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So now that Sofie {our Elf on the Shelf} is back, he has already “forgot” to go back to the North Pole on two separate occasions. UGH!

I was able to convince the boys it was because he overdosed on goldfish crackers and had a tummy ache. I highly doubt that will work a third time so I really need to get my act together and start making sure Sofie appears in new places each morning.

I gave up on the “he will lose his magic if you touch him” last year. The boys can’t keep their hands off this silly elf and frankly…I don’t want to fight it. So yes, they touch him. And yes, he still has his magic. Except when his owner forgets to make sure his magic happens. Ahem.

Lately SJ has been the most cuddly kid I know. I can’t even express to you how much I love the fact that he will sit on my lap for more than 3 seconds. Something his brothers would NEVER even think of doing at his age.

That being said…he is also the most adventurous of the three. Maybe because he has his big brothers to watch, but either way…he stresses me out and I am shocked we haven’t been to the ER for a broken bone yet.

As you can see…the two older ones are really good and trying to get him to break the rules. I’m pretty sure Bents was convincing him he needed to climb up on the desk. Literally seconds after this picture…he was going for it.

Oh, and Bents. He’s got my stubborn gene. Like BIG time. We tried to do family pictures last weekend {something I never look forward to}. I knew, I just  knew, Bents would be the one that would not cooperate.

It all started when he hated his sweater. So, like any smart mother, I let him wear something different. Crisis diverted before we left the house. Score.

I thought we were all good until we got to the outdoor location of where we were having the pictures done…and BAM…Bents throws himself on the ground and refuses to move for at least 20 minutes. We ended up taking him to the car.

I was ready to call it a day and forgo the Christmas card shot that I had my heart set on. After about 45 minutes of non-stop screaming…I finally convinced him to at least sit on my lap for a picture. I can’t promise he was looking at the camera, but at least he agreed to be in the picture.

You know what just came in the mail for me this week? This adorable Rosie Posie small zipper bag I ordered from The PolkDot Posie! It’s grey with a salmon colored rose and I kinda stinkin’ love it!

I love that it’s small too because I wanted it for my purse.

A typical evening in my house looks like this…

Are you jealous? Yea, someone is always tackling someone while someone else is always throwing something. I use to try and break up the wrestling, but now I just sit back and laugh. Boys like the weirdest things.

My husband just learned to Face Time. Hello, that was soooo yesterday?!?!

He’s been trying to Face Time me from work. I keep telling him that I’m too busy for his nonsense. I have a pretty demanding boss ya know! Ahem.

It may be winter, but I’m still getting use out of the J Crew pink flats. I told you they were worth the money.

That’s been my life lately. Prepare yourself for Monday folks…the biggest giveaway EVER is going down!

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  1. says

    You are so cute! Our elf doesn’t arrive til St. Nick {Dec 6} because A. I can’t remember to move the stinker every night, B. I don’t want to find a new spot all the time, it gets tricky! and C. I forget at least once or twice each year.
    Glad to see that happens to everybody else, too!
    Great to “meet” you through Jeannett!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Insta Friday {16, 17, &} 18 {Whew!}

  2. says

    Your house looks a lot like mine…I only have two boys but it can get pretty crazy. :) I had to laugh at the Christmas card picture fiasco…I want to get a pic of my boys this weekend and I know I’ll have similar reactions. Doesn’t help that they have a Dad who hates to have his picture taken. 😉 Always fun to “meet” another Mandy! Visiting from Insta-Friday! :)

  3. says

    That picture of your son on the ground is so awesome! Only because I feel your pain. And I’m glad you actually got a picture. It’s good to find the humor in situations like that. What??! Facetime is so YESTERDAY? Shoot. I need to get on that… glad to have found you through Life.Rearranged. Have a great week.
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post ..<< my week in review: 11/23-29

  4. says

    For one I am just thanking God that I don’t have any kids (yet) because I keep reading about this whole Elf thing being actually hard to keep up with. Second, I couldn’t help but notice your collection of scarves on the back of your door, I have the same thing going on over here…what do you do to organize them? mine are usually hanging up but some how they all end up all over my closet. Cannot wait to see how the Christmas pictures turned out!

  5. says

    Your house looks like mine on any given night except I have two boys. Hoping baby #3 is a girl but I have a feeling in June we will have 3 crazy boys around. :)

  6. says

    I am SO HAPPY to read that you A) Forget to send your elf to the North Pole (I’ve forgot twice as well). B) Let the kids tough him. Pretty sure one of ours is in Addie’s bed right now. Ill have to wrestle him out in a minute. C) That you love your bag!!! I loved the color combo so much…I had my mom make me one. Haha! We should call it “the Mandy”. Hope you guys had a great weekend honey!!

  7. Megan says

    First off where did you get your adorable shirt dress, and second what kind of a cover do you have for your iphone? I am in the market for a good one.

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