SJ’s 2 month Check Up



SJ is no longer my little bitty baby. He is growing faster than I remember either of my other two growing.

At his 2 month check up last week he weighed in at 11 lbs 14 ounces! Taking him from the 15 percentile to the 50th!

WHOAAAA Nelly! Such a big boy we have on our hands!

I’m wondering if is eyes could possible get any wider! #1 reason we haven’t gotten any good pics yet, because every SINGLE stinking time I try….I get this.

Is the camera really that scary?

And if it’s not the “holy crap I’m in the world” look….then we have the “why the heck is my brother licking my hand look.”

Both great looks for when mommy is trying to get some nice pictures. Ahem.

O-well, picture poser or not, we love out newest little guy MORE than words! He’s such a great addition to the “Rose Boys”.

In other news, hubby and I are getting baptized tomorrow at church! Super big day for us! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Our church is pretty big. Around 2,000 members. I’m just a little nervous about everyone watching. :)

If I pass out I’ll let you know. Trust me someone is going to video and take pictures. So you’ll know.




  1. Preppy 101 says

    Getting baptized is wonderful! And you won’t be nervous. You will feel more peaceful than you ever have in your entire life. Best day in one’s lifetime.

    Your boys are PRECIOUS!! So love your posts. XOXO

  2. says

    I really and truly love this. How stinkin’ cute that he does this for every photo……. what a little (big, growin’ boy) cutie!!

    And congratulations on getting baptized!! Such a huge, obviously life changing commitment and day! God is good… all of the time!
    darci´s last blog post ..Back to school…

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