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You don’t have to do it all. My guide “The Imperfect Perfect You” will show you how to do what you do with more joy so that you Love the life you’re already living.

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    Bright & Cheery Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom Makeover with Board and BattenMaster Bedroom Makeover with Board and Batten

    It all started with iPhone pictures that I took of my Master Bedroom nearly 4 years ago when I was on my lunch break from my Corporate job. I uploaded those images, which were less than perfect (especially since I probably had some ancient version of the iPhone back then) and I hit publish. Little did I know that within a week those pictures would be my most pinned images on my site.

    I’m serious when I say the image quality was the worst. See for yourself. Then see the updated pics I did.

    Big difference from the iPhone images to the camera images.

    I was dumbfounded. Not because I didn’t love the bedroom. But the images were incredibly awful. LOL! Clearly I decorated the old bedroom before I knew a dang thing about photography.

    So even though I know y’all loved the old master bedroom…it was dark and dreary. I wanted something bright and cheerful.

    Master Bedroom Makeover Before and After



    {DIY} How To Make Magnolia Garland

    When my best friend called me at the beginning of September and told me she was going to move her wedding up from May 2015 to October 2014…my heart might have quit beating for a few brief seconds.

    Only because October was nearly eight SHORT weeks away. Or maybe less.

    My type A (also known as crazy) personality  started thinking, “How, how how how how how…will this work?”

    Of course, that’s not the words that came out of my mouth when I responded to her. Because you never tell your best friend who wants to get married in 2 months that it’s not possible. Nope.

    In fact, you tell her the opposite. You tell her…”ABSOLUTELY DO-ABLE!”

    How To Make Magnolia Garland

    And then you hang up, panic and frantically search Pinterest for wedding ideas. Ha!



    Six Kids And Lots of Boxes

    _MG_0164charlotte 8We made a trip to Charlotte last weekend to visit Natalie and the Happy Mommy Box headquarters. It’s hard to fathom that we started this box business ONE YEAR ago.

    It seems even crazier to think that an encounter at a blog conference in Dallas about 18 months ago would have turned into something that has truly changed my life.

    _MG_9887 (more…)


    22 Days of Loving On Your Spouse More

    We have been so thrilled with how many people have been excited about our new direction over at Dollars and Roses.

    In case you missed me talking about it about 900 gazillion times (sorry – not sorry) just check it out HERE. My hubby and I are going to be sharing how YOU can make your marriage MORE.

    Enter the Giveaway

    Make sure you sign up for our Romantic Weekend Getaway giveaway…ya know…in case you want to get away from the crazies for a few days and love on your spouse.

    That sounds divine, doesn’t it? Ok, well it sounds divine to me because I have currently been with my children for the last SIX days straight with absolutely no break. Not even to pee.

    I mean, I love my children, but a weekend away with JUST my husband sounds like heaven.

    The Love Habits

    About a year ago, Jeff and I started doing three little things every single day to try and stay connected.  It’s a really simple concept. We tried to kiss, hug and do a catch-me-up chat every day.

    We later named these three things “The Love Habits“.




    When You Finally Listen To The Nudge

    You know that feeling when you get a nudge to do something. Maybe it’s to start a new business or to take that photography class you’ve always wanted to take. Or to go on a weekend getaway with your husband (WithOUT the kids).

    Except even though you get the nudge? You ignore it.

    Maybe it’s too time consuming or you fear that you might fail. Or you have never left your kids with anyone for more than 2 hours while you ran to the grocery store so the thought of leaving them for a weekend makes you want to break out in hives.

    Whatever “it” is….it’s holding you back.

    My “It”

    As most of you know, I co-author a blog with my husband called Dollars and Roses. The original idea was this…

    He is a personal finance blogger and I am a mommy blogger and we both managed to turn our blogs into businesses over the last several years. We wanted to show others it was possible and that we were just two very normal people who knew nothing about blogging before we had success. The blog was a “how to make money blogging” blog and we shared income reports, tips and tutorials on how to grow your blog and increase traffic…and most importantly? We made fun of each other along the way.

    Because that’s what we do. All in good fun of course.

    jeff and mandy (more…)