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    Get Your Home Office Organized

     I’m kicking off 2013 with some major organization projects! You would think I’m nesting or something. Ahem.

    I guess I technically am since our new child will arrive IN 2013 {we pray}.

    Work From Home Office Space

    This is also week ONE of the “Dog Days (of Winter) Are Over” link party…and it’s all about “organization”.

    As y’all know, I work from home. I consider this space MY home office, although I will admit I have to share it with the hubs occasionally. He’s a hot mess when it comes to organization so I try to keep him out of here as much as possible.

    I tell him that his office is the couch! He has a laptop. Who wouldn’t want a couch office? Duh!

    This seat right here is where you will find me on most days. Blogging away. 


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