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56 Ways to Show Your Wife That You Love Her

There's nothing I want more out of our marriage than for my wife to know how much I love her. And if I'm being honest, it's an area that I struggle with at times. Running multiple businesses, three wildly active (but totally normal) boys and that crazy thing called "life" often interfere with

How To Pray Together

I quietly snuck off to the bedroom in hopes that my husband wouldn't notice I had gone missing. It was night #1 of our daily prayer challenge and I was feeling extremely uncomfortable. I thought maybe if I just nonchalantly climb into bed and fall asleep? I can pretend that it was by

The 22 Day Prayer Challenge

It was one of those times where our marriage was in a rut. We couldn’t place our finger on one particular thing that was bringing us down.  It was more a culmination of things that lead to us feeling that our marriage wasn’t working. We had already been through marriage counseling in the past

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