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You don’t have to do it all. My guide “The Imperfect Perfect You” will show you how to do what you do with more joy so that you Love the life you’re already living.

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    The Adoption Process

    The Adoption Process - answers to common adoption questions

    So many of you have reached out to us about our adoption. Whether you reached out to lend your support, pray for our family or inquire about adoption for your own family?

    It’s been refreshing to see that so many of you are INTERESTED. (more…)


    The Interim Canvas

    Entryway Design Ideas - Gallery Wall by

    For a very long time I refused to replace the family canvas that was hanging in my entryway.

    It was old. Very very verrrrrry old.

    As in, we were a family of three when the image was taken. See…. (more…)


    Life Lessons I Have Learned From My Kids

    I just tripped over a Matchbox car that was laying in the middle of my kitchen floor.

    I went to brush my teeth this morning only to find that someone {not naming any names middle child – ahem} had emptied the toothpaste into the bathtub.

    I found 3 dead worms in my son’s sock drawer {apparently having a dog wasn’t enough for him}. Not to mention that it’s winter so those worms have been there for awhile.

    My lunch today included a hot dog, a lunch-able and three white fudge oreos. And I may have had Starbucks twice.

    The last movie I saw in the theater was something by Pixar and I’m pretty sure it was rated G.

    Having kids has changed me in so many ways, especially having all boys. As you can tell my life isn’t always glamorous, but it’s most certainly better with my boys in it. And although there are many times when I feel frustrated by their silly ways {especially the dead worms – not cool not cool}, I try and always remember the joy that they bring to me.

    Life Lessons I Have Learned From My Kids (more…)


    Jamaica – 10 Things To Know Before You Take Your Trip

    As I sit here typing this looking out the window… I see snow.

    Last week I was laying on the beach in 85 degree weather celebrating 10 years of marriage and this week? I’m wearing my snow boots, trying to drink lots of hot coffee and doing work. Bleck.

    The coffee mostly because I need the caffeine to get me through the dreary cold work day, but the hot part helps too.

    This was our first time taking a trip to Jamaica. We’ve been many other places, mostly in Mexico (<—read about it)… Cancun, Riveria Maya, Cozumel. When I am comparing this Jamaica trip I want you to know that I am mostly comparing it to my experience with all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.

    I was clueless when it came to knowing where to go and where to stay in Jamaica. Ocho rios versus Negril versus Montego Bay???

    Luckily, we had a travel agent who helped a ton, but if you know me…then you know I did my own research. Lots of it.

    Jamaica - Ten Things To Know Before You Take Your TripJamaica - Ten Things To Know Before You Take Your Trip (more…)


    RV Trip – The Details

    As I was writing my Jamaica recap post, I realized that I never did a final recap on our two week RV trip.

    I blogged EVERY single day of the trip, but I never did a post that linked all of the posts together (to make it easy for you to follow along in case you were thinking of taking an RV trip).

    Details on Taking an RV Trip

    Our journey began in St.Louis, Missouri in June of 2014. We set out on a mission to drive to the Grand Canyon. We literally had no plans of where we would stop or sleep. (more…)