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    Spring Break 2014 – Last Minute Road Trip

    I woke up on a Friday morning and my husband looked at me and said… “Sooooo where should we go on spring break?”

    Mind you… Technically spring break was about to begin at 11:05 am this same day when my son exited the doors of the elementary school.


    Ummmm, I might have given Jeff Rose the evil eye and said a few choice words. Mostly ones that centered around the fact that he knows I’m a planner and this little spring break blurp out of his mouth meant that he wanted to take a trip…without planning first.

    My pet peeve.



    So I did what any type A wife would have done and I jumped out of bed, went straight to the computer and starting trying to put a PLAN together. A plan people. It’s not that hard. I like PLANS.

    You hear that husband? #futurereference


    He insisted we go somewhere warm and I insisted we go somewhere that didn’t take us a million hours in the car to get to. That pretty much eliminated most of the warm spots. Ha.

    Florida is close enough to drive to, but it’s still 12 hours or so. That’s a LONGGGGG time in a minivan with three energetic male children. I need more than 24 hours to prepare my mind for something like that.



    So, because he was the one choosing this summer RV trip {the 14 day one in a miniature home on wheels}… I told him that I was choosing the destination for this last minute spring break road trip.

    Done and done. Wife takes over. (more…)


    Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop #52

    Welcome to the Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop.

    The Roses are slightly occupied this week in good ole’ Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

    I hardly ever miss posting my features, but can I just say… My husband decided we should take a road trip on a Friday and we left that Sunday. :)

    Oh the joys of living with a spontaneous man.

    photo (2)

    Did I mention I’m opposite of spontaneous.

    Ohhhhhhhh, you probably knew that about me.

    Never fear. I made room for the guitar so I could stay on track practicing for THE GUITAR PROJECT.

    photo (4)

    Right next to the stroller. Classy.

    I’m LOVING all of your support so far in my goal to raise $1,000. THANK YOU to those who have already donated or those of you who have emailed me to tell me you are praying for this project. And huge thank you to those who have shared this project for me!

    If you haven’t checked out what I’m up to JUST CLICK HERE. I still need your help to make my goal!

    Check out how you can help HERE. (more…)


    Fear of Failing… It’s Not Stopping Me.

    I originally committed to doing this Guitar Project back in September 2013. I met the owners of Mocha Club at a conference last year and I immediately was like I’m in.”

    Then truth set in.

    And fear.

    And lack of confidence.

    And I procrastinated for nearly 10 months. TEN long months people.

    I had every excuse in the book on why I couldn’t do this project. I was ready to give up and I was thinking of over 9 million reasons why it wouldn’t work for me. And how I would tell them I was backing out.


    I thought I’ll just use Happy Mommy Box as my excuse. I’ll tell them that I’m sorry I had no idea that I was going to be starting a business venture with a friend and that, unfortunately, there would just be no time to fit this in.

    Sounded legit, right?!

    But I woke up one day and I asked myself this question…

    “What’s really holding you back from doing this project?”

    Was it that I didn’t think I was capable of learning the guitar? Was it that I wasn’t sure if I could find the time to practice and be good enough? Was it that I was afraid to do something, like commit to raising money when I wasn’t certain anyone would donate? Was it that I didn’t want to let down an organization doing great things for something that was so dear to my heart – orphans?

    And when I truly thought about it. It was a little bit of all of those things.

    The biggest?


    Of not reaching the $1,000.

    Of not being able to learn a song.

    And for some reason, that morning while I was taking a shower, I decided that I wasn’t going to let fear stand in the way of me doing this. It’s held me back too many times in the past and I wasn’t about to let it steal another great opportunity from me.

    Not this time.

    I called up my friend Chris Slone, who is by far the most talented musician in our area {we hired him to play at Jeff’s book launch party awhile back}.

    IMG_0822 (more…)


    Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop #51

    Welcome to the Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop.

    FOLKS, NATALIE is getting better. I’m literally giddy today about it. lol

    She may even be out of the hospital as soon as Saturday.

    Thank you guys so much for praying for her over the last few weeks. She has felt it!! I promise you that!

    On to the party!




    The Guitar Project

    The Guitar Project

    I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar. I admire those people who can just pick it up and play a song.

    But here’s the thing. I’m not musically talented and I’ve never played an instrument in my life. Ever.

    I mean, the clarinet… once in jr.high. And I was horrible. Like “hands over your ears” bad.

    My grandpa was the lead guitarist in a band when I was growing up and my mom sang in a band. I think I’ve always had the desire to learn after watching their love for music. I’ve lacked the motivation and came up with lots of excuses that all involve me claiming I don’t have time or not enough skills. My fear of failing kept me from trying something that I’m not certain I can conquer.

    Enter: “The Purpose Project”. 

    A way to do that “thing” you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the courage for. Using The Purpose Project as your motivation. And adding “purpose” to what you are doing.


    I’m partnering with Mocha Club to raise $1,000 for Orphan Care in Africa. By adding some purpose & raising money for orphans in Africa, my goal becomes a little less about me and more about doing something big and fun with all of you.

    The Guitar Project (more…)