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Our Adult Only Vacation to Cozumel

I still wake up every morning and ponder how I can lay in that hammock…in the sun…on the beach. I want to go back.

cozumel 320140117-IMG_8300

ESPECIALLY when my wake up call is a toddler who needs me to get him apple juice, a hot dog and a new diaper at 6:00 am sharp. #mylife

When my husband originally approached me about going on an “adult only” trip… I didn’t respond how you might think.

I was hesitant and iffy. I told him that I didn’t think we could leave the kids for more than an extended weekend. In fact, I think I said 3 days tops.

cozumel 4IMG_4228

Somehow he convinced me to go 5 days. And that was a S-T-R-E-T-C-H for me. I remember trying to convince him that his mom wouldn’t want to watch our kids for more than a week. That worked for a good hot second until she text him and said we should take an extended 2 week vacation. WHAT???

Who volunteers to watch your kids for 2 weeks? No one. She is a saint.

cozumel 5

20140116-IMG_7886cozumel 2

Needless to say I couldn’t get my mommy mind to fathom being gone longer than a 5 day period.

So the hubs took my 5 day offer and we booked our trip to Secrets Aura in Cozumel, Mexico.

Huge thanks to Trisha from A Love For Travel who hooked us up with a GREAT deal.



We did things like sleep in till 9am, lay on the beach with our eyes CLOSED, play beach volleyball, drink fruity drinks before noon, parasail, meet new friends, and…best of all? We did it just the two of us.

No kid hanging on my leg. No little boys wrestling while we tried to eat dinner. No dealing with children peeing their pants. Or punching each other. Or refusing to go to sleep at night.

Last time I had been to the ocean I was busy trying to make sure my 3 children didn’t drown. And that’s a big feat at the ocean.

Laying on the beach without kids is WAY less stressful and highly recommend you experience it at least once in your lifetime.

cozumel 1


We even ran into some folks from North Dakota who knew my cousin. #smallworld

They were dressed in their cowboy attire laying by the pool. :)


And this guy’s wife was obsessed with Jeff. She came up and asked if he could take off his shirt and get a picture with her and her friend.

Ummmm, so funny.

I’m pretty sure no guys were asking me to go topless and take a pic. I feel less cool than him. Either that or less hot.


Overall we had a MUCH needed break from the crazies (who were in amazing hands with his mom and my mom).

The last day before we left Jeff took some beach photos for me so I could update my blog pics. I’m pretty sure everyone on the beach thought we were weirdos during our 45 minute photo shoot that included my husband rolling in the sand to “get the right angle”. He was acting like a professional photographer.

cozumel 620140117-IMG_8607 3

But I must say, he did a great job.

I’m already planning next years getaway in my head. Another beach. Another ocean. Another swim up pool in our room.


Except this time…I’m going for 7 days. Mark my words husband.



  1. Hello!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I have been following for a while now and wanted to stop in to say hi :) I know want to go to Cozumel with my husband, it looked so beautiful there! thanks for sharing and hope you will stop by my blog too, I’m still kind of new to the blog world and took to your blog for inspiration! Have a great week
    Sara Neisslie´s last blog post ..Five on Friday

  2. Brittany Fry says:

    We do not have any kids yet but our family tends to take group vacations and our honeymoon in June was our first vacation just the two of us and it was pure bliss. We are currently planning this years to be just us two again and I do not feel guilty one single bit! Next year we are planning to have kids so we are definitely taking advantage all of this “US” time. Your new pics are awesome! No one would even guess that you are a Momma of three!!!
    Brittany Fry´s last blog post ..Favorite Things – February

  3. Michelle says:

    Looks like so much fun! Love your pictures :)
    Michelle´s last blog post ..February Goals – Making and Keeping Them

  4. Looks like you had a beautiful vacation!! Beautiful pictures.

    Now, I’m dreaming of a beach vacation…. SANS kids! it’s been almost 7 years since my Hubby and I went on a vacation together.
    Andrea Worley´s last blog post ..Heart Gifts to Make Yours Flutter

    • Mandy says:

      Girllllll…you must take one! I swear you feel so refreshed! ps I have not forgot about your questions you sent me. I need to get on that this week!

  5. This looks a-mah-zing…I miss Happy Endings. Good show. Anyway, my husband’s dad offered to pay our way to Jamaica next year and I’m having a hard time thinking of leavign my three little girls…but your post is helping to convince me…
    Julie @ Living on the Ledge´s last blog post ..My Babies Are 27-Months-Old

  6. I love the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Great beaches and good fun. I especially love the Adult Only resorts. Looks like you guys had a great time.
    Raquel@Practical Cents´s last blog post ..Three Practical Ways we Saved $520 a Month Last Year

    • Mandy says:

      Yes, it was nice that it was an adult only resort. It also helped me not miss my kids as much because I didn’t have to see a bunch of cute children walking around. Haha!

