{Vlog 30} Stop & Smell the Roses – The Last Video For 2012


Hey my wonderful peeps! Can you believe that this is the LAST Stop and Smell the Roses link up for 2012? Hello, where does time go?!

This is my 30th vlog! I must say that {thanks to YOU all} I have truly enjoyed getting behind the camera and sharing my life via video. It’s opened up a new perspective on blogging for me. For those of you that have been vlogging with me…THANK YOU! I know it’s uncomfortable and we all hate to watch ourselves on camera, but it has been so helpful in getting to know more about each other.

If you are new here and are interested in joining us for Stop & Smell the Roses Wednesday, no worries…we will continue this starting January 2013! Go check out my vlogging page for full details.

Video Comments:

Umm, I love getting Christmas cards. Like super duper dog love it! Just in case I wasn’t on your list this year I wanted you to feel really bad about that. Ahem.

I am going to be hosting Stop and Smell the Roses monthly starting next year. I think it’s too much fun to not continue in some sort of fashion!

Starting January 2nd we will do this link up the FIRST Wednesday of every month! Now you really have no excuses not to participate…more time to get a video prepared. Haha!

The Debt Movement starts in T minus 21 days. If you have ANY form of debt what-so-ever then please join us in paying it off! You don’t have to pay it all off. But the more you pay the better! You can sign up starting January 1st to get on board. Just head over to the new Debt Movement site to get signed up.

Not to mention that there are debt scholarships to be won! YES, debt scholarships. Meaning that you can win FREE money to pay off your debt.  Pure awesomeness! Oh and in case I forgot to mention this, it’s free to sign up.

Speaking of free money, did you enter the $1,000 Christmas Cash giveaway. GO NOW!

Make sure and click “continue” to view the vlogs that have linked up. If you were wondering why I do it that way? It’s because “In-Linkz” can make your site load slow if you keep it on the homepage. By having the click-through…it doesn’t slow down my site. Just a quick little tip if you are using the In-Linkz tool. :)

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  1. says

    So glad I finally get to link up with you! Thanks for hosting such a fun linky party. I thought having animals and a Christmas tree didn’t mix, didn’t even think of little ones pulling ornaments off, LOL. I wish I received more cards, my friends/family don’t really do that sort of thing (I don’t either though!) it would be fun!
    Dana @ This Silly Girl’s Life´s last blog post ..Stop and Smell the Roses

  2. says

    Yes- Christmas cards are the best!!! Love them! How are you displaying them? I used to just put them on the fridge, but ever since I’ve been to visit the in-laws in England and saw how awesome they display their cards I had to do it too!
    Have a great Christmas!:)

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