You suck storm



Dear Mr. Inland Hurricane Mr. Tornado Mr. Microburst Mr. Whatever you want to call your self,

Thanks for swinging through our neighborhood.

Much appreciated.

Maybe next time you can ruin my garage door because I’d really like to get a new one.

Instead you demolished the only privacy fence we have….our privacy fence of trees.

Now I can see what my neighbors are doing at all times.

And I can no longer run around in my underwear.

Damn you.

Didn’t you realize I am trying to sell my house?

How on earth do you think I am going to do that when you took of f some of my roof, gutters, and trim?

Your really put a hold up on things you know!

Please do not visit again anytime soon. Actually please do not EVER visit again.

I would feel better if you just kept your distance.


House of Rose



  1. says

    That s so awful! I feel so bad for you guys having to clean up so much debris. Hoepfully it is all for a reason and the hosue will look better than ever when you’re done….just waiting for a buyer to swoop in!

    Marissa’s last blog post..Thursday Ramblings…


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