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    I’m Going To Own 2nd Grade. Like A Mom On A Mission.

    When you woke up and sent your kid to the first day of Kindergarten did you think, “Wow, life is gonna be so easy now that my kids are going to school!”

    They will get out of the house and be occupied for the entire day while I’m super productive and get millions of things done. Heck, I’ll have so much extra time that I’ll sit on back patio and read a good book.

    Then when I pick them up from school they’ll be so tired that they’ll just want to cuddle on the couch and watch movies.

    Back to School Organizing Tips

    I admit, I woke up thinking that in August of 2012. Little did I know that life would never be “easy” after entering grade school. EVER.

    Keeping up with school aged children’s schedules/homework/calendars/sporting events/class parties and PTO meetings…is like living another life. On top of the life you’re already living. (more…)


    I’m Too Young For This

    IMG_7679 1.jpg

    I remember thinking when I first had Parker how 2nd grade seemed AGES away. Like millions of ages away.

    I also recall feeling like… only older people had 2nd graders. Not young people, like me.


    You know what happened next? I woke up with a 2nd grader.

    It happened that fast.

    And that whole “older people” thing is just a misconception because clearly people, I am not old. ;/ (more…)


    A Virgin

    IMG_6452baseball 3.jpg

    Excuse me for a second, but I just so happen to be a all-star baseball mom “virgin”. Meaning that… my kid was just a normal 6 year old baseball player until 3 weeks ago.

    But then, you see, we got this invitation for him to play on what they call the “All-Star” team.  That’s when things got serious.

    And crazy competitive. Like whoooooa. (more…)


    It Only Takes That One Time

    I wrote this post over 2 years ago, right after one of the scariest incidents in my life, but was too shaken up to post it.

    I’m posting it now in hopes that it will remind you how important it is to ALWAYS be looking when your kids are in or near the pool. Or any body of water for that matter.

    And maybe you don’t need reminded. If not, good. But just in case you are that mother that thinks you are in control of all situations in life (like I thought)…here’s a few reasons why you are not.

    IMG_5474IMG_5469IMG_5483 (more…)


    Taking More Time For My Family Means…

    …saying “no” to things that fulfill my time.

    We just recently got back from San Diego where my husband and I spoke about work-life balance at the Digital Co-Lab conference. While I was preparing the speech I couldn’t help but think that I wasn’t qualified to be an expert at work-life balance.

    In fact, balancing work and life was something I failed at over and over and over again. Working too much. Living too little.


    And my hubby was even worse. He used to be so consumed with working that, sometimes, we didn’t see him or have is undivided attention for days at a time.