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Also known as the World Wrestling Entertainment {and you bet your butt hat I had to google that}.

Welp, I am officially no longer a WWE virgin. And I’m not sure how I feel about that.

A few weeks ago I agreed to accompany the boys to this wonderfully weird event. And weird it was.


There’s literally only ONE thing I knew about the WWE before attending this event and that’s that EVERYONE and their brother tells me my husband looks like “The Rock”.

I personally think my man is cuter. But they do resemble each other very much.

dwayne johnson

I would imagine them asking me to go to WWE is much like me asking my husband to attend a ballet. Toe shoes, pirouettes and leotards would wig him out I’m sure.

When he mentioned we should go I immediately assumed that by “we” he meant “them”. As in him and the boys. Not me too.

But, a few of our friends were attending and guess what…the wives were already signed up to tag along. So to avoid being a mom failure I agreed to go with.


Here’s a tip. Trendy boots, skinny jeans and designer handbags WILL make you stand out like a sore thumb at a wrestling event.

Who’s gonna buy me my first John Cena shirt??? Anyone???

I’m here to tell you…it was the strangest thing I’ve ever been too. Not counting a few college parties back in the day.

But above and beyond those college Halloween parties…this, by far, takes the cake.

I guess I’m not quite sure how pretending to slam each other into the floor and punch one another in the face is entertaining. And it was so blatantly fake that I couldn’t even understand how someone would watch this out of choice.

I hate to admit that I openly dislike it. I mean, I know that’s gonna tick off a lot of my wrestling readers. Haha!

The boys all had a good time. But even they were slightly confused on what was going on.

And one area it didn’t serve me well in? The fact that the boys now want to pretend they are WWE wrestlers.

Not cool.

For that fact alone, I will never return. Because you listen up WWE…I’ve got enough foul behavior going down in this household and I don’t need you influencing these crazy children to body slam each other.

The verdict is in. AND….

One thing I will never understand as a boy mom…the WWE.


  1. says

    I nearly just DIED at your referencing “wrestling readers”….lolol I’m so sure that was NOT the most amazing thing you have been to. I’m glad you shared this because I’m totally laughing my face off over this.
    Val´s last blog post ..Sip Happens Party

  2. says

    BWAHAHAHA! Much husband also watches it and made me tag along once in 2012. I don’t really like it myself, but the energy is infectious. My husband is also an avid baseball fan and a light football fan. I don’t think I’ll ever understand it. This made me laugh so hard.
    Celena Green´s last blog post ..the Wildflower Chronicles 2014:1

  3. says

    This blog post made me laugh. When my son was younger I took him to a WWE event. Weird for sure. Don’t worry, he is now 12 and he has grown out of it, for now! If it makes you feel better, my daughter actually fell asleep during the show! Just goes to show, moms will do anything for their kids! :)
    Boni´s last blog post ..We Believe!

  4. says

    I’ve been a fan for 30+ years now, so not all boys outgrow it. Obviously it’s not for everyone, but I applaud you for at least trying it. Your boys will remember that and appreciate it later in life. I’ve also had one match. While it appears fake, I can tell you it does have lingering effects.

    Thanks for sharing this as I’ve been eager to hear your review.
    Kevin Hunsperger´s last blog post ..Dustin’s Golden Year

  5. says

    Oooh you’re gonna hear about it now!! All your wrestling readers will be up in arms about you describing this magnificent sport as “fake”. Lol. I’ve never understood it either. And I honestly don’t understand why we spend so much time trying to teach our kids not to hit, to use gentle hands to look after each other… And then take them to the wrestling? With luck, your little men will get over the joy of the body slam. Although if my 35 year old husband and his brothers are anything to go by, maybe not 😉
    Erin´s last blog post ..Post Christmas

  6. says

    Don’t be hating!!!!!

    I don’t watch much anymore, but I was a huge fan for many, many years. I’ve been to live events probably half a dozen times, mostly in high school. Some with my Dad, some with friends. And we did have fun bodyslamming, though most of our violence toward each other took place on the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 2.
    Eric´s last blog post ..4 Uncommon Ways to Start Saving Money this Year

  7. Nicole says

    The only question that I have out of this whole post…The fashion! Where are those boots from?!? The rest of the post may as well been in pig Latin! But I do love how you are such a fashionable boy mom!

  8. says

    I had to laugh at this post. :) I was a fan of the “Rasslin” as my great grandfather called it. We used to watch it together.
    I even got to go to a live show once as a kid!

    A small touring version of the live show came to a teeeeeny town I lived in when I was in my 20s.
    Yeah, I went.
    It was fun – I know it’s “scripted”. I know many of the “hits” are just “stage hits” – but there is a lot of acrobatic athleticism in many of the matches.
    Great silly fun.
    Debra Womack´s last blog post ..Winning is fun!

  9. says

    Oh Miss Mandy, I have been where you are and still am all the time- My husband loves the WWE and has watched it since he was a kid- (he is 41 now). I went with him for our 7th wedding anniversary years ago. I got some major brownie points for that really romantic anniversary. And I do have a John Cena t-shirt- don’t tell anyone. He’s hot, I couldn’t help it :)
    Mandy Hank´s last blog post ..Chalk Board and Wood Cubby Tags

  10. says

    Haha! I know I went once when I was a teenager and I HATED it! Anytime my husband tries to turn it on the TV now I make him change the channel…. I make fun of him… like really? I don’t want my boys getting any ideas either lol I am cracking up picturing you in the middle of it all. Probably looked like me sitting there all out of place. But I think it’s so awesome of you to have tagged along with your boys! :) Ps Only way I’d ever go back is to see the Rock 😉 hehe
    Melinda´s last blog post ..Donating Milk- The Process Pt.1

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