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Dining Room Wall Makeover

Dining Room Reveal

I have been adding and changing and adding and changing things in this dining room since the day we moved in.


I just didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted it to be. I kept trying different ideas and then changing them a few weeks later.

I think I can finally say that I am getting closer to having it just the way I want it.

Dining Room Reveal

Dining Room RevealOne major change that I made? The chandelier.

I got this one at West Elm. I’m shocked at what a difference a light can make. This light has a quarter of my heart. 

This is my picture gallery wall. If you remember correctly…it’s my second attempt at it.

Dining Room Reveal

When I ordered the beautiful buffet from Home Decorators I decided the gallery wall needed an overhaul.

This is also the SECOND color of paint that I have had on these walls.

Indecisive much? Nah.

 Dining Room Reveal

My initial vision when I decided to repaint was that I wanted to do a medium gray color.

Here’s a quick tip: don’t pick out a paint color and then have your painter paint it while you are on vacation. You will come home to a surprise wall color. I promise you.

THIS wall color is NOT at all what it looked like on the swatch. It looked a WHOLE lot more gray. Once it was on the walls it almost looked like it had a deep blue tint. Not what I originally bargained for.

In fact, I was thinking it would look a lot more like the medium gray color in these napkins on the table.

Dining Room Reveal

That being said…after we added crown molding and board and batten…

…I kinda love the deep gray/blue color now! Who knew?!

My dad busted out this board and batten project in ONE day. ONE day peeps. He is truly amazing.

I’m still not certain on a dining room table centerpiece. Table decorating is not my specialty.

This one will work for now. Plus, I figure I can fill it with seasonal items when I decorate for holidays.

Wait, I only decorate for Christmas. Ok, well I guess in December it will be filled with ornaments.

I really LOVE how the new board and batten gives it that POP of color! Can I put board and batten all over my house or would that be excessive. :)

20130828-IMG_5221Dining Room Reveal

I’m planning on doing a before and after show of the board and batten project very soon. You will be amazed at how much the board and batten makes a difference!

So, there you have it. My dining room. I would say your all invited to dinner, but bad news…I rarely cook.


Maybe I should say…”Your all welcome for chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese (my specialty)!”

Who’s coming?



Source List:

Dark Gray Wall Color – 4005-2C Mark Twain Gray Brick {Lowes}

Light Tan Wall Color – Lambs Ear Valspar Signature {Lowes}

Hanging Capiz Pendant – West Elm

Large Mirror – Pier 1

Grey Ruffle Curtains – Urban Outfitters

White Buffet – Home Decorators


  1. Amy Knecht says

    Your chandelier inspired me. I think I want it for my dining room, but I am concerned about the assembly. When they say “assembly required”, can you tell me what that entails? Love your room-I hope you have many happy memories around that table!

    • says

      It was kind of a pain in the butt when it came in the box! LOL! Every single little shell part of the light was bubble wrapped. :) It wasn’t hard to take off or put together…it was just that there were sooooo many pieces of bubble wrap to take off that it was annoying! I think it took me an hour. But I honestly LOVE the light and think it’s totally worthy it!

    • says

      Hey Mandy , I’m new to your blog am I’m hooked your very creative . Wanted to know where did you get that cute laugh sign above the double doors. Thank you

  2. Brandie says

    Hi Mandy. Love your taste(s). May I as where you got your initial “R”? I have been looking for an “S” for sometime. The only ones I can seem to find are at Joann and they are made out of papier mache’ or something. Love love everything! Your house is gorgeous.

  3. Christy says

    Hi! I love your blog! Your style has given me MUCH decorating inspiration for the house I’m currently building. Everything you’ve done is so beautiful yet cool, shiek & hip :) With that being said i really adore your dining room…can you tell me where the rug is from in your dining room? Thanks much!

  4. Stephanie says

    Hey, madly in love with your blog and your HOUSE!! Its stunningggggg.. Love this dining room and the colors so much. Just was wondering where you purchased your dining room table set, and the laugh wall art?

    Again such an amazing house, it really has a lot of character to it. Great job! :)

  5. Nicole says

    Hey Mandy!
    I wanted to ask you how much light the West Elm light fixture puts out? If its very bright or does it just provide a nice glow? Thanks!