  7. As I sit here looking at a FOOT of snow on the ground, I may or may not be INSANELY jealous of your trip. Every mommy needs a break though!!! Glad you got one:)
    Jennifer-Mommy Life After PhD´s last blog post ..“And then I got puked on at Panera”

  8. Molly says:

    Wow that looks amazing! We did an adult only in Jamaica for our honeymoon and loved it. This might be our next place to go!

  9. Looks like so much fun!! I’m glad y’all got some “adult time” away! You look amazing, by the way, I’m sure the guys were just too intimidated to ask you for a picture haha, I hope I look that good when/if I have 3 kids! I absolutely LOVE that black dress too!!
    Heather @ From Here to There´s last blog post ..FINALLY

  10. Leah says:

    Hey! I am a new blog reader, and wanted to tell you that you are so fit! What is your secret? Do you work out a lot or is it eating well or both? :)

    • Mandy says:

      Hi Leah! Thanks for reading! I don’t really have much of a secret… I try to eat decent, but a lot of the time I am eating my kids left over nuggets. Haha! I do Crossfit and that has helped me a ton!

  11. Cozumel looks gorgeous!! This makes me really want to take a tropical vacation with hubby now! We usually go to no n tropical places but I think. Some Cozumel pics will persuade him :) looks like a blast! That north Dakota guy is awesome!!

  12. Erin says:

    Oh my awesomeness. Those pictures are amazing!!! It is our 10 yr anniversary next year so we plan on going somewhere -child free- and do nothing but sit on a beach…no ones food to cut up, no diapers, no sippy cups! (sweet freedom! but first time away from them so I am sure to cry for weeks leading up to it!)
    And will you share your workout routine with us ? cuz you are in crazy amazing shape (is that what 3 little boys can do?! I may need another baby- ha)
    Erin´s last blog post ..3 ingredients for an awesome sleepover

    • Mandy says:

      Erin – CONGRATS on 10 years!!! Y’all will have so much fun! I thought I was going to cry and miss the boys like crazy, but I had soooo much fun on the beach that it helped me stay distracted! By day 5 I wanted to stay 5 more days. Haha!

  13. Lindsay says:

    So fun! I’m so glad I saw these except that now I’m depressed sitting here in my five hundred layers. I’m so glad you guys could get away for a while without the kids! Happy times!

    • Mandy says:

      Haha! Don’t worry…I’m sitting here in my 25 layers…with 3 crazy children who have NO school again tomorrow because of the snow. #trulyhappytimes

  14. Lindsey says:

    oh my gosh. This is so amazing! We booked our anniversary trip (it’s belated, since I was nursing Tyler in December) for later this spring and I am SO SO SO excited. We’re going for 7 days too, and I’m so glad that you said you were hesitant, because I have been and have felt so weird for feeling that way. But it’s my first time to leave my kids for more than a day. This post made me a bit excited about going for 7 days though! I can’t wait!
    Lindsey´s last blog post ..The MidWest. AKA the Frozen Tundra.

  15. Steph says:

    Ahh, I knew I recognized that beach!! What did you guys think, was it up to the ‘Secrets Standard’? When we were there this past May we left a tad bit disappointed because they were totally still working out the rebranding kinks.. regardless it’s ALWAYS good to get away.. especially with a winter like this one.. Brrr!!
    Steph´s last blog post ..2014 Super Bowl Commercial Recap

    • Mandy says:

      We really enjoyed our room, but there was definitely a little construction going on. If we would have had a room near that I might have not been so happy. But we LOVED it!!

  16. Traci says:

    That looks so rejuvenating!
    Traci´s last blog post ..Shower Yourself With Inspiration

  17. Justine Brickner says:

    Hi Mandy! Ok, so, not ALL North Dakotans are that redneck! HA! Although we do still ride buffalo around town…I kid, I kid. I’m from ND! I suppose I could know your cousin too! Haha! Ok, anyways, I love your blog. You and your hubby are so cute together! My husband and I are headed to Mexico for a week in March! Our 3rd tropical vacay since we were married. Isn’t it awesome!?! Just wanted to let you know how awesome you look for a momma of three. I have a three year old boy and he keeps me busy enough! You have inspired me to try blogging, hopefully soon to start.

  18. This trip looks ahhh-mazing!! You both look great! It looks like it was a great time to get away, relax, and be refreshed. (Also, I totally respect that you don’t wear “mom shorts”. You are rocking it!)

