I Could Really Get Use To This


Honestly, I am living the life right now.

We are on day 13 of live-in-nanny {aka mother-in-law visit}.

Do you know that my husband and I NEVER get to sit on the couch and blog…uninterrupted. I rarely sit on my couch at all.

I’m usually wiping butts, filling sippy cups, playing cars, and breaking up fights. 

True story.

I want to move the MIL in for eternity. For realz!

I don’t even care that I walked in to the powder room to find…

…underwear on the counter, the inner part of the little potty next to the sink {with pee in it} and a kids toothbrush resting on top of it, and a Christmas cup over the faucet. I don’t even care at all.

I know that I will go to bed and wake up to a clean-pee-free bathroom thanks to my 2nd mom.

GAWD, it’s amazing!

Not to mention I haven’t changed a diaper in nearly 2 weeks. WHAT! 

Thank goodness we leave for vacation the day after she goes home…or I may go in to a deep dark depression.


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    Isn’t it great to have an awesome MIL? My oldest spent 2 weeks with my in-laws and they just sent a ton of toys for potty training rewards. Enjoy your break!

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    Oh muh gosh. I feel ya. After I gave birth to Easton, my mother-in-law came to stay with us for 10 days. It was glorious!!! She cleaned, cooked & kept the toddler busy while I just got to snoogle my little squishy newborn. Thank goodness for amazing MIL’s, right?!
    Mandy@ a sorta fairytale´s last blog post ..Ask me anything!

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    LOL! That is hilarious. Sounds like you are living the life but I am not sure I could handle my MIL for that long — no matter how much cooking, cleaning, etc. she did! I am about to break out in hives at the very thought. Hahaha!

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