{Vlog 29} Stop & Smell the Roses – The Sickness is Gone!


What’s going on my ladies {and gentlemen???}?  I am finally over being sick. Can I get an AMEN?

Phew. It’s been awhile since I had the flu bug and let’s just say….it wasn’t a good time.

If you are new here and are interested in joining us for Stop & Smell the Roses Wednesday check out my vlogging page.

All you need to do is film a short video and tell us what you are thankful for or what is making you smile lately. Then link up here!

A Couple Things:

This giveaway that I talk about. It’s no joke! Y’all are gonna LOVE it!

It wouldn’t be a Stop & Smell the Roses video if I didn’t leave out something really great, right? My husband and I celebrated 8 years of marriage this week!

Well, we didn’t really celebrate as we were both sick in bed on our actual anniversary, but we did get a chance to celebrate over the weekend. You know what’s even funnier…I was wearing the same shirt & scarf on our anniversary date as in my video. No judging. I planned it that way. Ahem.

So, let’s hear it…what is making you smile?

 Here is the schedule for the link up going forward! Only one more link up before this year comes to an end!!

Make sure and click “continue” to view the vlogs that have linked up. If you were wondering why I do it that way? It’s because “In-Linkz” can make your site load slow if you keep it on the homepage. By having the click-through…it doesn’t slow down my site. Just a quick little tip if you are using the In-Linkz tool. :)

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  1. says

    Yay for feeling better!! And double Yay for having parents close by to help out!! We are in the same situation & I honestly don’t know what I would do without them!! I hope you & Jeff had a great time celebrating your anniversary this past weekend since you were both sick in bed on your actual anniversary! And….I had so much fun at our Pinterest party!! Can’t wait to do it again!
    Tonya @ Love of Family & Home´s last blog post ..Hallway Bathroom Makeover Reveal

  2. says

    Sorry I won’t be linking up today! My computer sucks and I don’t have access to the one with the camera that I usually use! I LOVE Pinterest Parties though! I think that was the first thing I blogged about and where I made my first “real” craft. Happy belated anniversary! 8 years is such a long time! (That’s more than 1/3 of my lifetime!) Congrats!
    Kala´s last blog post ..Why Am I Doing This Again?

  3. Casey Rolape says

    Hi Mandy!

    I am new to blogging. I have had several people from Southern Illinois telling me to check out your site. Thanks for allowing me to link up this week! I think it is a wonderful and creative idea! I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

  4. says

    Yay for feeling better! So glad!

    I had my vlog filmed for this week, but it refused to upload. Hopefully, the next time I vlog will be after my iPad comes! 😉 Woot woot!

    Also – is that polka dot chambray? LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’m pretty sure I have that same top and it is the absolute BEST. And one more fleeting thought – Happy belated anniversary!

    Kenz´s last blog post ..Just call me the chapstick junkie…

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