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The Top 8 Marriage Blogs You’ll Love

There are some great marriage blogs out there. Seriously. In fact, there are a few in this list that have truly inspired the blog you're reading right now. We've been blogging about our family and relationship for a bit, but we've learned a lot from each of these marriage blogs. Whether

That Time I Almost Had an Affair

This post is written by Laura Loewen. When Laura approached us about sharing her experience with almost having an affair, we knew we had to share it with you. I love her transparency and how she has a heart for truly helping couples avoid the same situations she was faced with. I think so many

The How’er vs. The Wow’er

To say that my husband and I are opposites would be an understatement. He's the dreamer. I'm the realist. He's the risk taker. I'm the rule follower. He's the "wow'er".  I'm the "how'er". He always has the big ideas and I always like to crush them. There are so many ways that we are

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