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Some days it’s easy to write what’s on your heart and other days? Other days, not so much.

But the good news about a photo dump…the pictures do all the talking. Am I right?

For some reason, lately I have been at a loss for words. I know. Me? At a loss for words. Seems unfathomable. But I’ve got 83 posts in drafts and they all contain pictures with no words. They are all there just waiting for me to add the story.



But you see, I don’t like to add just any story. This blog is my story. My family’s story. And so I write…when it comes to me. And by golly, that might be never at this 83-posts-in-draft rate.

In the meantime…I’ll just bombard y’all with pictures of my oh-so-darling children. That should hold you over, right?

Perhaps the boys have said signed it best.

boys in tub

“Make Peace and Shut Your Mouth.”

Sometimes that’s the best policy.

I actually feel like I use to be really bad at that. Shutting my mouth. Psssst. Never. In high school I was the most outspoken, no filter, say what you mean type of gal. It landed me in bad places at times.

boys on couch

It’s funny how God has changed my heart and I can honestly say that sometimes {notice I did not say all the time} I have learned to be the bigger person and keep my mouth zipped.

Except when I’m yelling at my kids to stop putting stickers all over their face of course.


Or to put some dang clothes on.

photo (5)

Oh, who am I kidding. I gave up on the clothes thing ions ago.  Especially now that the older boys are coaxing SJ to the nude side. I have no hope. Funny enough, I’m cool with it.

We even pray sans the pants.

photo (17)

Ok, not me. Or they hubby. That would be some weird ritual and I would advise y’all to stop following my blog yesterday.

But the boys usually are in their undies during family prayer time. Luckily, God ain’t judging. And yes, we do our family prayer time in a circle, on the floor, holding hands. It works for us.


Crazy how I thought I had nothing to say in this post. Maybe I should wrap it up and go tackle the remaining 82 posts that need my attention. No?


Or perhaps I should give the baby more chocolate. Clearly it’s like crack.

I can’t get that kid to eat hardly anything. But put some Nestle chocolate chips in front of him and BAM…kid wants to punch me if I don’t cooperate. I don’t think it’s possible that they got their love of sweets from their mother. I only eat fruits. Except late at night when I hoard Reese’s in my bed. Other than that I only eat fruit.

I think that concludes my extremely random photo dump. The one where the pictures were suppose to do all the talking and then I took over and rambled on about nothing. Well, not nothing. Praying as a family in a circle on the floor is something. But “the many ways to sleep with spongebob” was nothing.

[ois skin=”Home Tour 2″]

In case you missed it yesterday, the fabulous Kelly from Smart School House shared an easy DIY Makeup Brush Box.

And I swear the second I feel better I’m going to go make like 3 of them. They are THAT cute! Oh, and hubby is now sick. And middle child. I’ve been on the couch since Monday. Monday people! I need to go DIY something fast or I’m gonna freak out on somebody.


  1. says

    Aww…Mandy! I love, love, love this post! It may just be my favorite I’ve read in awhile (and I read A LOT!). Praying for a quick recovery for you and yours! Thanks for sharing your pics and your beautiful family with us. ?
    Nancy´s last blog post ..No-Sew Curtain Project!

  2. says

    Well, I’ve become the crazy stalker lady, who likes to peek in on you from time to time now. (But at least this is far better than being a crazy cat lady with 29 different kitties and an out-of-control litter box; plus, I’m not the dangerous kind of stalker, because AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!)

    I loved your photo dump — I just did a photo dump myself one night this week — and I’ve decided that we really DO need to be neighbors. How do you feel about packing up and moving West? Or maybe I could bring my boys (sans clothes — just the Under Armour boxers and the Pampers) to play with your boys, since your boys seem to be most comfortable that way. (Love it, by the way! Clothes indoors are way over-rated.)

    I’m still taking my time looking at your house tour, and MY WORD! My spiritual gift is not decorating, so befriending you would be a definite plus. I’ll buy you Starbucks… you’ll come over and hang pictures on the wall… I’ll buy you chunks of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory… you’ll come over and tell me which rugs have to go and which rugs should be ordered from Overstock.com. I guess it would kind of be like the rhino and the bird… a very symbiotic relationship!

    Anyway, your blog is amazing… your boys are darling… your house is fantastic… and now I’m going to go fold a load of laundry and wonder how on earth I could fit a fantastic wall collage on one of MY walls like you have in your entryway…

    Have a very happy Friday!
    Jedi Mama´s last blog post ..Someone Might Need The Boot

    • says

      And here you go making me love you again! I was sick the other day when I read your comment…and seriously you CRACK me up! It was probably the first time I laughed in 5 days. LOL! We need to be friends!

  3. says

    Sometimes the rambling is the truest picture of the real us. Uncomposed, a little scattered, and loving the life we have been given. Thanks for sharing!

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