Nine Things You Can’t Live Without at a Blog Conference


Packing is one of my LEAST favorite things to do when I have a trip planned.

It’s not so much the packing as it is the, “What should I bring?” and the, “What do I not want to forget?” mind games.

Throw in trying to pack for a blog conference and BLECK…I start breaking out in a cold sweat.

So, for all of you out there that {like me} who want to make sure you are prepared when you head off to your next blog conference…here are my NINE MUST-HAVES:

Things To Take To A Conference - Nine Things You Must Take to a Blog Conference

None of my top nine include any wardrobe pieces, but I suggest you bring that too. No one wants to meet a naked blogger. Awkward.


Consider these things – nine things you don’t want to arrive without. Trust me on this one, mmm-kay?

Things To Take To A Conference -  Mophie, Notepad, Laptop

1. Mophie

In case you are wondering what in the world a Mophie is, let me explain. A Mophie is a iPhone case that gives your phone EXTRA battery life.

I find that when I attend a blog conference I am usually on my phone about 10 times more than I normally am. And that 10 times more makes my phone want to die before I’ve even had a chance to sit down and eat lunch.

*Que extremely disappointed blogger who can’t get on social media to tweet she just met Jon Acuff. 

2. A Notepad

You will be taking lots of notes. LOTS. Unless you plan to attend and retain the 8,000 wonderful things you learned all in your little big brain.

I can’t remember what I did an hour ago so I sure the heck won’t remember what I learned in each session once I am home from the conference. I refer to my notes ALL the time when I am blogging.

They are nice to have handy and you’ll be glad you wrote down some of your favorite take-aways!

3. Laptop

Now, some people argue to take the iPad over the laptop. Yada yada yada.

I would say this…if you have room for both then bring both. It does get rather bulky and heavy to try and lug your laptop to each session.

That being said, you WILL want to use your laptop when you are back in your hotel room. I was so inspired last year during the sessions that I spent a ton of time updating things on my blog and making changes.

Of course, you don’t want to waste too much time on your laptop because there will be wonderful people to hang out with.

I usually just take my iPhone to the sessions and then use my laptop in the hotel room.

Things To Take To A Conference - Roommate Gifts, Power Strip, Gum

4. Roommate Gifts

I had no idea that it’s common to bring a small little gift for your roommates.

*Insert extremely embarrassed roommate last year when I realized this upon arriving at Blissdom with no gifts. Ahem.

I am NOT saying you have to spend a ton of money. This little appreciation gift can be {and should be} very small! This year my roomies will be getting some Lip Smacker and Emi-Jays. Both inexpensive items.

You can even do this without spending ANYTHING. Make them snack bags for the hotel room or just write them a sweet note.

A little goes a long way.

5. Power Strip

Oh, the life of four women all fighting for the same electrical outlet. Not cool, not cool.

Trust me when I say, you can’t all charge your iPhones, iPads, Laptops, etc at the same time. Think ahead and bring a power strip so you have enough space to keep your electronics juiced up.

<<<Oh, and when I ask Allie Worthington {co-founder of Blissdom} her favorite blogging conference must have? She agreed that the power strip was it!

6. Gum

Last time I checked, no one wants to talk to someone who has stinky breath.

Chances are you will be chatting with and hugging TONS of new friends. Make sure you don’t scare them off with your coffee breath {and you will need coffee from all the late night dancing}.

Enough said.

Things To Take To A Conference - Business Cards, Comfy Shoes, Make up

7. Business Cards

It’s so much easier to hand out business cards then to try and ask people to write down your URL.

Business cards are a great way to connect with others and allow them to get a snippet of who you are. I love the idea of putting a head shot on your business cards.

I would encourage you NOT to just go around passing out your business cards though. Make sure that the person is interested or asks for one. Otherwise, most likely they will take it and it will end up in the trash before they even hit the road home.

