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It’s Sunday and I have been off the Internet for almost 24 hours. It’s been a nice little break, if I do say so myself.

With all that happened this past week regarding the men scoping out our house and the 911 call…I just needed a break and time to regroup. It’s strange how something like that can consume your mind and make you not want to focus on much of anything.

Amazon delivered a package to my door Friday that consisted of this…

photo (2)

I crack myself up with my obsessions. In my defense, 3 of these are gifts. Ahem.

If you don’t have any giant size strawberry Lipsmacker? Go do yourself a favor and buy some. It’s a game changer.

Since it was spring break, and my best friend is a Kindergarten teacher, I got to meet her and her daughter for lunch this week. It reminded me of when she was on maternity leave and I told her I wish she was on permanent spring break.

photo (1)

I’m hoping summer comes fast so we can hang out more.

The weather was nice {semi-summer like} and the boys got to play outside a TON this week. I quickly forget how much I dislike winter indoor activities. My boys are much happier outside.

photo (6)

And this mommy is much happier when her boys are happier.

The indoor activities usually consist of things that get us all in trouble. Like when Bents decided that he wanted to use crayon on the brand new ledge to the basement.

photo (3)

“But I needed a race track line mommy!!”

My favorite part was when I learned that P is the one who told him to do it. And when I questioned P…his response?

“Poppy can just paint over it!”

True. Very true. Funny how we all know Poppy can fix just about anything around these parts.

I’m extremely thankful for my neighbor Felicia this week. She has been to my rescue on numerous occasions. Remember how I mentioned I had stitches in my toe from having a mole removed? Ok, well the stitches came out. And they came out too early in my opinion.

The cut had opened back up and was bleeding, but just Saturday it was FINALLY closing up! Until the Fed-Ex guy came to the door and my dog demolished my foot. By the way, I had no idea Fed-Ex did Saturday delivery.

Anyway, Klaya got me good and my toe was a hot mess. I won’t describe the scene, but I will say that I am glad Felicia was passing a Walgreens and picked me up some butterfly bandades and then came over and helped me get them on.

Fifty neighbor points for her! LOL!

I’m hoping it heals quickly. Fingers crossed. 

I can’t believe Blissdom is 4 days! I really need to start thinking about my wardrobe. I had planned to do a wardrobe post, but it’s sad to say that I may not have my wardrobe figured out until I fly out the door.

My husband informed me that I should definitely NOT pack my new Target leggings. When I put them on the other day….he said, “You aren’t going to wear those are you?”



Ummm, while yes I am. In public. Take that.

Even my next door neighbor girls were all like, “Nice pants.”

I think they truly meant, “What the h*** are you wearing?”

I aim to impress.

It was haircuts all around this week, but I must admit that SJ’s new haircut is making my baby disappear. He looks 100 times older. Me hate.

photo (9)

We finally have the podcast equipment all set up and daddy and the boys were testing it out the other night.

It was hilarious to listen to the Rose boy podcast. It pretty much consisted of some Gangnam style singing and praying to Jesus. Interesting combo.

photo (5)

But I do think we have two little Jeff Rose’s in the making. Watch out Internet world!

Today is the day my mother-in-law arrives! One hour and counting. Woo-to-the-hoo!

I’ve been frantically trying to prepare the basement for her 2 week stay. My dad put the final touches on this morning by adding the hardware to the entertainment center.

I wonder if she’ll notice that I store some interesting items in my cabinets?

photo (8)


This is the new favorite place to play.

photo (7)

I’m off to go put the Italian Chicken in the crockpot. Yes, I’m actually cooking tonight. Be impressed.

What have y’all been up to this weekend?


  1. says

    Well one of the things I’m doing is stalking blogs and wishing I could find more blogs like yours. LOVE IT. SO hoping I can be as creative as you and decorate my house, been in it 10 years and still haven’t decorated enough. (or at all – blush)
    Alyssa´s last blog post ..A Peek into my Space

  2. Katie says

    Looks like fun!! We got to play a bit outside this week too…what a difference in my boys too:-) And I love the Spring leggings! I say rock em’ lol!

  3. says

    Ok, for the record…those leggings are adorable and floral is totally the in trend. Secondly, you have the cutest boys ever!!! You make me want to have a house full of boys…we shall see how that one turns out. So excited to see you and get to know you better in just a few short days. Have a great Sunday girl!

  4. says

    I love that your kids never have clothes on. Makes me feel better about my kids never getting out of their pjs. :)

    WEAR THOSE PANTS! I love them. The hubs laughs at my snakeskin skinnies. And I’ll probably wear them to Blissdom!

  5. says

    Ah crayon troubles. I think every parent has a crayon story. My tot wrote all over our micro fiber couches. It’s a good thing they wipe clean easily.

  6. says

    My very most favorite line of EVER was, “Yes, I’m actually cooking tonight. Be impressed.” That could pretty much be my life’s motto. I’m not a fan of all the cooking. Oh, I love ALL THE EATING. It’s just all the cooking part that you have to do before all the eating part can begin has never been a favorite thing of mine.

    And I really love all the underwear models on your blog. There ain’t nothing cuter than a small person in Underoos!

    Have a great Monday.
    Jedi Mama´s last blog post ..Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  7. says

    Mandy- this is a great post because the boys have me cracking up- they are so cute and so funny! I do however feel awful that your stitches came out early and you had more issues after having the surgery- that is just awful- I hope you are feeling better now. Have a wonderful time at Blissdom! :)
    Lindsey´s last blog post ..Becoming a half decent kitchen chic!

  8. says

    Hi Mandy, love going off the radar. So worth it. Speaking of iPhones, Daria’s Deals is giving the coolest case EVer. http://dariasdeals.com/glorious-giveaways/ One week, easy to enter, and have an UH mazing time at Blissom. Hugs, Daria

    P.S. What SM wordpress plugin for social following do you have? Love having it on the left like you do.

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