  6. erica says

    Loooove your home!! i know it says Dark Gray Wall Color – 4005-2C Mark Twain Gray Brick {Lowes} for the darker color but what is the lighter one? also is that the same dark color as in the kitchen? thank you :)

  7. Rosie says

    I would love to purchase the buffet you have in your dining room. I can’t seem to find it on the website you mentioned. Do you have a link?

  8. Cheri says

    Did you purchase the white or gray chandelier from West Elm? Im having trouble telling which color it is. Its beautiful.

  9. says

    You have an adorable home and lovely looking family! I love the character that the board and batten adds. Board and batten is on our 2013 project list. Always fun to hear (read) how much people love the difference it’s made in their homes.

  10. Kaylan says

    My husband and I are about half way through the building process so I was so excited to stumble across your modern home! I love your style!

    I looked up your dining room chandelier from West Elm – the gray on their website almost looks black. Is this the exact one you ordered? It looks so much darker than yours, but maybe they were using a lower wattage lightbulb in their pics than you used in your room? (I’m hoping it’s the same, yours looks way better than the one on their site!)

  11. Moeuy says

    Hi Mandy, can you tell me where you got that table from below the big family canvas portrait? Thank you and btw your house is amazing

  12. says

    Mandy, your dining room is so pretty! Even though the color was unexpected, it turned out fantastic! I really like how the Mark Twain Gray Brick looks in here. I’ve been really drawn to dark charcoal colors like this lately, and I’m toying with painting my own dining room a similar color. I’d love to feature this on my paint color blog. You wouldn’t have to do a thing, just let me know if you’re interested!

  13. Heather says

    I love that buffet! I went to Home Decorator’s but didn’t see it anywhere on their site, I’m assuming you’ve had it for awhile :-(

    Your house is definitely serving as lots of inspiration to our under construction home! Can’t wait! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Lisa says

    Hi Mandy, I am cross posting from your office. What is the lighter color here in your DR? I love it, actually I love your entire home and the amazing color choices that are so warm, yet dramatic! Just what I am drawn too! You are very talented!

  15. Lisa says

    Hi there! I am crazy in love with your style And your optimistic, spunky personality that shows through out your blog :-). I come here daily for inspiration and relaxation :-)
    What is the light color paint in your dining room? I am painting my dining room accent charcoal grey too, in spite of my fams not so enthusiastic support ;-). I love the balance lighter paint color you chose, could you please share it with me? Thanks a bunch!
    A daily blog follower, AKA Lisa :-)

  16. Summer says

    Love love love
    And I see you’re a fellow Hobby Lobby fan 😀
    I recently did a huge gallery wall for my family room and I think 99% of the things that were bought were all from there. Mainly picture frames and then a letter D, and a few other things. Everything was 50% except a small yellow mirror, but hooray for smart phones and their 40% off online coupon.

    Oh as for a centerpiece… What about a lantern? Put some lemons or something inside? Oh and Target has some gorgeous glass vases with rope wrapped around the bottom. It could be a nice contrast in the room.

    Anyhow.. I just now stu bled onto your blog and I’m in love.

    • Samantha says

      Where did you purchases your frames for your gallery wall and what are the different sizes? I just love the way you did yours.

  17. Andrea says

    I love the batten board in your dining room. I know you said your dad did it but did it come in big panel pieces that just needed to be secured to the wall?

    If not, how did he do that?

  18. Bets says

    Just bought a house & I’m doing a bunch of DIY projects. I’d love to have a mentor like you help me with my blog. I know you have step by steps. I’m not good at all at this online stuff lol but I’d love your help. I’m in love with your blog. You were my push to start mine because I was scared :) your so inspirational

  19. Samantha says

    I just love you gallery wall in your dining area. I’ve been struggling to put one together. What are the dimensions for the frames you chose?

  20. says

    I take my hat off to you. Thank you for sharing all your hard work. You have an amazing eye for taste. You’ve done an incredible job making your house a home. Thank you.
    I would love to know how your Dad did the Crown molding in the dining room (I think it’s the Board and Batten Project?)

  21. Bryn says

    What molding did you use in your dining room for the board and batten project? Also, was the chair rail and crown molding prepared first? Also, what size wood is used for the board and batten?

  22. Roxanne says

    Hi, love your home! You have a white rose on one your walls, how did you get that one there? Is it from a stencil?


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