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To Be Snowed In…


We woke up on Friday morning around 7:00 am and all I heard was…

“Bentley!!!! COME HERE!! Look at all this snow!”



I secretly wanted to throw the comforter over my head, close my eyes and pretend it was all a dream. A very bad dream that I would soon wake up from.

But I couldn’t possibly go back to sleep to the sound of three VERY LOUD and VERY excited little boys running around the house yelling… “SNOW POOPY!! SNOW POOPY!!”

Because they add poopy to everything they say. #lordhelpme

Like any good mother I had to get up and let them play in it. snow 1 20131207-IMG_7283 snow 9 Only problem there? I hate the cold. And the snow.

So…on day 1, I watched from the front door. Which was fine by me.

20131207-IMG_7290 20131207-IMG_7292 snow 8

But by day 2…EVEN my husband was calling me a snow-fun-snatcher.

The boys were demanding that I come play. GAH!

Of course, they thought it would be fun to peg me with snowballs.

photo (2) photo

And you know what I hate more than snow?


But luckily I let loose a little and had fun with it. For a few seconds.


snow 7 20131207-IMG_7278

I can honestly say I’d rather go hiking. And y’all know that’s saying a lot, right?

I think I know the problem though. I just need to invest in some cold gear. I didn’t even have gloves.

I’m pretty sure if I had some snow pants and ear muffs…I’d be way more enjoyable in the cold.


Here’s to hoping that we don’t get snowed in again this winter.

Because y’all….THREE boys locked up in one house with nowhere to go for a few days is recipe for a mom that needs more caffeine than she had on hand.



  1. Oh man! My family all still lives in Central Iowa and I feel for them and their snow days. But I do remember snow days being so fun when I was a kid! I hate the cold too! ;)
    Andrea Worley´s last blog post ..One of My Favorite Christmas Traditions {Recordable Story Books}

  2. Oh… you feel about snow like I feel about the sea and beach sand… and I live in Durban, South Africa where all there is is beach and sand.
    Jenn (Student Mom)´s last blog post ..A Nation In Mourning for a Hero

  3. Sigh- I WISH we’d gotten snow here in Georgia. Instead, it was 76 degrees. 76!!! That’s just not right. Wanna trade places with me?? :)
    Emily @ DavenportDIY´s last blog post ..DIY canvas art

  4. Kendra says:

    Yep, all u need is snow gear, Mandy. It can be fun…. I enjoy shovelling, building a snowman and what is more fun than sledding? :) to hear our children s squeals and shouts makes it all worth it and fun! Planning on putting them on skis for the first time at Christmastime. Hope u can enjoy a nice snowfall too :)

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