the house would be a disaster zone all of the time.

They are all too busy being lazy and watching Peppa Pig.

Home Tour Spoof

Which brings me to another point, what is it with the infatuation of Peppa Pig? Is the british accent really that amusing?

It’s sad to admit, but I’d rather watch Dora.

Home Tour Spoof

Not only do I often get booted from the couch…as a 5 year old takes over with his CG, Elf, iPad, blanket, and God knows what else…even the dog who is a guest at our home on occasion {my parents dog} gets booted from the dog bed.

How is that fair?

Home Tour Spoof

I even bought them a train table for pete’s sake!

Home Tour Spoof

And my question to these 4 inconsiderate mess makers…who’s gonna pick this all up? As they point to ME!

Why am I the only one in this family with a type A personality. Why, oh why.

Send back-up.

Home Tour Spoof

See the staged pictures here…. 😉



  1. Colleen Williams says

    Long time admirer of your blog, first time commenter! I too am a type A personality in a small house with 4 other bodies who really don’t care for order. Happy to muck around in their own slovenliness….Im forever TRYING to convince them to have inner peace, we must have a home in order…but alas its been 14 years of trying…and I guess….its just not going to happen. Upon seeing the realness of your home…after sighing with a little bit of envy at seeing your staged pics…I felt so inadequate to be honest…but seeing the real photo’s made ME feel so much better. Im not ALONE! THANK YOU!!!! I do love my family with a passion and I do my best to keep a balanced view on my home….but some days are certainly harder than others.

  2. Sarah says

    You may be my new hero, no really, I love your house and it is simply refreshing to see it filled with a happy family and what happens with the reality of children. I only have one little boy and he can terrorize my house and dog pretty well. Thank you again for sharing this. 😉

  3. says

    You are so inspiring and like Michelle said, my new hero! I have one little 15 month old boy, a hubby and a cat; and they all can terrorize a house in seconds! So nice to see another family LIVING in their house as opposed to a museum. Your decorating is amazing and you should look into a career for yourself! :) Great job super mommy!

  4. Kylha says

    Thank you so much! Don’t get me wrong- I love your house, even when it’s clean. But I too have suffered naked-children syndrome, and it still occurs here and there even though they’re older. And my house is rarely spit polish perfect- okay, well maybe it IS spit polished, but that doesn’t exactly make it clean either, lol. I appreciate your refreshing honesty, humility, and humor by showing us your non-staged house.
    Power to the mothers who do the cleaning… all the time.
    Thanks again,

  5. Whitney H says

    I love looking at your blog. My question is where do you store the dog bowls, dog food, dog toys, etc? I have two labs and am always trying to find places to store their things!

  6. says

    I simply love this post!!! My house often looks like yours…..and on a daily basis. Makes me crazy but I guess that’s life with kids, huh? Anyhow, on another note, I love the colors of your living room. We will be painting soon and my husband wants to go darker and dark colors always scare me but after seeing yours, I’ll definitely be more open to it. :) XOXO
    Diana´s last blog post ..Comment on Easter Bark by Marie

  7. Katie says

    Oh my! This is such a relief to know I’m not the only mom whose house looks this way! I have 3 boys (ages 4,2,4 months..oh and a husband so I guess 4 boys) Even through all the toys – your home is BEAUTIFUl! I love following all your make overs!

    Mine are OBSESSED with peppa too, my middle child goes around oinking like “daddy pig” ha!

  8. Odalys Chan says

    This is the first time I look through your blog!…This one caught my attention in a positive way!…I Love how you showcase the “real life” of a stay at home mom…I am also a stay at home mom who was once a type A personality, but since I became a mother, I quickly learned to prioritize what was important to me as a mom which is making sure my kids have a “present” mom. Do not get me wrong, I love a clean and neat house , but things do not always go as planned:0)..I am also blogger, baker, DIY, wanna be!…hmmm your story is very inspiring. Maybe I’ll pull the plug one of these days:)..Good luck with baby #4. I am a mother of three healthy girls:)

  9. Kimberly says

    Your home is beautiful and I have to admit to a bit(okay a lot)of jealousy looking at your other posts. I am a mother of five and my home has not looked anywhere near that clean and neat in about ten years now. I have give up having a perfectly clean house or even nice things (they always get broken) for now and keep telling myself that it can’t be one of the most important things until they are grown. Sill I often look at posts of other mothers who seem to be able to balance both with ease and can’t help feeling inferior. So thank you for this post and your humility it made me feel just a bit better about my self.

  10. says

    I just found your blog via Pinterest and it’s awesome! :) I love your rawness and your clever ideas and your decorating it’s so great! I am too a mother of three boys and they too love to hang out in their diapers and underwear all day long :) Thank you for sharing your realness!

  11. says

    Oh man, I just found your blog (love your home!) five minutes ago and this post had me screaming “Must follow this blog!” LOVE! And, yesssssssssss, this is so my house, too. And I’m the only one that care. Where’s the respect for my pretty couch pillows I scrimped and saved for and bought from West Elm?! I mean seriously! Hahaha!
    Samantha´s last blog post ..Five on Friday

  12. Ummearham says

    Hahaha..wowww!! Thank god i came across ur blog. I ws feeling so terrible bout nt being able to keep my house clean. My son is 2 yrs old and he is never dressed. I dont knw whats wid dem taking off their clothes. Anyway. Love ur home and u r doing a great job. Thanks a lot again fr making mothers like me feel better. Haha. *Hugs*

  13. says

    lol- I miss toys R us and the toys, Barbies and Dora.. My one and only baby girl is 17, so be glad this is your reality. The last time I saw a Barbie in the hall I was so excited I took a pic and I want to cry thinking about it. These days we go to Ulta and out to lunch but I’m still waiting for my little best girlfriend to make a return. As I speak I’m taking a break from just starting to tape my bedroom and Jade who’s room is across from ours closed her door to take a nap. Yes, it’s as gut wrenching as it sounds having the house stay picked up and those funny things they said and did are different. But, get the book, yes my teen is crazy and you’ll survive and thrive. She is still my sweety, and I’m just glad she’s here cuz she can’t wait to move out and go to college in a year from August. We were blindsided by lung disease but I got a transplant so enjoy the great disaster. We have pets to make up for siblings and nearly every kid in the circle here to play a lot of days. I love your home and plan to copy a few things! You are soooo lucky to have your handy Dad! My DH is too busy helping me! But your blog made my day! Wishing you luck in about ten years! Jude


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