Your adopting a what?


A few of my favorite responses when we have told people we are adopting…

1. Your adopting a what? Like a dog? What shelter are you getting it from?

2. Oh, so your going to be sponsoring a child in another country.

3. What on earth are you thinking? Don’t you already have enough children!

4. Oh. Are you just committing to like pay for their school and college and stuff?


Ugh, no. Not quite peeps.

We are “like” adopting a child {not a dog} whom we will be sponsoring for LIFE via inviting them into our family {yes, the family where we already have 3 boys} and we will most definitely be paying for their college {and everything in between}.

I like this question too…

“How can you ever love an adopted child as much as your biological children?”

Because the heart just grows bigger that way. Because the same God who adopted us into His family loves us just as much as the natural kids. Because love grows from the heart, not from the uterus.

And I may hurt someone if they ever ask me this, “So which ones are yours?”


Entrusted to me by God.

That is just a small reflection of my heart. A heart that God is preparing for big things.



  1. says

    You have such a beautiful soul, Mandy! I am so excited for your family and what a blessing to add another child to your family. This child will certainly be one lucky and blessed kid.
    Lynsey´s last blog post ..Menu Monday Link Up

  2. says

    You’re such a good, sweet person and any child would be so lucky to have you as a mom. I love reading your blog! People are so silly though…with those questions. I had to laugh when I read them.
    Apryl Kilgo´s last blog post ..Off to the Eye Doctor

  3. Ashley G. says

    Mandy, I think this is the best blog entry (and you’ve written some great ones) you have ever written. It’s SO heartfelt, honest, and sincere. I am beyond excited for you and your family! All SIX of you. =)

  4. Dawn says

    Hi Mandy,

    I have followed yur blog for quite some time and only have commented a couple of times. I have three children, 2 bio boys, ages 21 and 12 and we adopted a little girl from S. Korea, who just turned 2. (yes, I will be 45 next month, just in case you are wondering!! LOL) Brooklynn has been home 14 months. She came home at 11 months old. I can tell you without a doubt, that the love that you will have for your new child will be the EXACT SAME love that you have for your first 3 boys. That same feeling of when they are each placed into your arms for the first time….there is NO difference! I love this post of yours!! Personally, I really have not had any negative comments. I think for the most part that people are just curious and what they say is not necessarily how it comes out!! Like “are you her mother?” YEP! She is mine!! Enjoy each step in the process and before you know it, you will be receiving your referral! Once you have your new son/daughter in your arms, you will know exaactly why God placed adoption in her hearts! So happy for you!



  5. Chelsi says

    I am so scared for these types of statements when we become public with our adoption journey. ACK! What is wrong with people!? I need to grow some thick skin, I do know that.

  6. Jenna P says

    Even though I have never meet you, I feel like you are my best friend!!! This post literally made me fall in love with what you and your family have decided to do. I have been praying for you and hoping that your adoption is a smooth sailing :) I can’t wait to hear more about it

  7. says

    Some people don’t understand that there are children out there that don’t have anyone to love them as much as you love your boys. This adopted child will be YOUR child. Who cares that you won’t give birth to it? My grandma always said God has put an extra jewel in your crown for this. You are amazing Mandy.
    Cate´s last blog post ..Stop and Smell the Roses week 11

  8. says

    My best friend adopted her daughter 2 years ago. They are in the process of adopting again. I can only warn you that the stupid, insensitive questions will continue. However there will also be lots of supportive friends, and you will probably meet lots of new people along the way who will also become good friends. Congratulations on expanding your family.

    p.s I just brought my guacamole and refried bean covered 16 month old son home from a Mexican restaurant and I can only imagine having 2 more boys!! I love that you keep a sense of humor and share your stories here!!

  9. says

    That is AWESOME! Congratulations to the sweet little one who is going to be so blessed to get you all as family. You are clearly full of love and joy… and who couldn’t use a little more of that?! :)

  10. Diane says

    It is amazing what people come up with right? Children really do come from God and are entrusted to us by Him. Just like blood is thicker than water, love is thicker than blood. Our Logan was definitely planned for us and the minute we held him we couldn’t imagine our lives without him. Wishing you the best on your journey! I recently started reading your blog through A Daily Dose of Davis and I look forward to checking in again!

  11. says

    You rock!! I love that you have a heart for adoption. My husband and I have been seriously considering it, praying about it, and reading about it. I can’t wait to hear about your journey, so exciting!!!:)
    Lindsey´s last blog post ..Fit Friday!

  12. says

    You are so great mandy!I have no words to admire your great work what you have done here, I am just speechless.You are such great inspiration for us as well as others God bless you .

  13. Jenn says

    I just found your blog on Pinterest and am having fun looking around.

    My husband and I just recently felt led to adopt. We have two living biological children and 3 others in Heaven whom we are waiting to meet. Pregnancy and I just don’t get along well and after our youngest (now age 4) was born, I had the OB tie my tubes. Last December, I felt the tug towards learning about adoption and after talking to my husband, learned that he was feeling the pull towards adoption also. We feel led to adopt from the children in our state who are waiting for a family. We have not told many people we are planning on adopting, but one person who found out actually said “but why would you do that?? You already have the “million dollar family”!!!”. I am not known for having a functioning brain-to-mouth filter and said “Because there are kids who need families! Why wouldn’t we adopt!?!?”

    We haven’t started the process (meaning paper-work and whatnot) because we are fundraising and putting money away for the adoption. I just want to be able to bring a new child home and not worry about bills that we wouldn’t normally have. I’ll be following your adoption story. :)

  14. Susan says

    Brought me to tears! My husband is adopted and I read him your beautiful words. What a comfort to know that child will be in a loving, Christian home! God bless you!

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