5 Things You Must Know About Link Parties and How Easy it is to Link Up


One of the biggest pieces of advice I got when I started blogging was that I needed to utilize link parties. I remember thinking three things…

–  What the heck is a link party?

–  How in the world do I link up?

–  Why on earth would this help my blog grow?

After doing a little research I realized that a link party is a way to connect with other bloggers, highlight some of your best content, and possibly get featured on bigger blogs.

A way of SHOWING OFF your stuff per say!

Link Parties to Grow Blog and Increase Traffic

This year when I attended the New Media Expo I had the chance to hear the Six Sisters Stuff talk about how link parties helped their blog get big.

Here are FIVE things you must know about link parties:

1.  The bigger the blog? The more traffic you will get.

You also have to remember that the bigger the blog, the more competitive the link parties are. It’s extremely important to find out what time link parties go live and be there RIGHT when they open. Sometimes if you are not in the top 20 links your post can get lost in the crowd. Many bigger bloggers have hundreds of people link up each week. However, if you are diligent about getting there right when the party starts and linking up as one of the first then you will see a ton of traffic.

That being said…don’t overlook the little guys. Yes, there are many link parties that are not as huge {when I say not as huge I mean that they have less people linking up and less traffic to their blog}. This is still a great way to get exposure because you are able to build relationships with other bloggers quickly!

2.  Your thumbnail image can make or break you.

When you are competing with hundreds of other thumbnails you really need to think about how you can stand out. What image will catch the readers attention and make them want to click on your post? If you have a crappy image the chances are you will see very little traffic. But, if you have a good thumbnail image that clearly describes what your post is about? You will see MUCH more traffic.

As one of the sisters said, “A picture really is worth 1,000 words…or 100 pageviews.”

So true!

3.  Getting featured will score you double the traffic.

Most link party hosts will feature projects from each week. If you have a post or project that you are proud of then trying to get featured is a great way to grow your blog. Again, this goes back to having great images. But you also want to be creative and unique. There is a much higher chance you will be featured if your project is unique rather than something that you see on every other blog.

Comment on the link party page. Tell the host “thank you for hosting”. Compliment them. Engage them. Make yourself known.

4.  Include a link back to the blogger hosting the party.

This is probably the one that drives me the most crazy because I see tons and tons of people NOT doing this. It is common courtesy if the person linking up links BACK to the person hosting the link up. Many bloggers have buttons you can grab and insert in your post, but if not, always always always include a text link back to the link party blog.

It will also increase your chances of being featured because most hosts will ONLY feature bloggers who have properly linked back.

5. Visit other people who have linked up and introduce yourself.

One of the main reasons of a link party is traffic, right? So visit some of the other bloggers who have linked up and let them know you stopped by. It will not only give you a chance to support others who are trying to grow their blog, but it will also give them a chance to visit your blog {if they haven’t yet}.

A good rule of thumb is to include in your comment…”Visiting from (name of link party here).”

Here’s how easy it is to link up to a link party.

For this example we are using the inlinkz tool. There are several programs out there that bloggers use to host link parties. This may not look EXACTLY what you see when you go to link up {depending on what site you are on}, but it should be VERY similar.

  •  Look for the button at the end of the post that says “Add your link”.

link party how to

Click on “Add your link”

  • A box will appear asking you to enter the URL of your post, the name of your post or project, and your email address.

link party how to 2

Remember that you are not linking to your home page. Link directly to the blog post that contains the content you are linking up.

For example: I would not use http://houseofroseblog.com, but instead I would use http://houseofroseblog.com/master-bedroom-wall-makeover.>

Another good tip when entering in the name…use something catchy. It doesn’t have to be the title of your blog post. In fact, most of the time there is a character limit on the name field so you have to get creative and make it something that will fit and that will catch the readers attention.

One thing you do not want to do…Enter in your actual name. I have done that a time or two. Haha! It’s suppose to describe what your post is about and make people want to click to see more.

Once you have entered in your URL, name of post, and email then  click “Next Step”

  • Choose your photo for the thumbnail


Not all link parties offer the ability to post a photo, but most do. It will prompt you to choose the photo you want to display in the thumbnail gallery. You can select an image from your blog, a direct url of the image, or upload a photo from the computer.

I always choose “select from blog”. It will let you select a photo from the post you are linking up. You can either click “Select” or “Crop”. If you select “Crop” it will allow you to crop your image.

That’s it!

Your thumbnail should show up in the link gallery. It may take a few minutes before it is showing up so don’t fret if you don’t see it immediately. Most of the time it takes some time to load.

Here is an example of a link gallery below.

How to link up to Linky Parties

I have a list of link parties that I link up to over at House of Rose. Get busy and start linking!


  1. says

    Okay question on #4- Maybe you could explain in better detail how you link back to the host of the link party without just putting the link in your actual post. I honestly have no idea and always just include it in the actual post…. Thanks!

      • says

        I had the same question. I am on Weebly. I really want to link back to the hosts, but I am unsure of how to do it. I definitely don’t want to step on anyone’s toes!

    • says

      Typically the blog doing the link-up has a “badge” that they ask you to put in your blog. It looks like a thumbnail pic that represents their blog. You grab the code from under the pic and put it into your blog. Then others that look at your post can click on the pic and it takes them to the link up host’s blog. :)

  2. says

    I think linky parties are great! I have a Monday one called “Making Your Home Sing Monday.” It’s a very small one, but I enjoy visiting the blogs of those who have linked up. I learn a lot, get new ideas, or just have fun visiting and commenting and it’s all in one place!

