Get Your Home Office Organized



 I'm kicking off 2013 with some major organization projects! You would think I'm nesting or something. Ahem. I guess I technically am since our new child will arrive IN 2013 {we pray}. This is also week ONE of the "Dog Days (of Winter) Are Over" link party...and it's all about

Project Home Office



  I am constantly thinking of projects for my dad. His skills are so good that I hate for them to go unused. I mean that! Just because he's 60 now doesn't mean he's incapable of amazing handy work. Trust me. He's still got it. And then some. This time...I had an idea for a whole new office. Our

How many projects can I have going at once?



I'm not a juggler. In fact, I like to focus on one thing...get it accomplished...and move on to the next. However, with it being crunch time until the baby arrives, we are on a mad race to get MANY projects completed before my life becomes too full of kiddos to think about projects. Our biggest