A Look Back On The Best of….2013!



the best of 2013

I love stopping and taking a moment to reflect back on the past year. The good, the bad, the freaking fantastic…and all the in-between.

And let’s be honest, there’s been a whole lot of freaking fantastic in the last 12 months.

It’s safe to say that 2013 was our best year yet. All around. 

the best of 2013 1

That doesn’t mean I haven’t had struggles…because I have. But, the good has outweighed the bad by far.

To me? That’s success!

Please always remember when you are reading about my life and my family that you are getting a small glimpse into our world. The highlights mostly.

Sure, I talk about the hard stuff every now and then, but mostly I try to focus on what brings me joy.

It doesn’t mean we are perfect. Or that our life comes without any road blocks.

We’ve had plenty of those along the way.

But let’s take a look at the good, shall we?


Starting with a self-esteem booster for all of you mama’s out there who… My Mom is Good Enough was written to instill in you that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH indeed. Trust me.


We celebrated Parker’s 6th birthday this year with a Blue Ombre Birthday party that got featured on Hostess with the Mostess!! After exhausting every single boy theme party idea on the planet…I went simple and had some fun with different shades of blue.

Of course, it’s always lovely when at the end of the party your son says….“Hey mom, my favorite color is red.” Soooo….maybe 2014 will be the year of the red ombre party?


Y’all know I love to be organized. This year I got tired of the kitchen counter being the “catch-all” for our mail, keys, school work, JUNK. We started using the Kitchen Command Center and we finally have clean counters {for the most part}.


I was included in an e-book this year where I wrote a chapter titled: Welcome to Motherhood: Where Everyone You Know is a Baby Expert. I mean your closest friends, your mother, your grandmother, your mother-in-law, your neighbor, your neighbor’s sister, the lady in the checkout line at Walmart…they all want to give you their motherly advice. When all you really want them to do…is tell you how cute your baby is.


I’m not claiming to like dirt and long hikes with sticks, but I love watching my three wonderfully hearted set of boys explore and SMILE like the whole world is in their hands. A recent hiking trip made me realize that it’s the small things in life that make you realize how luck you are. Read: That’s Enough For Me


This year I made met one of the most amazing women on the planet, Natalie. We’ve spent the year becoming the best of friends and we even launched a business together, Happy Mommy Box! We love sharing why Starting a Blog has blessed us in ways beyond belief and we hope that it has inspired you to start YOUR own blog!


I fully admit that I have decorating A.D.D. {which I’m sure is no suprise to you}. I decided that I was over the spanish style bathroom so we had a Master Bathroom Makeover and even stenciled roses on the wall. 20120123-IMG_4011

We’ve been waiting to meet our sweet child for almost 2 years now. TWO YEARS. We are pretty darn excited about what 2014 will bring though…because we are certain it’s the year we will meet our new little one. I shared how Parker and the boys have the biggest hearts and are truly praying that “Everyone Would Have a Family“. 


I was honored to be the matron of honor in my best friends wedding this year! We even took a girls trip to Vegas for the bachelorette party where I gave the girls these gorgeous Bachelorette Party Gift Bags.


My dad finished another AMAZING project for us {yet again}the entire basement. One of our favorite areas is the Built-In Office Nook.


This year I started really discovering ME again. I’m finally not pregnant {for once in my life} and it’s been nice to start feeling confident in my body and who I am. I wrote: I Like Being Me Again to express how I went from lacking self-esteem to feeling like a new person!


I participated in a marriage series where I shared things about our marriage that I had never shared before. He Left and My Whole Entire World Changed was one of the hardest posts for me to write. The hubby and I even filmed a few videos and openly talked about our marriage struggles. <— see I told you I talk about the ugly sometimes.


A MAJOR highlight of our year was the launch of Jeff’s book: Soldier of Finance. It’s officially in Barnes & Noble NATIONWIDE! Such a proud wife!


Last, but certainly not least…. One of the top moments in 2014 is when The Busy Budgeting Mama came to visit us in IL and the husbands filmed a video: What It’s Like To Be Married To A Blogger. It topped views for any video I produced this year. I guess the people have spoken…just enlist the husbands to make fun of the wives on camera more often. :)

Here it is {in case you’re too lazy to click over – I don’t want you to miss it}.


To be completely honest with you though…one of the highlights of this year for me hasn’t been about any post I have written. It’s been about YOU ALL!

I read and appreciate every comment, email, facebook like, Instagram post…ALL OF IT. I don’t take it for granted and I want you to know that.

I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings! Thank you all for loving on me throughout the course of 2013. YOU have blessed me in so many ways!


A few of my friends posted their “Best of 2013″ moments…check it out…


  1. Rose says

    Yo mama! Love this post! I went to check out the Kitchen Command Center and the link doesn’t work :-) Just wanted to let you know! Have a Happy New Year! Did you pick an outfit?

  2. says

    Love the 2013 recap! When I share my blog with others I often have to remind them that it is also more of the “highlights” of our life. It’s a great place to keep track of all your GREAT memories…to look back on and be reminded of the incredible blessings you have!

    I have been following for about six months now, and I can’t wait to hear adoption news for you in the coming year!
    Julie @ Living on the Ledge´s last blog post ..What a Wonderful Little Christmas

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