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    Jamaica – 10 Things To Know Before You Take Your Trip

    As I sit here typing this looking out the window… I see snow.

    Last week I was laying on the beach in 85 degree weather celebrating 10 years of marriage and this week? I’m wearing my snow boots, trying to drink lots of hot coffee and doing work. Bleck.

    The coffee mostly because I need the caffeine to get me through the dreary cold work day, but the hot part helps too.

    This was our first time taking a trip to Jamaica. We’ve been many other places, mostly in Mexico (<—read about it)… Cancun, Riveria Maya, Cozumel. When I am comparing this Jamaica trip I want you to know that I am mostly comparing it to my experience with all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.

    I was clueless when it came to knowing where to go and where to stay in Jamaica. Ocho rios versus Negril versus Montego Bay???

    Luckily, we had a travel agent who helped a ton, but if you know me…then you know I did my own research. Lots of it.

    Jamaica - Ten Things To Know Before You Take Your TripJamaica - Ten Things To Know Before You Take Your Trip (more…)


    RV Trip – The Details

    As I was writing my Jamaica recap post, I realized that I never did a final recap on our two week RV trip.

    I blogged EVERY single day of the trip, but I never did a post that linked all of the posts together (to make it easy for you to follow along in case you were thinking of taking an RV trip).

    Details on Taking an RV Trip

    Our journey began in St.Louis, Missouri in June of 2014. We set out on a mission to drive to the Grand Canyon. We literally had no plans of where we would stop or sleep. (more…)


    Christmas Recap 2014


    I might be Johnny on the Spot when it comes to taking down Christmas decorations (day after girl – right here), but when it comes to documenting our Christmas recap?

    Not so much. 

    However, these are moments that I absolutely NEVER want to forget so I vowed that I will post about them anyway.

    Late and all. (more…)


    Happy 2015!

    We celebrated New Year’s with some of our good friends last night and, unlike the usual, we stayed out way past our bedtime. I can actually say that this is the second year in a row now that I made it to the midnight kiss without falling asleep first.


    _MG_1778 (more…)


    The Busyness Blah

    The holiday season is typically a time of busyness for so many of us. Especially when you have lots of different places to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    You have to spend time at your parent’s house and his parent’s house and step-parents and grandparents and… you get the point.


    But something you might not know about me…  A “fun fact” as we like to call it on our Dollars and Roses podcast. (more…)

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