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    My Trip To Charlotte

    We often send group text messages between me, Jeff, Ben and Natalie. I remember one evening Natalie suggesting that I come to visit her for a “Happy Mommy Box” meeting. I’m sure the guys reply was something along the lines of, “We’d love to be on kid duty while you ladies do girl things and eat ice cream!”

    Orrrrr not. Haha. They are actually very supportive and Ben was the one who booked my ticket before I could even say yes. So I can’t even pretend to knock them.


    As most of you know, Natalie has been sick for the last few weeks and I’ve been dying to get to her so I could give her a big GIANT hug. She was doing so well when I got there. It was great to see the happy, energetic Natalie that I know rather than the sad one I kept seeing in pictures. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see her healing!

    She still had to take it easy and be careful not to overdo it while I was there… which was difficult since we REALLY wanted to have a dance-off on our Target trip. I’m certain that if Natalie’s mom would have been with us we would have been grounded. And forbidden to take Natalie in public again until she was off doctor orders to rest. Oops!

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    Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop #55

    Welcome to the Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop.

    Somehow it feels like the days are FLYING by. Do y’all feel like that?

    I’m currently in the process of having my site redesigned (yes, again). I haven’t said anything about it because it’s been something I have been working on for months and I wasn’t sure when it would be done.

    But it’s sooooo close. It might even be live by Saturday. We shall see! {fingers crossed}.

    It’s also one of the reasons I haven’t been posting as much. I have been too busy working on the new site with my design guy (who is rather amazing by the way).

    I’m going to a lot cleaner looking site. Less clutter. More simple.

    I think you guys will really like it!

    On to the party!

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    Goal Reached!!!


    background guitar 1.jpg

    We did it y’all!

    We successfully raised enough money to support FIVE orphans for ONE ENTIRE YEAR!

    That’s five children who will have care because of YOU. Because of THIS.

    IMG_5589 2.jpg

    You know what that means???? (more…)


    Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop #54

    Welcome to the Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop.

    There are only 4 days left with The Guitar Project. I’ve been blown away by your amazing response and ability to help!

    For every $250 we raise we help ANOTHER orphan for an entire year! We are currently at $1,200! I’d love to see us get to the $1,250 point so we can help FIVE orphans instead of just FOUR.

    We can do it!

    Check out how you can help HERE.


    I’ll be on a plane tomorrow to see my MOST FAVORITE lady on the planet…. THE BUSY BUDGETING MAMA. Apologizing now if we blow up your IG feeds this weekend. ;) #sorrynotsorry

    If you live in the Charlotte, NC area we would love to have you join us Saturday for a girls lunch!

    You can find the details HERE.

    On to the party! 

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    {Photography} 3 Tips for Documenting the Life of a Camera Shy Kid

    *Author and House of Rose Contributor, Jessica – One July Living.

    {Photography} 3 Tips for Documenting the Life of a Camera Shy Kid

    My first born is the classic photographer’s kid… she had a camera in her face almost every day from the moment that gummy smile won over my heart. But as she grew older and developed an opinion of her own, she decided she wanted absolutely nothing to do with my lens. Go figure!

    First I tried trickery… “Hey Penelope, I have a cool toy!” (click). She caught on pretty quick. Next, I moved on to the tried and true method of bribery. That one worked for awhile, but paying your kid for smiles and eye contact with sweets and new toys was not exactly a trend that I wanted to encourage.

    The verdict? My kid was camera shy. There was no getting around it. Her personality is strong yet delicate. She doesn’t like her little bubble to be intruded upon. She wants to take on the world, her way. And someday, that quality is going to take her far. But as a mom wanting to keep a photo journal of this beautiful little girl’s growth, I was a little sad that she outright “turned off” (and usually completely away!) the moment my camera came out of the bag.

    If you have a kid that loves having their picture taken – you are a one lucky parent! But I know, just like my delicate little lady, there are just as many kids who cower away from our photo memories. If you’re one of those parents… never fear, tips are here.

    • Embrace the chaos awesomeness of your reality
    • Immerse yourself in their world
    • Take in the entire scene
    • Resort to pictures of them sleeping

    tip1 {Photography} 3 Tips for Documenting the Life of a Camera Shy Kid

    {Photography} 3 Tips for Documenting the Life of a Camera Shy Kid (more…)