Romance 101: Advice From The Husband {Via Video}


Ok, are y’all ready for a little romance 101 class? Maybe I should ask if your hubby’s are ready for a little romance 101 class.

romantic ideas

Romantic ideas for your spouse…straight from the mouth of MY spouse. 

Yes, you will want to go run and grab them….NOW…and make them watch this video. Unless of course you like lame husbands that do nothing sweet and thoughtful. In that case, you should hide this video from them.


It’s no secret that my husband has some mad romance skills. I often tease him that he got his college degree in sweet-talking. Either that or he had a whole lot of practice before me in that department. Ha!

So I have begged recruited him to come on today and share his top 5 romantic ideas {that he has tried and proved successful}.

Mr. House of Rose’s Top Five Romantic Ideas:

1. There are many fish in the sea.

2. Use this compass to find your way to my heart.

3. Ring my bell.

4. Post-it explosion.

5. Recorded video message.

You’ll have to watch the video for the explanation. You didn’t think I’d let you get off without pushing play did you?

I’m curious, what romantic things has your spouse done for you? Share with me! Or more importantly share with my husband {I’ll make him read the comments to this post}

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  1. says

    Hello Mandy, oh my god i have to say i have been having a rough week! But..Watching this video early in the morning has deffinetly made my day! The part where you almost fell was hilarious!! Im sorry but it was…glad you didn’t fall though..And the face of your husband when you grabbed him was priceless!! Thank you for this laugh!
    Stephanie Acevedo´s last blog post ..January Favorites!

  2. Shannon says

    You and Jeff are adorable!! Great pointers and LOVE the boxer photo-bomb and blooper at the end! You always inspire me, or make me laugh – this time it was both!!!! <3<3<3

  3. Shannon says

    Just one quick question though – who is the cute blonde in the compass picture??? (wink) Your loyal fans may need to see a close-up of that one day!!

  4. says

    You two are so cute! I think the sweetest thing my husband ever did for me was surprise me with a 30 minute video of different clips from our honeymoon. He edited a bunch of different clips together but saved all of our kisses for the end of the video, which he set to our song (Michael Buble’s “My Everything”). We now have our own little music video that’s so special and fun to watch, and our kiddos love watching it too. It’s kind of surreal watching it with them and thinking about all that has happened in the last 4.5 years, but that just makes it even more special.

    • says

      That’s a fantastic ONE!! The video messages are my favorite, but even better to have a music video with clips of the two of you. Hmmm, Jeff Rose may need to step it up! Ha!

  5. says

    I am actually getting ready to make a video for my husband for Valentine’s Day using some of our old pictures and our wedding pictures. I love the goofiness that the two share. Thanks for sharing this Mandy and Jeff.
    Cate´s last blog post ..Prayers for Carterville IL

  6. says

    That was adorable! You two make a great team! My husband does sweet things for me all the time…he rubs my feet every night and makes my lunch for work every day. Yeah…he’s a keeper fo sho! One of the sweetest things he did for me was to make Rice Krispy treats (he makes the BEST ones!) in shapes that spelled out “I <3 U" It was sooo cute! I loved it and I'm pretty sure I gained a couple of pounds eating all those Rice Krispy treats. Haha!
    Nancy´s last blog post ..Me and My Forever Valentine…Why it Works

  7. Jennifer Smith says

    I made a “spa night” for my husband and he loved it! I know this is for things that your husband can do for you but I’m sure any wife would love a spa night!! I wrote a note on the front door that told him to prepare himself for a spa night, come inside and take a warm shower. I put the kids to bed while he showered and had candles lit in the room, his favorite playlist playing on his laptop, and scented linen spray on the bed for him relax. I found some massage oil in my cabinet and spent 40 minutes rubbing his tired muscles. It wasn’t a task that I hated either!! No money was spent and it was very romantic =)

  8. says

    My huby has done few sweet things for me. When he went to Korea for a year, he started writing in a notebook to me, for me to read when he returned home. He also did this on a deployment as well.

    He took a piece of paper and decorated it for Valentines day and wrapped up a gift he bought me while deployed. I still have the wrapping paper. He has left me sweet messages on the answering machine, sent me sweet emails, brought home flowers for no reason. He has also left me post it notes with I love you on them too.

    With my hubby being military the separations have made our marriage that much stronger. We are able to reconnect after he comes home and rekindle the romance.

    We have been married almost 13 years (June 1st). I am the more romantic, but my hubby does do sweet things, just not as often as I would like. LOL
    Niki @ My Life, My Way´s last blog post ..Sunday Social – Valentines Day Edition


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