8. Comfy Shoes

Yea, you may be upset because you will have to take a few days off from the gym while you attend your conference. I assure you…whatever calories you missed out on at the gym you will make up for in walking at the conference.

Prepare yourself for a lot of walking. Meaning…don’t wear heels just because you want to look cute. You will hate yourself the next morning. I know fashion is important at a conference, but remember that comfort is also important.

9.  Make-up

This one sounds like a given, right? But a lot of us work from home or are stay-at-home moms and we rarely wake up and put on make-up.

I think it’s important to look your best when you attend a conference, not because you need to impress people…but because it will boost your confidence.

And confidence is key when you are meeting new people.

HofR Divider

All of these things are super important when you are heading off to a blog conference. But please remember the absolute #1 thing that you need to bring with you is….

Things To Take To A Conference - Courage

It can be scary and overwhelming to think about all the new people you will meet and if they will like you. If you need a little confidence booster please check out my “Am I Ever Really Good Enough?” post.

You are already being bold and brave by buying the ticket to the conference. I promise you that it’s not near as scary as you are imagining.

It will be life changing. Guaranteed.

This month I will be attending Blissdom in Dallas, Texas. I am a Community Leader this year and it’s a huge honor. I have asked some of my fellow Community Leaders and experienced conference attendees to share their absolute “MUSTS” for a blog conference.

Here’s what they had to say:

Ear plugs. For you… to help you get beauty rest! For your roomies… so they do’t hear you come in late and end up hating you  Win-win!

Jenny – Jenny on the Spot

You’re going to be in tons of pictures. Make sure you bring clothes that make you feel comfortable, long lasting lipstick and bandaids, in case your feet aren’t ready for all the dancing!

Molly – Stilettos & Diapers

Biz Cards, comfy cute shoes, snacks & water, chargers for phone, a comfortable bag and a smile!

Leigh – Funky Faith Girl

Lots of layers, no matter what time of year the conference rooms are notoriously cold. Also a mophie charger or any extra phone charger accessory.

Neely – A Complete Waste of Makeup

Pajamas that are worthy of being in the company of new people, and potentially photographed! I also always pack an extra outfit for lounging (Blissdom is a little different because you know that Girls Night In is super casual) in case you meet someone that says “hey, let’s continue this party in my room”. And because I’m OCD, I bring little smiley face stickers to help differentiate business cards from those people that I really want to connect with once home.

Amy Broussard – Amy Broussard & Co.

My most important item is an extra juice pack for my cellphone, iPad, electronics!

Tonia Sanders – The Chatty Momma

My must-haves are phone/iPad chargers, camera batteries, cardigans (I’m ALWAYS cold), snacks, and Dr. Pepper!

Ashley – Ashley Lately

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  1. says

    No heels? Good advice. I was totally mentally planning wrong. I’m headed to Blissdom too. I really hope we can connect while we’re there! Good advice. I’m trying to figure out as much as I can since this is my first conference. How many business cards should I bring?

    • says

      I would love to meet you!! I tried to wear heels to the big event at night last year (Rascal Flatts and Joe Jonas) and I ended up taking them off and going barefoot! LOL! My feet had already hurt from walking so much and then trying to wear heels…it was a no go for me! I would bring about 100 business cards just to be safe. See you soon!

  2. says

    Brilliant idea for a post! You rock (as always). Thanks for the tips. I’m bummed I won’t make it to Blissdom this year, sniff sniff.

  3. Amy says

    Have so much fun! I’ve been to the Gaylord Texan with my husband for one of his conferences. It is a cool resort. Congrats on being a Community Leader!

  4. says

    I have to say, I find it fascinating that you have blog conferences in the US. In Norway, there are certain Blog Awards, but honestly it feels rather like a wannabe fashion show. I do like the idea though, don`t get me wrong! Seems like a very creative, fun and social event!
    The Norwegian Girl´s last blog post ..The Great Norwegian Adventure


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