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    Get Your Home Office Organized

     I’m kicking off 2013 with some major organization projects! You would think I’m nesting or something. Ahem.

    I guess I technically am since our new child will arrive IN 2013 {we pray}.

    Work From Home Office Space

    This is also week ONE of the “Dog Days (of Winter) Are Over” link party…and it’s all about “organization”.

    As y’all know, I work from home. I consider this space MY home office, although I will admit I have to share it with the hubs occasionally. He’s a hot mess when it comes to organization so I try to keep him out of here as much as possible.

    I tell him that his office is the couch! He has a laptop. Who wouldn’t want a couch office? Duh!

    This seat right here is where you will find me on most days. Blogging away. 



    Project Home Office


    I am constantly thinking of projects for my dad. His skills are so good that I hate for them to go unused. I mean that! Just because he’s 60 now doesn’t mean he’s incapable of amazing handy work. Trust me. He’s still got it. And then some.

    This time…I had an idea for a whole new office. Our office room is open to our living room/kitchen area and is very visible to guests. I absolutely despised how it looked before, but to be honest, when we moved in, it was one of the last things on my “to do” list.

    Here’s a BEFORE picture. See. BLAH.

    I feel like it was so unorganized. The space was misused. The desk was blah. And underneath…equaled = CLUTTER.

    Type A’s no like clutter. No like. At all.

    So when I saw this picture of a home office (I would give credit, but have no idea who’s picture this is…Nina posted it on twitter months ago and I can’t remember where she found it)…I knew that my home office…just wasn’t cutting it.

    Cue – calling dad to the rescue.

    I used this as my inspiration picture, but also knew that this home office was not near as modern as my style. I told him that I wanted something similar to this, but more modern…and in different colors.

    Yea. He loves when I say, “I want it to look like this, but not really.”

    After brainstorming and some serious measuring we came up with a plan. Well, I should say…he came up with a plan and I loved it.

    And so he went to work.

    He built everything in his garage (aka his personal workshop). Here he is after completing the bookshelves. 

    Isn’t he nice to dirty up his garage like that? The saw dust was EVERYWHERE.

    The bookshelves turned out perfect! 

    Then it was time for paint.

    He decided to buy a paint sprayer (is that even what they are called?). He turned his workshop garage in to a paint shop and away he went with the primer and paint.

    My office looked a mess for a few days during installation.

    He even had to make a few final cuts inside. Cue – saw dust now everywhere inside. Thank you Jesus for the Dyson handheld.

    But, because I’m impatient, and so is he…it didn’t take long before everything was installed and looking 100 times better than the old office.

    Here is the final product! CAN YOU SAY…WOW?!

    I decided to have the desk and bookshelves painted the same color as our pillars in our house.  I was “ify” about it. But, beyond thrilled when it turned out awesome.

    We used butcher block counter top for the desk top. L-O-V-E!

     I still have some organzing bins to buy. Target only had 2 of the ones I wanted.

    See, when I said it was open to our living room/kitchen, I wasn’t lying. It has no doors.

    I’ve also replaced the ceiling fan with a very cool LARGE pendant light. I dont’t have a picture of that yet, but it looks way better than the fan.

    Also, my dad is still in the process of building 4 shelves for the walls to the right of the window. I will update when those are finished.

    These following pictures are not the best because I took them with my phone, but I wanted you to see what it looked like with…

    …my new bamboo dry erase boards.

    My husband INSISTS on having dry erase boards on the walls for his “goals”. But sometimes big ugly white dry erase boards make me wanna gag.

    Cue – CB2 to the rescue!

    Definitely more modern. Now I won’t want to choke my husband for making me hang dry erase boards in the new gorgeous space.

    One of my new favorite parts of the office, this wonderful chair.

    You might be wondering why it’s so wonderful? I mean, I realize that it is pretty retro and looks like it came from the 60’s.

    But, this chair came from my Gma B’s house. I wanted something of hers that I could use in my house that would always remind me of her. I think my entire family thought I was nutso for wanting this chair. I had big dreams for this chair. Refinishing it and reupholstering it.

    Except, you see, when I got it home, it looked too good with my new rug…

    …that I have decided I am not going to do one thing to it. I like it just the way it is.


    So, there you have it, Project Home Office = COMPLETE (minus the stuff we want to hang on the wall).

    Another great project completed by my dad. Did I mention that I loved that he’s retired? 




    How many projects can I have going at once?

    I’m not a juggler. In fact, I like to focus on one thing…get it accomplished…and move on to the next.

    However, with it being crunch time until the baby arrives, we are on a mad race to get MANY projects completed before my life becomes too full of kiddos to think about projects.

    Our biggest project we have started…the POOL!

    Luckily, all of my decision making for the pool project is over. You know. Shape. Size. Liner style. Granite color for the step. Concrete layout and color. ETC.

    pool linerI never knew that a pool had so many options. Geez.

    Now it’s the pool guys turn to execute! They started a little on Saturday, but the main digging starts TODAY! They are saying 3 weeks till completion! I told them, “take your time buddy…I don’t plan on sporting a swimsuit until this babybelly is gone.”Pool Digging

    Just sayin’. 

    The next project. The nursery.

    I am so excited about Sloane’s room. The painter finished last week and here is a sneak peek at the walls (picture from my phone).Striped Nursery Walls

    I will take better ones once we have the room set up. Right now…Sloane doesn’t even have a bed. I guess that’s another project I need to add to my list. Darn. I hate when I come up with more things to think about.

    We moved the glider to the nursery this weekend so at least we have a start. The boys thought it would be fun to ride in the chair as daddy moved it from one room to another. Nursery GliderNursery GliderNursery Glider

    Is this a sign that Bents is no longer my baby? Oh man.

    I did get the custom bedding and curtains delivered for the nursery too! I CAN NOT wait to show you how cute they turned out. Again, probably gonna need a bed first before I can show off bedding. :)

    And our last BIG project. Home office re-do.

    That’s right. My dad is completely re-doing our home office. Building custom bookshelves and a built-in desk. This is a picture from last week of him working hard.  Home Office

    He has turned his garage in to a work space.

    Actually, yesterday he turned it in to a paint shop. He’s pretty creative like that.

    I am overly excited about this home office project. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I ADORE BEING ORGANIZED!

    And with my dad’s talent…this home office is going to be everything I imagined and then some! Including butcher block counter tops for a desk top!

    As you can see, the next 6 to 8 weeks are going to FLY by for me. I am trying to enjoy my last few weeks of pregnancy and my life with just 2 kids. I have a feeling…life ain’t about to slow down when the baby comes.

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