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Stop comparing yourself to the perfect mom...

She doesn’t exist

You don’t have to do it all. My guide “The Imperfect Perfect You” will show you how to do what you do with more joy so that you Love the life you’re already living.

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    Why Blog Readers Want To See Your Imperfect Life

    I met Abby last year when I went to Pittsburgh to visit my friend Natalie. She had been someone who I had been connecting with online so when she reached out to me, I suggested we meet up! I will let Abby tell the rest of the story.

    She just recently released her very first e-book about how she grew her blog in the first year! I love the way she writes and her honesty and transparency so I asked her if she would share with you guys a little sneak peek of what’s inside her book!


    Hey, House of Rose readers!! I’m Abby of Just a Girl and Her Blog, and I’m so thrilled that my sweet friend Mandy invited me to come hang out with you today!

    We recently had a pretty big event at my house. A few weeks ago {on my 30th birthday– eeek!} I released my very first eBook! After receiving a steady stream of emails asking me about how I run my blog, I recognized a need for a comprehensive blogging resource, and the idea for my book, Building a Framework: Everything I Learned My First Year of Blogging, was born. Though I feel like I still have a ton to learn about blogging, I also saw my little blog grow from one reader (my husband :) ) to over 200,000 pageviews each month, and since I love to write, I decided to put everything I had learned into book format and share it with bloggers and bloggers-to-be!



    My Fear of Speaking

    We were in Cozumel, Mexico back in January of this year. I was laying on the beach and Jeff had ran up to the room to grab me some more sunscreen. You know, at age 33 you gotta be worried about wrinkles.


    I thought I’d check my email from my phone since I was all alone on the beach. And when I went to refresh my inbox there was a message from J.D. Roth – who used to be the site owner of

    For those of you who have never heard of Get Rich Slowly…I’ll tell you this, my hubs was star struck by J.D. when we went to our FIRST ever FINCON over 3 years ago. Ha! He’s kind of a big deal in the personal finance space. Not to mention he sold his site for LOTS of money.


    The email said that he was wondering if Jeff and I would like to be keynote speakers at an upcoming conference in San Diego called Digital Co-Lab.

    I literally thought he accidentally included my name in there because, really, why would they want ME to speak? I’ve never spoke at any conference before let-alone given a keynote speech.

    I, of course, thought I’d just tell Jeff to go ahead and tell him that he’d do it, but that I wasn’t qualified enough. But before my husband even returned from his sunscreen run…I got another email, this time from my husband, saying, “Sure, we’d LOVE to!” 

    Sure, we’d love to??????

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    Inspire Me Please #66

    Welcome to the Inspire Me Please Weekend Blog Hop.

    I took the last two weeks off from posting the link up since I was on my RV adventure! But, it’s back to normal now.

    Minus the fact that I left this morning for San Diego. Hehe.

    Will my life slow down soon? How is June almost over already. GEEZ.


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    Hello There Nursery Of Mine.

    Custom Nursery Ideas Custom Nursery Ideas Custom Nursery Ideas - Two Little Fish

    Last year when I attended the Influence Conference I had a different attitude and mindset than I normally have at conferences. I went there with the desire to meet and make new friends.

    I’m usually the type of girl who would rather stay with “my people” and NOT meet new women.

    Because honestly? It’s easier. And sometimes I like to be lazy when it comes to friendships. #notproud

    Custom Nursery Ideas Custom Nursery Ideas - Elephant Theme Custom Nursery Ideas

    I often have a hard time opening the door for new people because it’s uncomfortable. And y’all, I hate being uncomfortable.

    But, sometimes God’s best work is when you go out of your comfort zone and do things that stretch you. (more…)


    THE FINAL DAY #rosesrvtrip2014


    You know what felt soooooo very good? TO BE ON OUR WAY HOME!

    Guuuurls…I squealed like a little girl on Christmas morning when we pulled back into the RV rental parking lot and I spotted that dirty black mini.  I never thought I would be so happy to see my soccer mom vehicle.

    This trip was one for the memory books for sure, but nothing beats heading back to the place that you call HOME. Especially for a chick who is a home body.

    I can’t wait to do a recap of the entire trip in one long post…you know – RV tips, money saving tricks, how to not die in a 23 foot camper while your 3 kids screech at the top of their lungs – I’m sure it will be an epic post.

    Or perhaps I’ll just let Jeff Rose recap it… Maybe a “How Much Does It Cost To Rent an RV and Travel the States” post seems more intriguing.

    Anyhow, THANKS so much for following along with me. I wanted to document this trip so I would never forget it! I know I bombarded you with pictures and videos and snarky social media statuses – for that I apologize. Ha! (more…)