    I also link up to other people’s linky parties and you’re right, you DO get lots of traffic, so it does get your blog out there. When I first began blogging I had no idea what one was and did the same thing you mentioned, I listed my name instead of the title that told what the post was about, lol!

  3. says

    New follower! I recently just started a new linky party. I’d love if you’d add me to your linky party page and stop by yourself!! It’s called Show Off Your Shell. My fourth SOYS party started today!! :)

  4. says

    Hey Mandy! Okay, soooo I am SUPER new to the blogging world. I am still trying to figure it all out – what to write about, uploading pics, how to make my blog stand out, and how to do Link Parties, etc. Phew! Thanks to your Dog Days of Winter Challenge Parties, I am sloooowly learning more and more about Link Parties, as well as blogging! Also, I am “that” follower of yours who is always checking on “how” to blog. You and your husband are teaching me soooo much. My poor hubby gets an ear full every day from me telling him what I have learned and what I am going to do next. So, just wanted to say THANKS! Blogging has become an enjoyable hobby for me and you guys have totally helped make it that way!! Okay, I will stop typing now…must be the coffee! Hahaha!! Thanks again!! :)

  5. says

    I heard your interview in the podcast on the TBBP group. I saw this post on your site as a result. I have to agree with your list of suggestions. :) I love blog hopping.

    I’m also a huge fan of Pinterest too. :)

  6. says

    Hi there. I was given the link to this post from one of my readers and I’m so grateful. She really encouraged me to submit my posts to link parties but I told her I didn’t know how. This was very easy to understand and very helpful. I do have one question, though. I know it sounds crazy, but how exactly so you use the HTML code that some hosts provide with their button? I’ve tried many times to “grab a button” but I don’t have a clue what to do with the code once I copy it. I’m using the blogger platform. I’ve read that I’m supposed to just paste it within my post when I’m creating it, but the image never shows up once I publish the post. Can you provide some insight as to what the heck I’m doing wrong. Thank you again so much for sharing this.

    • says

      Hi Shavonda! You need to make sure than when you paste the code you are pasting it into the “html” tab of the post. There should be “visual” {or “view”} and then “html” view. Past the button code in to the html view. That should work! :)

  7. says

    Thank you ! I have particpated in a few link parties and have done the same thing you did, used my blogs name instead of the name of the post. This information is very helpful and I will be a better linky participant in the future.

  8. says

    Good tutorial! I have to admit, I find link parties to be a bit intimidating. I am starting to get the hang of it, but they are fairly time consuming, especially adding all the backlinks. I’m hopeful the effort will be worth it, and I’ll see more traffic.

    You might want to mention that if folks are using InLinkz, that there is a feature that can be enabled which will prevent you from submitting to the party until AFTER you put a backlink on your page. It took me a bit to figure that one out..

    Thanks for taking the time to explain one of the more complicated aspects of blogging!

  9. says

    Hi there, I just did the linky party but the project pictures of the “linky” people are not showing up. I tried to edit now the URL shows up instead of their name. : /

    Any suggestions? help! and thanks.

  10. Stacey K says

    I haven’t figured out how to link back yet. I don’t want a series of links at the end of a blog post so how do you do it?

  11. says

    This article was SO helpful! My friend and I are new bloggers and found your tips incredibly beneficial tonight as we “linked up” for the first time with 3 different recipe sites. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. says

    Thanks for such a helpful post! I’ve just learned about link parties so your post was very informative regarding expectations, tips, common courtesy!

  13. says

    Thank you for the clearly-written ins and outs of link parties, Mandy. Nurturing a blog audience is a community effort. I appreciate your time.


  14. says

    Thanks for posting this! I have started linking up to a link up party over at classyyettrendy.com. My very first time I was featured!:) I was happy to say the least. :) Now I’m going to check out your list of link parties!

  15. says

    Thanks for this! I’ve just started a link party on my little blog at mummydoit.co.nz. Great idea to only feature people who follow the rules. :)

  16. says

    This is an old post, but I wanted to let you know I appreciate it! It’s the best information I’ve found regarding an explanation and instructions for entering a link party! Thanks so much!

  17. says

    Just like Kristie (above) I really appreciate the info. even though it is an older post. I haven’t yet done a link up party but now I understand it a little better. To initially find them I assume you just Google??

  18. says

    Great information about link parties Mandy! I have been so confused about them. Your advice here makes more sense than what I have found so far. I think I am going to try to wrap my head around it all and join in on one soon and see what happens.

  19. says


    Even as a new blogger I knew that I wanted to host a linky party. I did not know what it was called or how they worked but I knew what I wanted. I began a once-monthly link-up and I puts tens of hours into it each month trying to promote it on mulitiple platforms and am now finding myself exhausting because I am making zero progress. My first party I had 6 people join, that was back in February of this year. That is the most I have ever had join.

    I get a lot of likes, and I get messages from people saying they are going to link up, but they never do. My party is important to me. I realize that by selecting poetry as a basis for the link-up that I am already limiting who will participate. However, I also feel that there needs to be a place for poets to come together and link up, meet and inspire one another and challenge themselves. This is close to my heart. And every month I just find disappoinment.

    I post on my page, on WordPress reader, on Google+, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Tumblr, on Pinterest. I send out an email to past participants, appear on the WordPress monthly link-up directory, and even extend personal invitations.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Memee´s last blog post ..Amen to that!


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