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Four years ago I can vaguely remember my husband mentioning to me that he wanted to write a book.

I remember blowing him off like he had lost his marbles and going about my day {probably folding laundry if I had to guess – story of my life}.

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I should have known better. I should have known that when my husband puts his mind to something…he usually always makes it happen.

Fast forward four years…and BOOM! The book idea is a reality.

This is not one of those books that he just threw together and attempted to publish. This has been years and years of research and writing. He has SUCH a passion for helping people become financially free.

That’s one of my favorite qualities about him.

I really think he will be able to help SO MANY people through this book.

“Complete with tales from the trenches and useful tools including quizzes, debriefings, and more – Soldier of Finance is the survival guide you need to face down your finances and bring order and prosperity to your life.”

Just to debunk the first misconception…no this book is NOT for soldiers. Not to say a soldier wouldn’t be interested, BUT…this book is for YOU. For ME. For the everyday person who is trying to get their financial life in order so that they can live the life they want to live.

He uses a no nonsense style to help you overcome financial obstacles, get out of debt, and obtain financial freedom.

I’m so very proud of everything he has put in to this book. It’s been a very busy and hectic last few weeks as he prepares for it to launch September 9th. Oh yes, September 9th.


Just this past week at church I snapped this photo of him receiving prayer. Such a great reminder that we can not survive this life without our God. He had been trying to do all of the book stuff on his own and it was taking a toll on him. I’m thankful that he handed it over to Jesus!

I absolutely LOVE how our pastor put it in a recent email he sent to Jeff:

I prayed this morning that in your book your faith in Jesus would not get watered down because it is He who gave you the idea, passion, and ability to write it in the first place. I encourage you stay depending on God and listening in prayer as the Holy Spirit speaks to you about yourself and the purpose He has given you for your life and leading your family spiritually.

I could not agree more. It is God who is working through Jeff to help people. All the glory goes to Him!

So many of you have kindly asked me how you can help or how you can get the book {thank you for that by the way}.

I talk to the hubs and said, “Hey, let’s do something fun for my readers….something that will reward them for supporting US!”  He was on board!

Since some of you had planned to help support us by buying the book anyway…we thought…why don’t we put together a giveaway and offer y’all something really cool for all of the LOVE you have shown to us!

SOF Giveaway 2

So how about an iPad mini???

I think this would be a great tool to help you get your life in financial order too! The apps they have for budgeting and money management are amazing.

We Jeff also thought it would be fun to offer a Google hangout session with me. Now…I realize, this is not NEAR as cool as the iPad mini. In fact, it’s probably not cool at all.

Sometimes there are questions that I get asked or emails that I get…and I just don’t get the chance to respond to everyone. So….this would be a complete hour of Q&A where I would have the chance to answer your questions.

I’m no professional on ANY topic, but through blogging and life I have experienced a lot of things that I would love to share. Whether it’s questions on home decor or adoption or fashion or blogging…you can ask me anything you want! I think it will be fun to connect with some of you on a more personal level too! I love getting to know y’all better. For the Google Hangout we will be pick five winners to be on the hangout and I will announce the date of the hangout after the giveaway ends {most likely it will be a mid-September schedule date}.

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Here’s how it will work {SUPER EASY}:

All you have to do is pre-order a copy of Soldier of Finance HERE.

Then enter that you did so in the Rafflecopter widget. We will verify the winner by making sure you have pre-ordered the book through Shopify.

THAT’S IT! No “follow me here” or “like” me on Facebook. None of that.

This is more of a THANK YOU for the people who are willing to support his book.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the chance to watch his book trailer above. I love how he openly shares his heart on “why” he wanted to write this book. Plus…I spent a gazillion hours editing this thing. So please watch it. :)


Support @houseofrose’s hubby’s new book and have a chance to win a mini ipad! Click <<HERE>> to tweet!

*Official prize: 16gb iPad Mini with Wifi {color will be black or white – whichever is available} and 1 hour long Google hangout Q&A session with Mandy from House of Rose. There will be one winner for the iPad Mini and five winners for the Google Hangout. The Google Hangout will be ONE Google Hangout where all five people are present. See Rafflecopter widget for terms and conditions. 

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  1. Lindsay Carrasquillo says

    I just pre- ordered the book and I am soooooooooo excited to receive it and read it! Congrats to both Mandy and Jeff! I know you are both so proud! May God continue to bless your family each day, as you are sharing your wonderful talents that He has blessed you with!


  2. says

    Hi Mandy,

    I can’t wait to read this book. Jeff and I have so many things in common… Military, Life Insurance Producer and CFP. Only difference is he really made his dreams come true. But I know in my heart that I will some day as well. I follow many of you and your husband’s sites and love all of them.

    Here’s blessings to you and your family!

    Jim´s last blog post ..Hello world!

    • says

      Hi Jim! Yes YOU CAN DO IT! Trust me, four years ago we didn’t think he could do it either, but time and hard work will make it happen! Good luck!

      • says

        Thanks for the encouragement Mandy! To think that I have been sitting on the fence with blogging for even longer than you have been blogging. haha

  3. Ralinn says

    I preordered my book. Can’t wait to get it. The trailer turned out great. Nice editing. Thanks for the book and the chance to win.

  4. Beth says

    I just preordered the book for my husband and myself- SO excited to read and be inspired! Great work on the trailer!

    Thank you!!

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