Five Tips To Help You Organize Your Yard Sale


5 tips to organzie your yard sale

As you know, I have been in FULL on yard sale mode this week prepping for our neighborhood yard sale. I can not tell you how many different times I have said, “I will never have another yard sale!” and then…BOOM…I find myself in yard sale h*** all over again.

There is something about the organizational part of a yard sale that makes me keep going back.

So, if you are a “type A” geek like me and you don’t do anything unless it’s an organized event, here are my five tips to help you organize your yard sale.

1. Make Price Tags

I know it seems like a pain in the butt to individually price your items, but it is so helpful for your shoppers. Think about it…do you like to buy anything at a store without seeing the price first? I know I don’t.

I used traditional address labels and printed up tons of different price tags {from $0.10 to $10.00}. It made my life SOOO much easier as I was pricing my items.

organize yard sale items price tag

All you have to do is peel and stick!

You can also just use a blank piece of paper and a sharpie if you are wanting to group price certain items. For example, all of my towels were 50 cents so I hung a sign below it instead of pricing each one individually.

how to organize yard sale items pricing

You don’t have to individually price ALL of your stuff especially if a lot of it will be the same price.

For instance, most of my kids clothes were 50 cents, but there were a few specific {nicer} items that I wanted to get more for. I used my price labels to label the ones I wanted more for and used this sign {below} for all other hanging items.

how to organize yard garage sale items

2. Hang Everything

Ok, maybe not EVERYTHING, but everything you can. I have tested this theory time and time again and people will buy something on a hanger 10x faster than if they have to dig through a pile on a table.

how to organize yard sale items hanging

I bought the cheap 18 pack of hangers at Wal-Mart and it only cost me $12. I was able to use some hangers that I already had plus the ones I bought and I hung EVERYTHING except my 0-3 months clothes.

3. Use Size Dividers

how to organize yard garage sale items marking sizes

This is probably my favorite tip yet and I stole it from a friend. Find an old pack of cd’s that you have laying around. For me, I had a whole bunch of blank cd’s that I NEVER use.

how to organize garage sale

I added a piece of duct tape across it {which you don’t have to do} and I wrote the size category on it. Then I slid them over my hanger and used them to separate all of my kids clothes by sizes.

Ahhhhh, organization at it’s finest people. Not to menton, super easy for your shoppers to find what they are looking for.

4. Separate Separate Separate!

You probably can’t tell from the looks of this table, but I separated all of my toys out by price.

how to organize yard sale items toys

I used a long piece of painters tape and a sign that had the price on it {see below}.

how to organize and price yard sale items

This kept me from having to individually price toys. Life saver!

 5. Make Sure you Tell People What’s NOT For Sale

People will not only be at your house an hour before your sale starts, but they will try to buy everything in your garage including the lawn mower, pool salt bags, and screwdrivers.

You MUST make it very clear what you are selling and what you are NOT selling. We used signs like these:

how to organize yard sale items for sale

You can also use rope to rope off certain areas.

I am curious, what organizational tips do you have for yard sales? I’d love for you to share your ideas in the comment section below!

Now…stop what you are doing and COME to my yard sale!

Friday and Saturday from 7:00 am – noon

how to organize yard sale items yard sale sign

Email me at Mandyjrose{at}gmail{dot}com for details.


What are some of your tips in organizing a yard sale?


  1. Ashley says

    Wow Mandy, you are way organized! Love the way you set up your garage sale. It makes it so friendly for shoppers, and so easy to find stuff too.
    I’m surprised you are selling your boy clothes though,since you still have a little boy to grow into all these clothes. Also, your adopted child could probably use them too, no?
    Anyway, I wish you much success in your garage sale!

  2. Amanda Kelley says

    LOVE this post and LOVE your blog. I liked it from the moment I started reading, but once I saw you were adopting, you had my heart. (also an adoptive mom) I was baptized at 28. We have lots in common. Love your style and can’t wait to read more. <3

  3. Nicole DeWeese says

    I just started following your blog…you have a beautiful family. I am also a “boy mom” LOL. I enjoy reading your blog. Great organizational tips about the garage sale. I also organize when I have a sale and wash everything. Wish I lived closer, looks like you have a lot of great things :)

    Good luck at your sale!

  4. Kelly McCollum says

    Love all your ideas! I was wondering what you used to hang the clothes on?? It looks like some kind of rod in the garage but just not sure how it works? Also for the kids clothes that looked like they were hanging lower to the floor. Going to have a garage sale in a few weeks. I also have 3 boys….youngest 2.5 years old. Kinda sad to sell the baby clothes that have been passed down for 7 years! :)

    • says

      Hey Kelly! I used rods that you would hang curtains on. They were big wooden rods, but another idea would be to use PVC pipe from Lowes. It’s really cheap. Then I just propped it up on a shelf and used a ladder on the other end to prop it up. The metal rod I had hanging from the ceiling was my dad’s creation. It was something he had in his garage and just let me use. I would do the pvc pipe if I were you. Good luck!!! I hope it goes well!

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