One of My Many Quirks…


Leggings - Rose Pattern


I had a phone call with a friend from college and her exact words to me:

Her: I can’t believe you haven’t bought those rose pattern leggings yet.

Me: Ohhh. *LONGGGGG pause* 

Her: You have them, don’t you?

Me: I might.

Her: Of course you might.

Leggings - Rose Pattern

Is it sad when all your friends know that if you see something that has roses on it…you buy it?

That is what my world has come to.

And I’m kinda ok with it. Ahem.

Leggings - Rose PatternLeggings - Rose Pattern

I mean, my last name used to be Wilson soooooo… Rose was definitely an upgrade.

All I can think of when I hear “Wilson” is Dennis the Mennis. Or the volleyball from Castaway.

Leggings - Rose Pattern

Leggings - Rose Pattern

p.s. It was cold outside.

I’m sure you can imagine that there was no question what my “flowers” were at my wedding, right?

Plus, it’s the only girly thing about my household. I hold onto anything I can that exudes femininity.

Lord knows I have to.

Leggings - Rose Pattern Leggings - Rose Pattern

Otherwise I’d be trumped with testosterone. All the time.

So being obsessed with all things roses is one of my quirks. I have many more.

But none I’d dare to admit to y’all.

Do you have any funny quirks about you? #maybeiwilladmitmoreofmine


Black Top & Rose Leggings – Kiki La’ Rue

Black Boots – Steve Madden



  1. Rose says

    This makes me laugh! My first name is Rose and it has never even crossed my mind to by rose themed anything let along leggings. :-) So cute!

  2. says

    Those are adorable! I definitely have my own quirks – none are popping into my head at the moment, but I have no doubt they exist. Maybe to me they are just normal, so I don’t think about them being quirks lol – but other’s probably think I’m weird. Oh well! I just purchased some Paisley leggings, I can’t wait for them to come in!
    Heather @ From Here to There´s last blog post ..Friday Letters: My Virtual Valentines

  3. says

    Those are cute!! I was just thinking the other day man I really need to branch out on my leggings but I’m not the most zany dresser… however these look really cute. That’s too funny that you love all things rose!

    My last name is Baghai so I’m kind of at a loss… It makes for an interesting conversation though trying to explain to people why I’m a scandinavian with the last name Baghai. Gotta love these last names we’re given.

  4. says

    My best friend’s middle name is Rose and I’m constantly buying her every single rose thing I come across. I’m SO glad you blogged about these tights because I’m about to buy them for her RIGHT now.

  5. says

    How cute are those! I am trying to work up to the floral leggings…I love all things floral but find that mostly I wear the pattern in dresses and tops. You look super cute in them…maybe it’s time for me to get brave! Thanks for sharing! BTW my quirk…I love fringe 😉 even on my purse!
    Prairie Wife´s last blog post ..House Cleaning and Mary Poppins

  6. says

    Super cute. Makes me want to go shopping…

    My quirk has to do with choosing something for dinner – sometimes I just want ketchup…so I plan the meal around that. Ketchup. Gotta do what ya gotta do…my last name used to be Heins…so…
    amy´s last blog post ..Meet the Sunday’s

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