  19. I say this in best complimentary way I can…you make me feel normal rather than less worthy. I love how real your blog always is. And I love these pictures from your trip!! It’s got me dreaming of being on a beach somewhere.
    Paige @ Reasons to Come Home´s last blog post ..Five on Friday

  20. Holly says:

    I love that you did this! It’s so healthy for your marriage too. You look gorgeous in those pics!
    Holly´s last blog post ..Cheesy Macaroni Cauliflower Bake

  21. Justine Brickner says:

    Hi Mandy! Ok, so not every North Dakotan is that redneck! Ha! Although, we still do ride buffalo around town…I kid, I kid. I am from ND. But, I probably do know your cousin! Haha! Anyways, I love your blog and those pics are amazing! You and the hubby are so cute together! My hubby and I head to Mexico later this spring! Cannot wait! You would not guess you are a momma of three boys, I have one three yr old boy and he keeps me busy enough! I am tossing the idea around about starting a blog, you’ve inspired me!

    • Justine Brickner says:

      Ok, so I posted twice! It didn’t post earlier, so I typed it agin!

    • Mandy says:

      You’re from ND!!! I bet I would love to listen to you talk. Haha! My cousin is Dane Hanna. He’s a professional rodeo guy. You know him? And thank you for all the compliments!

      • Justine Brickner says:

        Haha! I used to live in Lincoln, NE for a few years and I was always the butt of jokes because of my “accent”!! Haha, I think they had an accent!

        Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of the name before, but my husbands cousin is in professional rodeo as well, so I’m assuming they have heard of each other or know each other!

  22. Sarah Jacobs says:

    Your vacay looks AMAZING and you are rocking that bikini! I’m requesting a workout post from you-especially whatever you do for those abs :) Thanks in advance!
    Sarah Jacobs´s last blog post ..The Blizzard of 2014

  23. Shelli says:

    Love your blog… you are gorgeous!!!

    Three things…

    1. I am so jealous of you
    2. I want your mother in law
    3. Does she give classes on how to make grandparents volunteer to watch kids while their deserving parents take vacations???

    Looks like you had a FABULOUS time!!!

  24. Katie G says:

    First off, I’m from ND!! Born and raised!! Wheres your cousin from? Chances are I’ve heard of them or know them, it really is a small world around here. My husband and I took our first adult, beach vacay last November and now that’s all I can think about!!! I’m just a little tired of the cold and snow and seeing your pics now has me convinced I need to go!

  25. Great photos! We went to Mexico in 2012 for our 15th year anniversary. It was the first time we’d been away from our kids in 9 years for more than a night or two. It was so great! We need to plan another trip soon.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Loved the pics! What a great time you guys had! For Christmas I bought my husband and I tickets for 6 days to Hawaii, well wouldn’t you know – he opens the card and says we’ve got to bring our 2 boys with…. soooo after us both feeling guilty about having grandparents watch them – I ended up quickly buying them tickets as well and now I’m 2nd guessing that after seeing your pics – ugh! Adult couple time is a must and sooooo refreshing! Anyway please also share your workout tips and what you do! You look fantastic

  27. Debbie says:

    It’s my first time to comment on your blog. Your vacation reminds me of our honeymoon vacation in the Mexican Riviera at Secrets Maroma resort. It’s been three years since we had such a nice vacation as that. The last two years we’ve been busy with our house and have had no budget for an extravagant vacation. I’ve been enjoying decorating our house and reading your blog inspires me more. Now reading about your trip makes me miss that part of my life. You also look great and fit for having three boys. How do you ever find the time to exercise?

    • Mandy says:

      Thanks so much Debbie! I appreciate the kind words. I chase kids…that’s the only reason I think I stay thin. Haha! I do Crossfit, but only 2-3 times a week. But really, I chase kids 7 days a week. LOL!

  28. looks like you guys had an AMAZING time!!!

  29. lindsi says:

    a girlfriend and i just went on a three day trip to the dominican republic….best decision ever! especially with this nasty weather we’ve had lately! luckily, STL miraculously has DIRECT flights there! mexico looks amazing! might be a next travel spot!

  30. Ana says:

    Looks like you had a blast, hubby and I are cheating this year and bringing a toddler on our cruise vacay… Luckily they have a drop-off nursery on board! 😉 I would looove to know where you got your cute suit!

  31. Looks like you two had a blast! The beach sounds sooo nice right now, especially in this rainy SF weather.
    Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans´s last blog post ..Links Lisa Likes – A Week Off

  32. Dawn says:

    What an amazing vacation get away! And your photos tell the story of your time there so well. I love the photos of you parasailing together. My husband and I are going to Cozumel in 1 short week and this post has me even more excited than before!! Did you take a DSLR camera? Who took the shots while you were parasailing? Contemplating if I should take my nice camera or just use my P&S and phone camera on the trip. I would love to hear what you used to get your great photos. Thanks :)

  33. […] was our first time taking a trip to Jamaica. We’ve been many other places, mostly in Mexico (<—read about it)… Cancun, Riveria Maya, Cozumel. When I am comparing this Jamaica […]

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