The Birthday Girl


What kind of a husband would I be if I didn’t hijack my wife’s blog and slightly embarrass her on her birthday, right?


Yup, that’s right. My beautiful wife is celebrating her big day today – woop! woop! and I’ve been secretly trying to find some humorous pics to share.

There is the recent picture I took of her on the toilet – yeah, I said it – and although I’ve threatened to Tweet or Pin it; it won’t be shown here….yet.

Note:  Everything has a price.  You wanna see the pic?  Hit me with your best offer 😉

Instead of doing something embarrassing, I thought I would do just adorable.

Here’s a classic pic I found of Mandy and her mom. I swear if you look close enough you can see the same mischievous look that Bentley gives us.

To my awesome wife…..


Gigi and Papa have been so gracious to rescue take our kids from us for an evening as we head up to St. Louis for the night. Thank God for the best in-laws (grandparents) that a family can have! :)

Love you baba!!!! You are the best wife, mom, friend, companion that any man could ever have.



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